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Finished "I am Setsuna." Quite a lovely game.   It's my first JRPG so it doesn't have as much inherent value in it compared to somebody who has played a few in the past, notably Chrono Trigger (since this is based heavily on Chrono Trigger supposedly). Still enjoyed it though. OST is gorgeous and fun (relatively easy as well) to transpose to piano.
Don't have a phone so not me w/ Habit Browser. :O Nice.
The issue is that GravityBox only works for vanilla ROMs. There's one module for ZenUI ROMs but it looks kinda meh.
http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/07/report-cyanogen-inc-to-layoff-20-of-workers-may-pivot-to-app-development/   http://www.xda-developers.com/cyanogen-inc-lays-off-30-of-its-staff-may-turn-from-os-towards-apps/   Okay then, my plan to get a Zenfone 3 and just use Cyanogenmod for LTS has just died.
Will do. Edit: Added.
I don't know if it's enabled by default. But yeah hardware acceleration usually uses the GPU.
Those who use Adobe's newer software will use its GPGPU features. Maybe some video players might use GPU acceleration but not likely. Other than that, there are some people who do BOINC or Folding@Home which are very GPU intensive. Any cryptocurrency mining as well (AMD was favored for this, I think this still might be the case but ASICs have taken over last time I checked).
They're absolutely meant to compete with each other. NVIDIA wants to deny AMD market share so they pushed out the GTX 1060 ASAP (lots of people expected a later release). As for which card to go for that all depends. NVIDIA's use of pre-emption instead of true asynchronous compute is a nice stopgap that lets them reap some of the benefits of DX12 as of now. This probably won't age all that well since it's only a workaround but as of now it gives them the boost they need to...
Anybody willing to check something for me quickly?   Had some time before lunch and got bored so I made a score for Loss from "I am Setsuna". It's the song that automatically plays on the Square Enix Music page for "I am Setsuna": http://www.square-enix.co.jp/music/sem/page/setsuna/   Or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrJgIrsqumE   Timestamps in description.   Here's the score:     Feel like I'm missing a few notes here and there now that I've tried...
I am Setsuna soundtrack sounds gorgeous. Really want it. :O
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