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Wait what? If it was the first half of the episode, that makes sense but if it were the second half it would make no sense whatsoever.
LOL. +1 Meanwhile, Rolling Girls 11, I want more fight scenes.  [[SPOILER]]
@Aldnoah.Zero 23   Alright. This is going to be a rushed ending unless it's a 1 hour special. Or it will be a really lackluster one with your average "and everyone lived happily ever after" thing.
What the heck did I just come back to.
Really damn excited for the finale.
RIP AnimeTake.
Are you intoxicated right now?
I was ready for disappoint from last week when I realized only 3 episodes were left in S2, now 2. We'll see the rush pace, if it can get any worse than Kagerou Days or if it's around Guilty Crown bad.
Newest one. 22. @Rolling Girls 10:
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