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Making a FT03 derivative (or any case) on SketchUp is a PITA when trying to find official measurements. Anybody know any sources for official expansion slot measurements? didn't give me anything on it. Only motherboard size, component placement, and I/O placement.   Current progress:     Really want to make this happen. FT03 is near perfect to my ideal low-footprint mATX case. It just...
Well, Kill la Kill ends with another "nonsense" episode. Liked the series for how much nonsense was in it.     Well, I have nothing to watch this weekend except the last episode of Space Dandy season 1.
Last one is best one.
Well, Displayport will probably be the one on your GFX card, not the one on the mobo rear I/O panel.
Hamatora this week was meh. Not much happening in this show...
Still a mATX on the list.
Thumbs up to this man.
With mATX I doubt he'll be doing 2 cards, since I think he needs a wi-fi card (hence the mITX board w/ the wi-fi module and assuming we get a PCIe adapter. Intel is recommended). If he doesn't, whatever.
550 is more than enough. He'll almost never get past 500W load.
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