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Just watched the current 5 episodes of Mob Psycho 100 that were out. This is quite awesome, which isn't unexpected from the writer of One Punch Man.
I think Zen and Vega are slated for Q4 2016. There was some recent article saying Zen for Q1 2017 but Zen was taped out awhile ago I think. Engineering samples have been out for a bit too.
Skylake was the usual efficiency improvements over Haswell. They added a more precise voltage curve or something and along with the node shrink was able to give some very respectable efficiency improvements. This was mostly aimed at mobile of course. Yup, super triggered.
Monitors are one of those things that are generally more immune to age IMO just like audio gear. Sure there are advancements in the panel and driver technologies but if they looked or sounded good in the first place they will stay looking or sounding good for a long time. Then again maybe everything will look like garbage against OLED panels with infinite black depth.
Incoming lawsuit or DMCA request.
Hm maybe 3rd party graphics control software like AMD Catalyst "might" let you do it. I'm not sure.
Unless it's the same panel then yeah it's really hard. Even looking at the monitor reviews on TFT Central you can see good amounts of variation in the panels used across different monitors in the same range and size (ex. all 24" Dell Ultrasharps). I think the 2 largest issues are 1. black levels and 2. white point. Those tend to vary a lot even within the same panel technologies. QC doesn't get insane till you start shelling out the big bucks for NEC displays and others of...
No this is still hardware based calibration. Software calibration basically refers to manual hand-done calibration. Hardware calibration is using an external device like a colorimeter which generally does everything in an automated fashion by just spitting out an ICC profile for you to apply. http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/calibrating.htm Honestly the terms sound backwards because we would think hardware based calibration uses automated software and software based...
Consumer displays usually aren't calibrated. The only ones that do so right now are Dell with their Ultrasharps as far as I know (if we're talking about desktop monitors only). As for consumer grade computers that come with displays (eg. laptops) I think Apple, Dell w/ the XPS lineup, and maybe HP on their Elite and Spectre products (I'm not sure about the Elites) along with maybe the Surface products are probably calibrated. VAIO should be calibrated on the VAIO Z products.
I just don't think that's how the universe works.
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