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I hate the new system of researching plane upgrades. Back in the old system of plane upgrades, depending on how much you used your plane and how well you fought in it would give you a certain amount of XP per plane (so plane specific XP). Getting to a certain XP unlocks certain upgrades (ex. fuselage, engine, new guns, etc.). The new system is absolute garbage, especially the entire specializing in one line of planes from one country since it actually takes longer now from...
Eh, haven't touched War Thunder in a couple of months. I usually start off with any country but Britain and Japan when getting back used to the game (and I never play Russia so...). Britain and Japan require more...delicate tactics, unless you're using a Typhoon.
adding to op.
Actuation force on MX Browns is a uncomfortable to me. MX Blue feels fine, but MX Brown/Red (45cN) feels a bit too light for me (which is why I want MX Clears. 80cN of MX Greens and MX Black is too high for me to be able to use for long periods of time).
The SAT thing doesn't apply to me unless I retake it senior year.
Guys, some big SAT changes for 2016 students that take it.   Goes back to 1600 points, lots of archaic vocabulary words are removed, etc.   Edit: not like it applies to most of you but just thought it would be nice to know.
Noragami is still fine imo.
Does that use their compact mechanical switch (I think it's called the ML line switches) or scissor switches? I'm curious how their compact mechanical switches feel. I've heard that they're pretty good.
Sort of ironic since IIRC, Cherry is a German company.
Mechanicals and Topre all the way.
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