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Keep trying to pay every time you see somebody drop from the buying list. That's what I did and I got a Christmas shipment. Somebody else in Massdrop discussion did too.
Didn't check the Foobar plugin list for a VST plugin but are there multiple ones? Or is VST already built in? Going to skip "burn in". I don't think anything of it.Get that and the cheap Zalman clip-on mic or the Antlion Mod Mic 4.0.
Ahhh, alright. Massdrop just responded about the open Mid-December 2014 shipping spot and it looks like I got it. Somebody pulled out from the original 2000 and I was fortunate enough to get that spot. Looks like I will have the headphones to listen to over winter break.
I don't care anymore because I was able to get a sub-2000 spot unless it's a bug. Contacted support just to check. I saw 2 people drop from the group buy and went to go pay and I was able to choose Mid-December 2014 but it was at 2281 drops so...I'm confused.
Yay, got to buy an O2 and K7XX. The serial # game on the K7XX is bothering me though. Trying to get a number I like.
I no has control over my money.
The most probable guess I saw was that this is a K712 Pro with different pads. I think a lot of people said that the Anniversary Edition didn't advertise a 3dB boost in lower frequencies but the K712 Pro does. Ideally if you swap out the pads for K712 Pro pads, you'll end up with a K712. I'd very much like K712 Pros for $200.
Pffft, I'd last forever under the hunger strike. I basically eat nothing already.I might just ask Bowei to buy them for me and then I can give him the $200 or so when he comes back for Winter break. The only issue is that I need to get a O2/ODAC combo and that's an additional $280-$300. I guess I could get a UD120 instead with an O2 if I felt like it. Wish JDSLabs had their O2 Desktop successor out.
So it seems like negotiations have not progressed so I probably won't get the K7XX? Iunno, I can wait either 5 days or until they get to 6000 drops.
The K7XX and Antilion Mod Mic 4.0 together on Massdrop look mighty appealing right now. I've already asked my parents to purchase a K7XX, waiting for a response.   I'll probably wait on the O2/ODAC. Maybe JDSLabs will do a small black friday/cyber monday sale? I think they did one last year.
New Posts  All Forums: