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Realized I was looking at the wrong spec sheet for the PCIe connector (1.1 instead of 2.0) but it only required a 0.1mm adjustment so we're good. Progress:     I'm not exactly sure what to put in for the contact thickness since there's 0.10 and 0.05 mm on the spec sheet.
You didn't like 'Murica man? I liked him simply because he annoyed the crap out of everybody else.
This doesn't look very friendly at all.   
Probably my favorite character. Inori was likeable but rather...generic.
Haha, the guy from Guilty Crown is perfect for 'Murica stuff.
Woooh! Downloading most of the Monogatari soundtrack. :D I might be able to find Heavenly Blue while freeleech is still going tomorrow although Animebytes seems to have a "finished anime only" policy so I'll just have to check Nipponsei.
I don't really expect myself to make design my career path. Its just something I love doing but not necessarily want to get a job through. I'd probably still try to go after the sciences and do design as a side hobby.
There's nothing around here to do for college. XD Besides, programming bores me and I don't really have much I can probably do with hardware. Industrial and product design has had my interest for the past year or two and companies are finally realizing how important design is. *sigh* I have nothing to dislike about the M1 except the fact that it can't house most standard thickness 240mm radiators and only slim ones instead. Not very happy about that.
Look at some nekomimi, get recharged by it, do it right.  
Designing a case is terrifying. I have the layouts down but the standards are murdering me, especially the PCIe spec sheets. So many dimensions are missing its ridiculous.   The design is space efficient but literally only meant for short GPUs (we're talking 750 Ti or MSi/ASUS 760 ITX edition small) so not sure if worth making the effort, but I want something on my college application.   The problem is that this case would be limited to low-powered setups (we're...
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