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Just about any computer I've seen in China is enough to make me shudder. Although, I could say the same with a lot of computers I've seen in America from classmates or family, but you can't expect them to know any better (although in this day and age, at least the children and teenagers should at least know how to not get viruses while browsing and that obviously is not something that's true because too many people are ignorant and lazy to find out how the things they use...
You have some terrible experience with software. I've never had any problems with a lot of the free antiviruses. Chinese laptops are filled with all sorts of garbage. You might be thinking about the 360 Secure Browser a lot of people in China use since that ads a lot of crap like this desktop news thing or something and a bunch of other stuff.
I just realized 360 finally put up and English website with English versions of their AV! Awesome!   I might move to this or Panda Cloud (Panda Cloud is a bit heavier but shouldn't be a problem with a nice SSD). 360 Internet Security has a really nice interface though.
Why people still think MSE is good is beyond me...they really need to stop thinking that. Its baseline protection (no AV) now. Get something better for real-time protection.   Of course, good browsing habits works wonders but it won't work against everything.
Oh wow. That was really nicely done. Good job Riot.
Really? I thought it looked nice. Its not the best design but its better than before (I have no preference to either right now). I'd check both. Anyways, Panda Cloud Antivirus (Free) shot up to the top. Qihoo 360 has been up there for awhile (no English version yet, I think). I still use Avast (I switched to AVG Free on my laptop but didn't like the UI and the ads). Sticking with Avast. Really? I...
New Malwarebytes UI is fine. It looks more up to date at least versus the old XP styled interface.
No, like lines of switches or specific models. I know where to find them. I'm just not quite sure what to look for.
Anybody know where to find single pole momentary switches like the ones you find on old DVD players? They usually have a nice amount of travel (3-5+mm) and make a nice tactile bump and clicky sound. I guess the equivalent on a keyboard would be like MX Green.
There is actually region locking on external and internal optical disc drives. Its not a hardware limitation but a firmware limitation. Just a heads up, not all drives can be made region free.
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