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Plastic Memories Episode 2: What a dark note to end on (though it was really obvious to begin with).
Gunslinger Stratos 2:  [[SPOILER]]  New guy introduced in Plastic Memories episode 2 reminds of of Tiger and Bunny.
@F/SN UBW 14: Oh gosh, the hype for next episode.  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] I'll keep watching for now.
(-_-") clearly I am paying attention
I probably dropped to the bottom. I barely come on here anymore, unfortunately.Wait, how am I still that high up? I don't feel like I posted often as opposed to enormous walls of texts.Lol.I don't remember this in episode 1. Then again I wasn't really paying attention while watching the show.
Curious...really curious. GoldenEars Korea just put up their results for the TE-07. It looks like a higher amplitude version of the XBA-100 or Final Audio Design Heaven II. IIRC 10 dba peak from neutral somewhere in high mids or low highs so...somewhat bright? Loudness up to midbass builds up and then suddenly drops then has that excess treble. I keep hearing the TE-05 is nice though.
It has a slightly generic feel to it for me for some reason.  [[SPOILER]]
Etotama 1: Um...feels pretty generic.
I'm not sure I want to watch that. Looks boring.
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