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Shh don't remind them.
Likes them young.
Yeah but the new good ones are getting less good. D:
Hm. Not sure I'll watch it tbh. I liked Space Dandy but sometimes it felt like a chore watching it so I'm reluctant to watch a show that's been compared to it due to their similarities.
Was considering. Heard it was Space Dandy esque so that sounds pretty good.
Less quality shows every season probably, at least that's how I view it. I haven't really found anything recently that approaches the level of quality some older anime have.
(Re;Zero) I feel like it started at that 9/10 level then slowly dropped to an 8/10 and eventually to a 7/10 at the end. There was always something that really irked me about Subaru's character and it started getting really disorganized near the end.   Now that it's probably started snowing for most people a good show to bundle up to is Mushishi. Get your hot chocolate and favorite blanket in front of your fireplace (or your PC if it's running an older flagship GPU) and...
Let see. Ghosts, what they call "Astral Bodies" are basically beings that live as EM and bodies are their containers. When you die the astral body leaves the physical body and is now out in the open. Supposedly the living world and dead world are on two different EM frequencies (this sounds dumb as ****) and if whichever one you're attuned to can communicate with them (Ex. tuned to the dead, can communicate to the dead. Tuned to the living, can communicate with the living)...
I was going to say, why would they only reserve turbo for lighter tasks when you want those highest speeds with the heaviest tasks. Hm... Isn't it also possible to get no quality loss through heterogeneous? Because, from a quick look at the Wiki page for hardware acceleration, all hardware acceleration specifications use some amount of compression to increase speed gains. For heterogeneous compute, GPU shaders just need to run through more instructions for more complex...
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