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I just realized the Vers sky carrier has some enormous cannons. Those are enormous craters. 37mm+ cannon?
Key SoL works always have you drowning in feels afterwards. I think that's what vwinter meant. :PJust a warning, episode 3 of aldnoah zero is full of awesome!  [[SPOILER]]
SAO II Ep 3: still no in game stuff on Kirito's end?   Onto Aldnoah.Zero ep 3. Lets see what Urobutcher has in store with us.   Meanwhile, INAHO SMILED?! WHAT IS THIS?!
Yup, PCIe. PicoPSUs can support an i3 + 750 Ti (the 160W w/ 200W peak model from MiniBox does).
I need to get more materials. Can't find black rough aluminum (closest thing to the black anodized look I can think of).   Only need to add a few more things to that model and its basically production ready. I've been spending a little too much time with this.
Tokyo ESP 02: Pretty meh episode as expected.
Tokyo ESP 02: Katamari ball?
Rail Wars 03: meh.
I was okay with Soul Eater. I feel like binge watching the entire series was quite meh though. Nothing all that special. Excalibur was definitely amusing though.(O.O) We all voting Joe's? Everybody go +1 his post.
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