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Really old news. That's why there's so much hype around Aldnoah.Zero.   Yeah, she looked like a Type Moon drawn character.
Seasonic S12II and M12II could normally be found for $30 or less, now they're all $50+. Don't you dare call CX units good performing.
Welcome!Welcoming statement made by graphidz
+1 America is still the hot mess it always was.
I'm glad your friend didn't listen to you on the PSU because the CX430M is terrible. PCIe power connectors doesn't hurt either. TDP is set to a 60W cap by default (75W is PCIe x16's limit) so if for whatever reason you are able to push past 75W on an overclock you'll be safe.
It's not just a "little too slow," it's "THAT SLOW."
Agreed. 1 out of, I think it was 10,000 people total who were in SAO? Everything is too drawn out. Meanwhile, Aldnoah.Zero 05 has some really interesting plot development going on.  [[SPOILER]]
SAO II Episode 5: This was meh, although the ending was interesting.  [[SPOILER]]
No, not Boku no Pico.  But yeah, a 160W PicoPSU.
Meh, this build didn't matter too much to me. It didn't feel special enough to spend the extra few dollars on a nice tube of TIM. Yeah, the anniversary edition Pentiums overclock extremely well, but the TDP once you get to the clocks where it can perform just as well as an i3 or i5 is waaaaay too high to be worth it. Too much extra heat for the same amount of performance. 750 Ti for a PicoPSU, although I can't find a retail case that will work which is why I wanted to...
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