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Probably the proper spelling and knowledge. At the start of when this thread was made and nobody knew my age everybody thought I was college or a post-college student/person when I was 13 (closest was bowei who said 18). I think that was the reason. XD
Eh, it wasn't that bad...or I'm just too tolerant.
How do you feel about sewers?
Being slutty is waaay beyond just your head in the gutter. You live in the gutter at that point.
Just a very dirty mind. She turns some vaguely dirty jokes into extremely dirty jokes all the time (she thinks too hard about it). I guess that's only fairly "head-in-the-gutter" but whatever.
Here's your answer.Pure win. Haha. Clean up those cables.
She's much more poisoned than I am already. She spends too mich time with her head in the gutter.I'll remember to burn my eyes and ears when I go home.@TYG: Sad day when everybody wants to be a bowei. :P
tbh not sure if I should keep on updating the OP w/ anime charts if people don't look to the OP to find them (look elsewhere). I'm usually pretty late to update them since I don't check neregate or zektr's blogs often to get the latest ones (a link to anichart should be fine. I don't think they're going to leave anytime soon). I should probably clean through the resources during the summer just in case there are anymore dead links. Need to update the Hi10P guides probably...
I sent it to my sister and she died laughing. No...
I died watching that. XD
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