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How so?
3spooky5me       I'll show myself out.
^ The only Japanese stuff I listen to from time to time is Nagi's and or REOL but that's it. K-pop otherwise. Korean entertainment giants are able to get music writers to write some really generally appealing music. Japan looks more like a bunch of more quirky (not in a negative way) inconsistent style (doesn't feel like there's much of a "mainstream").
There's little to no demand for it. 4K isn't even close to being widespread enough to become mainstream. 1440p even has issues becoming mainstream right now. All of a sudden we're trying to jump to 4K for some reason.   Most of the 1440p panels are professional monitors (25" 1440p ultrasharp, 27" pro monitors, 1600p 30" pro monitors, etc.), MacBook Pro panels (2560x1440 and or 2880x1880), or some phones like the Galaxy S7 and the larger phablet variants.   Some tablets...
Yeah the superfish tool Lenovo provided found the certificates.
My X1 Carbon Gen 2 had it. (-_-")
mb it's Superfish not sailfish (sailfish is the OS). It started in 2015-ish so T450 era. I think only the 24" and the 30" variants are 16:10. Laptop 16:10 panels are more or less nonexistent. +1
. I'm not saying they have no use. For general use in things like laptops it makes little sense outside of cost unless all you do is watch movies and videos especially with tons of horizontal movement. 21:9 on the other hand...But for VR/things that take up your whole FOV there's 0 reason to go another aspect ratio unlike for standalone screens where the aspect ratio is more or less used to highlight certain portions of the content (ex. the horizontal motion for a lot of...
The economics is that it's cheaper (calculus summary below) so correct. I don't have an issue with the gold on the Z97 motherboards honestly because those don't have the tacky I/O shield and or motherboard shield and whatnot. That's a Z170 board but they more or less kept the same styling on this line of boards. I thought this was better though: Z170-E looks pretty nice. I just wish the power delivery system on this board was better (I don't OC but for some reason I still...
I don't understand the appeal of ultrawide. It's more or less a nudered 1440/1600p display. Same horizontal length sure (2560p) by why 1080p high. Anyways yeah 3:2 and 4:3 are, as strange as it sounds, the way of the future (secretly full frame and micro four-thirds were the answer all along :P). That gives room for 16:10 to grow. I really expect to see 1:sqrt(2) panels become more common because that's perfect for tablet PC displays since going from portrait to landscape...
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