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Incoming lawsuit or DMCA request.
Hm maybe 3rd party graphics control software like AMD Catalyst "might" let you do it. I'm not sure.
Unless it's the same panel then yeah it's really hard. Even looking at the monitor reviews on TFT Central you can see good amounts of variation in the panels used across different monitors in the same range and size (ex. all 24" Dell Ultrasharps). I think the 2 largest issues are 1. black levels and 2. white point. Those tend to vary a lot even within the same panel technologies. QC doesn't get insane till you start shelling out the big bucks for NEC displays and others of...
No this is still hardware based calibration. Software calibration basically refers to manual hand-done calibration. Hardware calibration is using an external device like a colorimeter which generally does everything in an automated fashion by just spitting out an ICC profile for you to apply. http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/calibrating.htm Honestly the terms sound backwards because we would think hardware based calibration uses automated software and software based...
Consumer displays usually aren't calibrated. The only ones that do so right now are Dell with their Ultrasharps as far as I know (if we're talking about desktop monitors only). As for consumer grade computers that come with displays (eg. laptops) I think Apple, Dell w/ the XPS lineup, and maybe HP on their Elite and Spectre products (I'm not sure about the Elites) along with maybe the Surface products are probably calibrated. VAIO should be calibrated on the VAIO Z products.
I just don't think that's how the universe works.
Now I'm reading this and I feel like you clearly have no idea what's happening nor have you read anything I have written. I don't argue against high gamut (personally I'd love to have this kind of gear but I'm limited by the fact that basically 0 content I have access to will benefit from it) but rather argue that it's impractical for consumer use. Your arguments that you can actually reap the benefits of high gamut seem basically moot to me. There is no practical gain...
  Mystery solved.
+1 for 91 Days. I quite like it.
"Helps" in what way? I quite understand that there is no display technology out there to cover the entire visible spectrum. As of now any color triangle we make is strictly a triangle, not the shape of the CIE 1931 color space. The closest we have is laser displays and that's still a far shot. You're trying to push for using gear ahead of the curve that can't be felt by anybody. Almost all mass distributed visual media is based on the sRGB color spectrum. The wide gamut...
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