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Business line laptops is the easiest way to define it. If we want a concrete definition then I honestly don't know. Laptops built with reliability and good inputs (keyboard, trackpad) in mind? As well as easy to repair and or modify? Also focus on durability. So yeah, reliable and durable laptops with good inputs and are easy to modify (or repair) to the company's needs. *and generally feature tons of security features like TPM.
Hm...probably will have some issues with throttling regardless. We'll see. I don't own a Skylake ultrathin so I don't know how Skylake fares, neither do I know the specific improvement Kaby Lake brings and how it compares to Skylake. Alternatively if there happens to be throttling when running at 15W, Acer can restrict the TDP to 12W I believe. Most Intel mobile CPUs have 2 TDPs that OEMs can choose from. I kind of doubt it. Logitech usually isn't one to put out very...
http://www.anandtech.com/show/10642/hdmi-alt-mode-for-usb-typec-announced   HDMI needs to die. Just USB-C for a connector with Thunderbolt and Displayport over it would be cool. k thanks
Meh. The Swift 7 feels like a pointless feat of engineering. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/8/31/12718238/acer-swift-thinnest-laptop-price-release-date-ifa-2016/in/12499471 I'm not sure if it's running the ULV 15W part of it's running a Core M equivalent because I believe Intel combined the Core M series into the Core i series so you have to dig into the model number to find out if you have a fanless part or a higher power part. I personally wouldn't mind thin...
It's not that good. I say that but I'm reading the manga anyways (since I have nothing to do). Plot feels pretty scattered. There are too many people trying to be puppet masters within the plot's conflict.
I can see why someone wouldn't like Flying Witch. It's really, really laid back (which is why it's super relaxing to watch for those who like it).
Orange Ep 7: Oh wow.
Reading Mob Psycho 100 right now.   Love this manga (and the show). ONE is a fantastic writer.
Is Mercury tidally locked? Edit: nvmd it's not.
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