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Yay, got to buy an O2 and K7XX. The serial # game on the K7XX is bothering me though. Trying to get a number I like.
I no has control over my money.
The most probable guess I saw was that this is a K712 Pro with different pads. I think a lot of people said that the Anniversary Edition didn't advertise a 3dB boost in lower frequencies but the K712 Pro does. Ideally if you swap out the pads for K712 Pro pads, you'll end up with a K712. I'd very much like K712 Pros for $200.
Pffft, I'd last forever under the hunger strike. I basically eat nothing already.I might just ask Bowei to buy them for me and then I can give him the $200 or so when he comes back for Winter break. The only issue is that I need to get a O2/ODAC combo and that's an additional $280-$300. I guess I could get a UD120 instead with an O2 if I felt like it. Wish JDSLabs had their O2 Desktop successor out.
So it seems like negotiations have not progressed so I probably won't get the K7XX? Iunno, I can wait either 5 days or until they get to 6000 drops.
The K7XX and Antilion Mod Mic 4.0 together on Massdrop look mighty appealing right now. I've already asked my parents to purchase a K7XX, waiting for a response.   I'll probably wait on the O2/ODAC. Maybe JDSLabs will do a small black friday/cyber monday sale? I think they did one last year.
Basically. LIES! IT'S ALL LIES! I could care less about a good rig at this point. Just a powerful laptop with a spare monitor should do me fine.
Not sure if my parents will let me since it's...not in any way beneficial towards my future? They have the credit card, so my hands are tied. It would be $199.99 + $280-$295 for a JDSLabs O2 combo depending on if I go custom or not. Yup. Maybe I'll just purchase a few of those and let that be it. Not sure if all the headers on my Asrock board have speed control on the headers though. I know some of them do since SpeedFan works. Yuuuuup. The price isn't too bad tbh (for the...
The Gigabyte board has RPM control on the sys_fan connector (it's in the manual online). From the Hardware.fr tests, it also beats the Cougars and Corsairs handily. The fan performs similar to a Gentle Typhoon free air and with radiator from what I saw on those tests.Upgrading the GPU is worthless to me. 270X can already handle mid-high 1080p gaming. An overclockable pentium is a piece of crap in the long term since more and more programs are relying on threads. I also...
http://pcpartpicker.com/user/HybridCore/saved/K9wCmG   Now to see if I can get it. Maybe I ought to throw in a few extra Scythe Slip Streams (I really only need 1 but the other 2 are for future uses). These slipstreams perform as well as Gentle Typhoons in free air and with on radiator. Quite the steal for $10! I just need a fan controller or motherboard fan headers that have speed control for 3-pin...
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