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Set everything up, still gives me the same boot error.
That's what I'm wondering. Edit: alright bootctl magically worked this time. [root@archiso /]# bootctl --path=/boot install
Yup did it in that order. Added base-devel and efitools to pacstrap alongside the necessary base package.
Everything from arch-chroot /mnt /bin/bash till reboot is all in arch-chroot. So in arch-chroot, bootctl --path=/boot install should work?
  So I did the following for setting up systemd-boot:   # bootctl --path=/mnt/boot install to set it up. # bootctl --path=/boot and # bootctl --path=/dev/sda1 do not work because it keeps giving me the error saying that neither have FAT32 as the filesystem.   Yet as soon as I reboot I get that screen (installation media removed of course).   I'm going to make another fresh VM and have sda1 (ESP) mounted at /boot instead of /mnt/boot and see if that changes...
I see most people going for openbox + tint2 on Arch for the most minimal setup. I tried it when Crunchbang were still being maintained and they were quite nice (albeit that was Debian but basically the same otherwise).
Just remember that systemd-boot only supports EFI/UEFI based systems.
systemd-boot is just gummiboot if that's what you were liking. If we're talking about rEFInd then yes you can make it look absolutely gorgeous.   https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/3x7ee2/refind_wanted_to_show_off_my_boot_manager/ https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/4dxzln/refind_ambience_minimal_theme_for_the_refind_boot/ https://github.com/EvanPurkhiser/rEFInd-minimal     The advantage this has over systemd-boot is that it can read boot files off...
@akiroz Do you know how to set up systemd-boot as the bootloader? I've been looking everywhere and can't find any sort of guide outside of the arch wiki page which isn't very beginner-friendly.   Steps 1-3 for EFI boot are easy, not sure what to do for copying the kernel and initramfs onto the ESP (EFI system partition).   I ended up skipping the 4th step which was that copy kernel + initramfs to ESP and skipped to 5th step.   # bootctl --path=/dev/sda1...
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