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This, although I don't remember if panthers is younger than me (probably). Although the way I present myself on the internet might make you think otherwise, right? *nudgenudgewinkwink*
I was going to say. I couldn't find it for $24, only $29 after MIR (I hate MIRs).
CS series PSUs are good. Is it MIR for it? Since I might get it then.
It's just noodles with bleach as soup stock. 
China Eastern flights to Shanghai are always late, even in perfect weather. XD Once it was 2 hours late, perfect weather (I checked the weather of the flight course the plane took) and they had absolutely no excuse. The worst time was when it was 5 hours or so late. Thank goodness the Shanghai International Airport was huge since there was a bunch of us just sitting there. It got so late that they had to bring us food. As far as Air China goes, I don't remember it well...
I can't remember the last time I've flown on Air China. All I can say is that China Eastern is pretty terrible, while Japan and Singapore Airlines are the best airlines I've ever been on.
This. It would only be invisible if light from the other side of the object passed through it or was bent around it to look like it isn't there. It would be a giant black mass (it did have that appearance when the dark matter barrier was turning off). At the very least they get most of it right. Maybe the light of Aldnoah allows you to construct a dark matter barrier that's omnidirectional, who knows (although that would be breaking science, probably).
Aldnoah.Zero nails the cliffhangers at the end of each episode very well. If you combined that with Zankyou no Terror and, arguably, you have the perfect anime. ZnT doesn't have that suspense at the end that makes it so you can't wait for next week. Other than that, it does everything else pretty well, although plot isn't exactly as interesting as I'd like. There are some things we don't know but they're not the type of mysterious that makes you think about it...a
Newest Space Dandy: Turns out Honey is secretly a badass.  Not as stupid as she seems.
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