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Is it a bit far fetched? The martians were looking for an opportunity to wage war just like A-H on Serbia for awhile now. It kind of feels like they used these more important figures like puppets to get a war started (both WWI and A.Z).
[[SPOILER]] BTW any history people here the way this war started really reminds me of World War I.
Why would you ever go on a hiatus from that show? 
Aldnoah.Zero 01: Not bad. Better that SAO II. Looking forward to see what this has to offer.  [[SPOILER]]
I probably didn't like it since I already had it in my head that SAO went past the failing point. Still, tbh I didn't really find that scenario all that interesting.
SAO II Ep 1: booooooring.   Also, watching the ED, what idiot goes primary w/ a sword in a gun game?   Edit: then again you have people in BF4 and CoD running around trying to get kills only w/ a knife all game long.
Wait, you haven't seen this game until now?
LOL. I could see that happening though. It would make lots of sense.
From what I've researched that's a CWT (Channel Well) unit. They made some great units (used in a few Corsair PSUs) but the one Mechy has is pure garbage.
Allow me to come over to your place and show you how real cable management is done.  Pretty decent job there though. Not sure how comfortable I am w/ having a 24-pin draped across the cutout at the back but I don't think you'll be changing coolers anytime soon. That PSU still scares the **** out of me. Edit: That other AF140 is a bit hard to see. I almost thought it wasn't there.
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