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Quote: Originally posted by Duncan After listening to the IMP550 (or maybe it was the 500 - I forget, although Bangraman can correct me here) and comparing it to the likes of the D777, and D311, it really was a no brainer in terms of sound which way to go... ...The IMP disappointed me to be honest, then again... it is new school, so thats hardly surprising Well, I've compared the 550 to D345 also an old school dicman and to be honest it wasn't...
Quote: Originally posted by Thasp Get a newer panasonic. I'm getting my SL CT 800 in a few hours(look forward to a iMP-550 i**** vs Panasonic comparison today), and my old $50 panasonic owned. Am I the only one getting a bit tired of you bashing iRiver? Mine isn't working 100% properly either Instead of using bad language I'll try to get to the problem and hopefully fix it. To answer you evh7, the added functionality of mp3 playback can be a...
I am one of the very few advocates of these phones here. Most of the users think they are bad.
Well, It's clear you like the Pana more. To me iRiver still has some advantages, appart from its sound quality which can be subjective 1. Firmware upgradable=futureproof and new features will be added too 2. Good equalizer to tweak the sound 3. Very good display giving a lot if information 4. Allows a lot of customization. 5. Best battery management of any portable I've seen. It doesn't fry the gummsticks. I think it's the first player to offer a real overcharging...
When it comes to cases I'm a Case Logic fen. I am using DMP6 with my 550. The case holds the player (quite neatly), 6 CDs and some accesories like spare set of gumsticks and buds. You can actually accomodate more CDs something like 10 at least. You can see it here http://www.casedirect.com/cgi-bin/sg...03083008244336
NiMH is the way to go. May cost a bit more at first, but over the time it will be cheaper and more flexible. I use only Sanyo cells (also branded as Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Canon, Energizer, Varta) and in my experience they are the best. The new 2500 mAh cells by Sanyo are excellent. Also make sure that you get a good charger.
I used to have a Philips HDD100. While it looked great it didn't sound that good and the headphone out was weak. It couldn't drive even PortaPro adequately. After 18 months of use the battery died and Philips wanted something like 100 Euro to replace it. Since that I decided I will never buy another gadget with build-in battery.
IMO there are better DAPs than the iPods out there. I'd get something from iAudio, iRiver or Creative, more features and better sound quality at the same (or sometimes lower) price
Quote: Originally Posted by eggplant of doom My iPod got nicked a couple of weeks ago, and I can't decide between the nano and iAudio's X5. all the references until now were between different generations of pods. could someone draw any parallels between the nano and other mp3 players (namely the X5 and some of the iRivers), mainly sound quality-wise? -Jonathan Just from a brief audition of an imported Nano vs. iRiverH10, the iRiver is better....
After much research I decided on the iRiver H10 6 Gig. I've used it for about a month and I'm very pleased with it. Almost any feature one may want, such as user replacible battery (very important IMO), FM radio FM and voice recording, charging via USB or external PS, drag and drop transfer (also syncs with WM10) and a very good sound quality. I am ready to argue with every iPod mini owner out there that the H10 is a hand down better player
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