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I'd probably stick with the Bekant because it's built well like its predecessor and also has nice cable management and adjustable height.Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Basically. Oculus doesn't look like it will expand much further and Microsoft's Holodeck, although neat, will probably stay a prototype.
The day virtual reality technology becomes in tandem with nature (aka integrated into us) is a day I dream for.   But before that happens we need to learn how to not sacrifice privacy for convenience.
I'll take one. "Lolicon Gatherer"  (no don't give me this)
Rozenberg, the mods will be notified next time. This time your post has been reported. Please adhere to thread guidelines. After this I will ask mods for another, harsher punishment because this has been several times since you've done this.   I don't want you removed, but if you can't hide spoilers then you cannot stay.
Rolling Girls ep 8: Holy smokes, Momiyama is a badass. Edit:  [[SPOILER]]
Mhmm. Hopefully the troll pacing goes away. I wanted to see something happen this episode.
Horriblesubs screwed up hard on newest Durarara X2. Why is this all in portuguese?
CM120mm Jetflos are nice although there was some issue with mounting it to the bracket because the included screws on the Jetflo hit the fins of the HS when mounted with CM's bracket. They're button head screws and aren't your standard M4 or 6-32 screws I believe (might have been a M3). You can buy another one of the fans that came with the Hyper 212 EVO because it's actually quite a good match for that fan. Redux's lack in accessories doesn't mean much. You really only...
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