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Where did the AdobeRGB even come from. And it's basically useless unless you can actually use it. Shelling out the extra money for a 4K or AdobeRGB (generally 10-bit or 8-bit + dithering or higher bits per color channel to maintain color stepping close to sRGB on what's usually a 6-bit, 8-bit or 6-bit + dithering monitor) is essentially useless if you can't use it. It doesn't add anything to your experience. Fantastic, a color profile that extends a little more into the...
Maybe at least 30 minutes of stress testing? I'd say 1 hour max or something if you play light games like MOBAs since that's usually the duration of 1 match at most. If it's stable for 1 hour it's probably okay for continuous load for a few more beyond that.
When the Vaio Z clamshell and Vaio Z flip came over to the US there were a few reviews citing that the computer ran very hot under extended loads. This is because VAIO uses the 28W variants of Intel's mobile CPU lineup (think MacBook Pros) but are shoving them into quite a thin chassis (screen is much thicker due to the flip mechanism and possibly the N-Trig hardware) so if you look at the specs for device height a larger proportion of that is dedicated to the...
Prefetch and superfetch are recommended to be disabled on newer HDD's and SSD's (older generation SSD's and HDD's might have a performance drop if it's disabled) since it can go around and break things. http://www.overclock.net/t/1240779/seans-windows-8-install-optimization-guide-for-ssds-hdds#post_16940671 It's been recommended for this feature to be disabled since Windows 7 if used with newer gen SSD's and HDD's. I think Sean Webster removed it from his guides but some...
Shokugeki S2 Ep 6: I'm not sure why but I find this slightly underwhelming how Souma won? Might also be due the fact that I've already read the series.
91 Days Episode 5: Avilio really knows how to pull the strings.
Honestly the more I watch the less I like Subaru now.
  Hm really can't beat cillia's tuning. She gets the most "life" per se out of all of the digital singers.
Yup. Personally I think it's useful because in Chrome Incognito (ex. when I don't want to bother w/ another person's logged in services on their computer) it doesn't keep a list of recently closed so if I accidentally close something I'm screwed.
http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/07/new-attack-that-cripples-https-crypto-works-on-macs-windows-and-linux/   Needs more VPN.
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