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Just found out that Deluge and Vuze were banned on and while comparing torrent clients.   qBittorrent has all the core features of uTorrent (and the newer builds of Bittorrent which is just uTorrent but purple).
How about I want to throat punch the idiot who decided to hire Urobutcher for only his name.
Yeah. He seems like he'll be taking the short end of the stick. Quite unfortunate. Newest Rolling Girls episode was interesting. Not as flashy as the previous ones. Maybe we're getting to something dark now?
tbh I'd like a 3rd season so they don't rush. I don't care if it's a 6 episode 3rd season, just don't pull a Mekakucity Actors or something where everything falls apart. Meanwhile, all the pieces fall into play for Durarara X2. Chaos is amusing to watch.
Damn...3 episodes left for Aldnoah sounds like a bit of a rush.  [[SPOILER]]
It's more of core P2P features rather than other gimmicks. Some programs (Deluge I think) don't have SuperSeeding and other stuff.
Newest uTorrent but adds and whatnot removed. Might switch to something else...qBittorrent has a lot of features.
This. Holy smokes, these 2 episodes were awesome.
Did Anilist mess up or did Koufuku Graffiti actually air Thursday? I see it nowhere.
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