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[[SPOILER]] Also check edit for a "breaking the 4th wall" thing. It's not a direct 4th wall breakage but it feels like one to me.
Fate/Stay Night UBW Episode 13:  [[SPOILER]] At also has a slight breaking the fourth wall feeling.  [[SPOILER]]
Huh. I know absolutely nothing about Caster so it would only make sense I don't know. I only remember them poking fun at her in Carnival Phantasm.
Alright, nothing dropped so far, not bad. Closest is an on the fence for Re-Kan.
@Owari no Seraph 1: Of course the kid with "delicious" blood has blond hair blue eyes.
This. It seems like it would be quite a nice series to follow. Gunslinger Stratos 1: alright. Let's see where this goes for now. Onto Seraph of the End.
Fate/Stay Night UBW episode 13:  [[SPOILER]] Also really interesting. I don't remember reading about this route so I'm not exactly sure what's happening.
Yay, all the new stuff is out.   Is Plastic Memories worth watching? Can't tell if it's a SoL or harem.
Re-kan 1: What...? I'm not sure what to do with this series.
lol What does poi even mean?
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