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Yeah, I know. I checked everything and it all led back to the PSU. I thought it was a bit of thermal paste but the stuff that comes with the CM Hyper 212 EVO is nonconductive and none of it is in contact with the pins. I might buy a new one, although I kind of want a newer system (i3 + 750 Ti setup or something). Anyways, I don't really want to sell it. Warranty was voided and some of the insulation on one of the 24-pin wires was slightly cut when I was cutting off the...
I don't want to put any more money into this build anymore. So long as my main HDD is safe I'm cool with it (have to have my music and anime ).
Mhmm, old Seasonic based CX PSUs were awesome.   I hated them for a lot of the overpriced dominator kits. A lot of the kits had the price premium of a highly binned kit but couldn't perform as so which annoyed me lots. They fixed it now by using those poorly binned dominators as Vengeance sticks. Unfortunately I've kind of gotten into the habit of avoiding their products even though I don't have a reason to. It's become something that's been ingrained into my...
Agreed. Shibasaki ftw.
LOL. They don't sound too different without paper filters which is nice. It no longer has the slight bass hump anymore and becomes more...neutral?
I think most browsers will actually remember what you typed if you accidentally close the tab when you use the BBCode editor. With rich text editor, it doesn't work. Edit: that was a quick fix. My ears have adjusted to it now. Yay!
Korra isn't until 8:00 PM EST though (and for those of you who don't know, it's now only aired online at the Nick site now). Anyways, removed both paper filter covers (other one was a bit more...annoying to get off. Thankfully I didn't break anything. I don't know if there's still a slight imbalance in the headphones. It does sound louder from the left but that just might be a nocebo in my head (kind of a nocebo?).
Friday is crap anime day for me. It's just Rail Wars (since nobody releases a sub until today) and Tokyo ESP. I guess I just need something to watch.
    Did some quick surgery. Curious as to how having no paper filter cover changes the sound.   Edit: looks like the balancing issue I had with the MH1C's were because of the crappy paper filter. (-_-") Sounds much better now. Voices actually sound like they're the main subject of the music now.
Probably. Filter on the left (right ear) is completely fine.  The monitor on the left has a completely white filter (it appears a bit yellow because this webcam is terribad).
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