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SourceAnother rebrand? All of the listed specs are the same.
Nope. 5.25" drives are dead. I can if I move 2 of the HDDs closer to the back of the case and get rid of the 3rd one but I see no point if almost nobody uses one. Big gray boxes are the maximum component height restrictions as marked in the mITX spec sheet that Intel provides for free. The thing has a SFX PSU in it. No support for SFX-L though since that would hit the GPU. Silverstone's 600W SFX is currently the most powerful SFX (80 Plus Gold if anybody happens to care....
I keep on getting drawn back to experimenting with computer cases. This time around is based off of Valve's own Steam Machine Prototype. The goal is around 7L (Valve's prototype is 7.1L) although this is a bit tricky because Valve did some things to keep the size down.   1. They shortened the rear I/O brackets so it wouldn't protrude into the motherboard I/O cutout area. They cut theirs a bit shorter than I did in here but mine is still outside of the cutout zone and...
Fighting is definitely more epic that Zero. Shiro is not enjoyable to watch as always so that's points off for me but that was expected.
For mobile, possibly due to the lower power consumption (relatively minor, but hey, more battery life). For RAMDisks and graphics cards that use shared memory (basically whatever your CPU uses outside of its built in cache) it'll be good. The main draw is higher memory density, so larger sticks of RAM.
2-3 years. Don't get your hopes up. DDR4 was only just introduced to Haswell-E (enthusiast, not consumer line) and, from Wikipedia, will stay on the LGA2011 socket with Broadwell. We won't be seeing it on desktop until Skylake but Skylake will support both DDR3 and DDR4 so DDR3 won't be dead yet. Cannonlake we're unsure of whether or not they will abandon DDR3 completely and jump to DDR4 since it's going to be a tick so nothing much more than a die shrink (recent ticks...
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834314807 About 0.6lbs heavier than you requested. I'll try to look for something better because I'm quite sure there are better options. Anybody else who is helping, refer to this benchmark list to choose a GPU: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Computer-Games-on-Laptop-Graphic-Cards.13849.0.html World of Warcraft is on there. Restrict it to single GPUs only. Keep in mind you want to look at the last column only because,...
+1 Fantastic art.
New Aldnoah.Zero actually has quite an interesting turn of events.
Death Parade 03: really nice change of mood. Really enjoyed this episode since it changed my perceptions of this show being only a dark show the entire way through.
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