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http://www.anandtech.com/show/8865/samsung-launches-sm951-m2-pcie-30-x4-ssd-for-oemssis   SM951 is MLC NAND, PM951 is TLC NAND.   And then the 950 Pro M.2 is MLC V-NAND.   So what DaveLT said is not correct per se. Maybe by experience they're like that but that's not the case at all.   If anything the SM and PM951 are more prone to throttling because they pull more power than the 950 Pro so they most likely generate more heat.
Multitouch was much better in GNOME 3. It might have been just Windows. I don't remember stalling issues in GNOME 3 with the scrolling thing. There's also this really annoying thing in that if you dual boot Windows and Linux, Linux will use whatever power state your last session of Windows left it on and it's something you could see in battery life. I would get a report of 15 hours if I last used it in the Power Saver profile and like 3-6 hours if I left it in High...
I've started to notice how ThinkPads go 90% of the way and then fall flat on their face at the last 10%. There's a lot of very small things about the X1 carbon that began to annoy me with continued use that made me ultimately not feel so bad about returning it to the company I was an intern for. I remember the biggest one was the fact that there's a gap between the screen panel and the surrounding rubber trim that always caught dust in it. The AG coating they used is also...
As far as battery is concerned, Dell released a firmware update for the XPS 15 that fixed a battery drain issue. If you have the 84Whr battery and 1080p display model, your battery life should be in the double digits. Maybe 16-20 hours idle, if not longer. Does your SSD have more storage than his? Write speed in SSDs scale as you add more NAND chips since it fragments the data among the chips which allows for much faster access (which is why you should never defragment a...
Yeah that X1 Carbon 2nd gen I had awesome support for it. Just don't really like ThinkPad design anymore.
I'm not sure I'm getting the XPS 15, but at the very least the Linux support for the XPS 15 will be partially there since it shares some drivers with the XPS 13 I assume, at least with things such as the touchpad. Still considering the new Samsung ATIV Book 9's (not the Pros) and putting Linux onto that right now since I don't need the 960M too much in college, at least that's what I'm thinking for now since I do want a SFF build to bring with me.
Wait you think I'm going to run Windows on it? XD Arch + GNOME 3.
Pictures or it didn't happen. :P
Yeah I wish I could have gotten that. Especially since I'll need to be looking for a laptop for college soon.
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