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Really damn excited for the finale.
RIP AnimeTake.
Are you intoxicated right now?
I was ready for disappoint from last week when I realized only 3 episodes were left in S2, now 2. We'll see the rush pace, if it can get any worse than Kagerou Days or if it's around Guilty Crown bad.
Newest one. 22. @Rolling Girls 10:
So this series will have a garbage ending. Aww...
[[SPOILER]] Time to watch everything else. Edit: beginning of newest rolling girls is already hilarious.
Henceforth "have/will be certified." I think Dell's Dev Blog officially announced that they would be releasing a XPS 13 (2015) Project Sputnik (basically the Developer Edition which has Ubuntu preinstalled). It cuts off a nice $100 off of the price tag usually so I can get an i5, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD all for $1000.
XPS 13 auto adjusting backlight can be disabled in BIOS if I remember correctly.
I just happened to mention it. I never use a SD card, it's just an advantage on paper. XPS 13 apparently has horrendous out of the box Linux support, so I would absolutely have to wait for the Project Sputnik version. Looks like ThinkPad it is.
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