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Rule of thumb is PWM will not kick in until under a certain % brightness. Max brightness I'm pretty sure no monitors have any PWM flickering (I might be wrong, I'd check for this one but it's usually somewhere between 50% and 80% brightness when the PWM kicks in). Above a certain Hz frequency even sensitive people won't notice it, although hearing a laptop has it might end up triggering a nocebic (nocebo = negative placebo) response depending on how sensitive you think you...
Unless you are really sensitive to flickering PWM at higher frequencies doesn't really matter (ASUS usually does 200Hz which is considered somewhat low but I've seen a few at Notebookcheck w/ 50Hz PWM). At that point it's just more of a kind of perceived quality thing (I personally do care even though I don't have issues w/ PWM because if you're shelling that much out for a laptop, no PWM is always nice).   I would wait till post CES 2017 when the models start rolling...
At least they didn't botch Cu Chulainn. Still the best character.
Wait I lied.   LOL CHU CHULAINNE IS STILL THE SAME.   Already my favorite character.   EMIYA counter balance feels pretty boring now. He had more cool in F/SN UBW regardless of how trash it was. The one likable character in F/SN UBW outside of Chu Chulainne.   At this point it's just worth skipping to the old rivalry from FSN UBW since that char interaction is more fun.   Edit: nevermind I guess it was obvious in hindsight he was a redshirt.   Edit: oookayyy...
Chu Chulainne is so much better as his original versus this crappy version though. But I guess he still knows the same stuff.  [[SPOILER]]
In the middle of watching Fate Grand Order. WTF happened.  [[SPOILER]]
Alright body pillow pictures are getting a little much even with undergarment shots. Put it in a spoiler and use black pixel photos to keep it out of recents or we're bringing @Currawong in. I'm pretty sure OP rules say to keep the stuff in spoilers.
No as in in Europe, not in the US. I think US popularity is sedans > SUVs > trucks > rest
Mmm feel like most of the hot hatches are European brands (at least from the few glimpses I've seen of things like offroad events which are a lot of hatchbacks). I remember Citroen being really prominent.   In the US people like their big cars like SUVs or Jeeps.
nty lets not spend my Christmas or New Years doing that.
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