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Hibike! Euphonium 8: Woah, that kind of escalated quickly. Quite an enjoyable episode though.   Edit: Found episode 5 song: Rydeen by Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Episode 6 now. 5 was a nice episode. Has me hooked now with that song.   And screw post edits.
Oh gosh the hair flip!
I can only listen to solo performances at least because generally that has private lesson students who have some sort of talent.
Watching this high school band is like watching most high school bands, absolutely unbearable.   I feel like the MC now. Curses of being a musician...
Oh boy, another Ogasawara, except not an epic animator loligoth.
Lol, MC is really blunt. That's a pleasant surprise.
I guess I'll give it a shot then.
Is Euphonium worth watching?
Release is slated for August 31 as leaked by Newegg with the OEM license release dates. Well that depends on how much you let the download take. It'll try to take up all your bandwidth for the 3GB update.
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