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Hm, I thought they named the desktop 980 chip in a laptop the 980M. Looks like I was mistaken. mb
Basically. Most Windows trackpads are atrocious. The only decent ones I remember were Samsung's ATIV Book 9 trackpads and the new XPS 2015/16 Precision trackpads. I did find Apple trackpads a bit stiff though. Fortunately that's adjustable with the new (unfortunately patented) trackpad.
VAIO's QC could go two ways: either it's amazing since they're a much smaller company since that's all of their reputation right there or it's very meh since they're so small now and have less resources. Samsung's designs just seem better IMO. It's more organic in shape so it's nicer to carry and if you really happen to care, it's thinner. Of course the thinness comes at a cost when you see the Pro models with the UHD screens since the battery is smaller so the ATIV Book 9...
So here's the thing with the XPS 15: The models with a 256GB or 512GB M.2 SSD generally come with a 84 Whr battery that spans the length of the entire wrist rest area in the chassis. The models that come with a 2.5" HDD have a smaller battery that's a 56 Whr (the numbers I don't remember but one's bigger, one's smaller, point made) to give you space to fit that 2.5" HDD. So the model you are looking at has no empty 2.5" bay. It just has a larger battery. You can tell which...
XPS 15 since it seems your ultimate goal is mobility rather than a desktop replacement. The FHD panel is sRGB btw and the UHD ones are AdobeRGB calibrated (actually Notebookcheck showed 89% AdobeRGB coverage for the UHD panel so...they tried at least). There's PWM backlighting on the FHD model (about 360Hz) and they don't use PWM for the UHD (the PWM rate is high enough it really doesn't matter).   Also the XPS 15 is actually a 14" laptop with a 15" screen so...   I'm...
Looks like I'm going the Samsung then. I have an older model with some 3rd gen i5 and the laptop is very nice. Ventilation to the sides is the one complaint I have with the VAIO Z.
I just happen to find their design rather appealing. It's definitely a top notch laptop though (albeit expensive compared to the competition).
To be fair, it's a tablet. You're going to have some home button. I think it's more or less just a shortcut for a program launcher (start menu in this case).  https://www.massdrop.com/buy/npkc-switch-tester Hm...just ordered one with the PCB. I think I might retract the PCB part but it does modify the feel of the keys if I solder it...on second thought I'm not ordering the PCB since I'm not going to solder it (have no soldering iron...).
Nonono. The Windows key (any OS key) is a shortcut of Ctrl + Esc. It's basically the home button I guess? It just opens up the start menu. They're absolutely gorgeous. O_OYup. D:
They seem to be okay. I don't see any "bad" parts to say. For desktops it's probably the PSU.np
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