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I think they've achieved NKRO over USB without drivers. I think Ducky was one of the companies working on that (edit: yeah it was Ducky).
Got mine yesterday morning at 8:00 AM. Quite a pleasant thing to wake up to.    The last time I listened to the Q701 was a few years ago (courtesy of @bowei006) and I remember not liking them too much. As much as I liked the neutral sound, it sounded too cold and lifeless. K7XX has fixed all of my qualms. It sounds more natural yet retains the large soundstage, etc (both were driven from an O2 and I highly doubt the DAC will make too much of a difference).   And just...
The only thing I had for comparison was the MH1C's but the paper filters on those were destroyed by the moisture issue. They sound more neutral, bass isn't as forward but it feels more punchy and controlled. Soundstage is amazing, as expected. Overall a pretty natural sound rather than the cold dead sound I remember hearing on Bowei's Q701's. Much, much nicer and very enjoyable. I don't know if it's just something I'm making up but the soundstage feels smaller than what I...
K7XX arrived this morning.  They sound awesome right now.
Soooo, you're going to play games with it? We can't do anything if we don't have the uses and needs (I didn't read any earlier posts so my apologies if you disclosed what you wanted).
Eh. [[SPOILER]] Other than that it was fine. I didn't really have the patience to watch all of it without skipping though since I've read all of the manga that's currently out. Ending of the anime was kind of weak. It's by no means a Soul Eater-bad ending but it was meh.
Oh wow...that was a really dark episode of Mushishi.   New F/SN UBW seems to show that Nasu is mixing UBW route with Heaven's Feel a bit? I don't remember too much from the original UBW anime but I definitely don't remember this being part of it.
No. It's just that in my mind it makes sense to me that your most expensive product should be the most accurate one, although from what I see your upper mid-end or lower high-end is the most neutral of the lineup while the most expensive is either 1. a kind of acquired taste sound or the least neutral sound or 2. more natural sounding (as with the K712 Pro, but that's not the flagship anymore now that the K812 is in the photo).
This. Or maybe the MA900 since we now know that's no longer in production. I find it somewhat odd that the K612 Pro is more neutral than the K712.
Jump over to Anilist.co. They have a :) :| :( rating system. XD I use it since I don't like assigning number ratings because it takes too much time for me to think about. Just a simple enjoyment rating is good enough for me. Meanwhile, it was awhile since I went through my K-Pop and can't stop listening to Some by SoYou (Sistar) x JungGiGo. 
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