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I don't really think it's stiff. It's just the common complaint for the Babolat AeroPro Drive and Pure Drive rackets. People must just be getting soft. Really nice racket though. Stiffer rackets with good power and spin are on my favorites list. I'm mainly a puncher (baseliner mostly), not a striker (which sort of makes the new Pure Strike rackets a terrible one for me). IT'S OUT. Well, I need to sleep. Will make for a good Saturday morning watch. Huh. Nyaa~ I didn't think...
Yup. Fortunately I'm still young so the infamous stiffness of the Babolat Pure Drive and AeroPro Drive rackets don't really bother me too much. I get to hit with it tomorrow at least since my coach won't have my racket restrung by tomorrow. I'm afraid he's going to give me crap strings though. He gave my friend some terrible nylons for his racket. I need a nice bed of poly (of course I'll take the kevlar and synthetic hybrid but that's for varsity only). Tempted to buy a...
Is that what people say when talking about vaping?
Totally irrelevant (not that many things in this thread are). I hit with a Babolat Pure Drive (2012) with kevlar mains and synthetic crosses. The thing felt awesome. Really want the PD or APD, or a Mantis 300 now.   I feel like HT Omega was overshadowed by ASUS. I doubt any sound cards out there are that good. Output impedance on the Xonar Essence STX/ST was ridiculously high last time I remembered. I think it was measured to be 10 ohms. Going to need a minimum of 80 ohm...
Not very happy, so yeah. My friend gave me the FTL downloader from the humble bundle and I can't use the humble bundle updater unless I have his credentials. The food court of the Carrefour in Thumb Plaza of Pudong, Shanghai is great.
I want it. The additions they've made are definitely interesting. Haha. Yeah. Only time I've had it was when I was at the food court in a Carrefour in china.
The thing will beep, so no problems there. Current guess is the Hyper 212 EVO backplate shorting something out but I doubt that's the issue unless you took off the insulation pads on it.
Didn't realize Funimation made small dubbed clips for Toonami/Adult Swim.  
This. My favorite episode was probably  [[SPOILER]] ANATATO is also a nice song from the OST.
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