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Same. Sort of ruins it for me. New AKG K545 looks interesting. Better than the 1R and Momentums to some apparently.
Looks like XFX and Seasonic are the kings for affordable (basically 80 PLUS bronze) PSUs (XFX has a 80 PLUS Bronze SeaSonic rebrand, right?). Yup. Everything just goes black. I've been thinking it's a driver issue though. It doesn't happen often but it's a thing that happens with video cards though. The computer stays on but I can't do anything (can't produce sounds either by spamming sticky keys toggle). I've done a smart scan and used latest firmware. The most recent...
Yup. This is just the off-vocal version. It's Nostalgia by Sound Online. Here's a version w/ vocals.
I really liked this one.
Didn't they change OEMs on a lot of their power supplies? I think the CX PSUs were affected (I think Great Wall makes them now, or at least the newer ones instead of SeaSonic). Going for that SeaSonic next time. Also black screens are still happening once in awhile. Not sure if it's my SSD. Shouldn't be since the connection is clean and the connector is in completely. Not the CPU either since I've never gotten near the shutdown temperature. Might be the
Also, CX PSUs also have dropped in quality. They're decent, but SeaSonics M12II EVO PSUs are awesome 80 PLUS bronze PSUs.
Yay, finally found the Uchouten Kazoku Soundtrack. Thank you Nipponsei.   YES, BATTLEBLOCK THEATER!
Not working for me. And this is what happens when you hit 100,000 posts.
Head-Fi/Huddler is broken on my computer. Either no page shows or everything is squished into a right hand column on my screen. Only happens with this thread. 
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