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Most PSUs will run silent if they're 80+ Bronze and are from a good company or OEM. Seasonic's PSUs are often dead silent until under really heavy load. If you're not going to OC/can't see yourself doing it, I wouldn't waste money on getting an unlocked chip.
H60 is...meh. I would go mATX. A bit more flexible than mITX.
I'm going to be honest here, but you're not going to be overclocking very far on the Gigabyte 8-series mATX and mITX boards. They're awesome, solid boards but they don't carry the awesome 8+2 power phase seen on the GA-Z87X-D3H and above models.   I'd just either spend a bit more to get a Xeon E3-1230V3 (it's an i7 with no iGPU) or go with a less expensive locked i5 (i5-4430 or 4440, whichever is less expensive at the time).   Any RAM is good. I wouldn't think any...
Several things. First, Great reference site for Hackintosh. Second, if you did add a Hyper 212, or any tower heatsink for a matter of fact, it would not fit with a GPU unless you make it so the long side of the heatsink is parallel to the GPU (so fans are parallel to the back of the GPU). Terrible idea. I'd switch out the motherboard for a mATX board because the case you chose is a mATX case....
Hyper 212 EVO for cooler. Hyper 212 coolers are the best bang for your buck coolers out there.
The fights were pretty good.
The only sad part is that this branch off means there might not be a season 2, because I don't believe this has happened in the manga. [[SPOILER]]
Noragami 12 was awesome! Same w/ Space Dandy 12.
I'm starting to get absorbed into more and more SFF builds, but I don't like mITX mobos since a lot of them don't support tower coolers since the socket is too close to the PCIe lanes (and I don't want to dish out money for custom or AIO water cooling).
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