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Check the height of the cooler on CM's website and cooler clearance on Bitfenix's website. I'm not going to say yes or no since I don't remember the cooler clearance of the Bitfenix Prodigy.
@mice: I don't even know what the Ocarina codes/cheat does. All I know is that I need it enabled and I need to set the hook in Gecko and USB Loader GX to use the same hook (VBI is what most people use).
Use ModMii if you don't have 4.3U (or whatever language you want) already. Letterbomb is obviously the most convenient for homebrew. USB Loader GX (WiiFlow and Configurable USB Loader + GUI are both pretty good too) is my choice for a USB loader. Also, does Project M's installer read your SD card to see if it has homebrew on it? My connection for the installer for the No Hack version kept on dropping instantly and would tell me that it finished installing when it didn't.
Stop telling people to search a pr0n site. We all know what brazzers is, whether we like it or not.
LOL. That plan name.
Well, the importance of these places and artifacts are at the mercy of the govt so there's nothing we can do to change that.
The hype usually ruins headphones for quite a few people. Too high expectations. ex. M50s, PortaPros, etc.
The cameras are easy to get used to, especially if you see 10+ perched atop of each traffic light you drive by.
I think I've held a few awkwardly smooth discs before and was wondering what was happening. I don't remember what those discs were though. In addition lower the amount of lag before and after attacks. One or the other. DACUS is interesting. SHFFLing seems like a problem when it comes to having to jump higher. Shouldn't be too much of an issue though, since you can still fast fall and l-cancel. Edit: the cool thing is that some characters have very little lag on the fall...
Thanks! Lufthansa was great. Singapore and Japan are currently my top favorites for
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