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Nope. VT-x has to be enabled through BIOS. There aren't any custom BIOSes out there. Meanwhile, the T440s looks amazing. Do want. That requires $1000 out of my pocket though...
Can't. Haven't seen another  BIOS either that enables it.
Samsung is terrible. They shove a VT-x capable CPU into my Series 9 and then don't let you use it by not allowing you to enable it via BIOS. (TT-TT)   Now I have to run 32-bit VMs.
Ubuntu and all of the Ubuntu based, along with Fedora, are the go-to's for newcomers.GNOME is nothing like OS X imo. That top bar might be the only resemblance but it doesn't function like OS X's at all. If you want OS X like, go look at Elementary OS. GNOME is a blend of Windows and OS X. KDE looks more like Windows by default but I'm not a fan of the default behaviors like single-click to open and hover to highlight/select. Not my kind of thing.I would not recommend...
Linux will probably be faster than OS X in most ways, so probably. I only say this because generally Linux is much lighter in weight compared to OS X. However, since OS X is closed source and designed around Apple equipment, optimization might be slightly better for OS X on Apple devices (not Hackintoshes) than Linux which is more for a broader, general audience.  [[SPOILER]]
Depends on your preferences. GNOME 3 stock looks much more attractive than KDE stock IMO.
@boris: I see why Linus doesn't like GNOME 3 without Frippery + gnome tweak tool now. It's pretty but not very fluid.
He approves of it with Frippery and GNOME Tweak Tool.
I just don't know what to thick of the date/time in the middle of the top taskbar. It seems like it would get in the way once you have too many programs open. It allows for more tray icons though. I actually find Microsoft's tray icon quite elegant. Having the clock to the very right and then icons to the left of the clock allows for lots of icons AND lots of tabs. I'll see if I can make Openbox look better before deciding on GNOME or Openbox.
Playing with GNOME some bit more and I'm starting to really, really like it now. Really tempted.   I've seen KDE looking really nice too (by default it looks really bad IMO) with a nice GTK+ theme but that's kind of it. Unity is closer to GNOME so I guess I like it more than KDE. Cinnamon is nice, again not the best looking by default but it has GTK+ theme support, I think. Haven't used MATE (GNOME 2 fork). Openbox is gorgeous (and has GTK+ theme support).   Haven't...
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