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It's been my daily driver since my first computer... I had UbuntuGNOME installed but apparently Intel doesn't recognize UbuntuGNOME as an official distro (it won't just look at it like it's Ubuntu) so wasn't able to get some drivers installed. Also power plans in windows affect linux for some reason, so sometimes GNOME reports 15 hrs battery life and 4 hours other times. It's in accordance to what I left it on in Windows. Lol. Yeah same. Fortunately the flight right before...
Same, at least on this laptop.Holy smokes I dropped that midway through episode 1. Horrible compared to the first Gatchaman (though that was still meh for me).Ugh...I'm at Detroit airport and can't watch b/c...well public.
The best you can do is lean on your desk but your back is still straight at least. The chemical smell takes too long to get rid of too.Nah, latex mattresses all the way.Ha...ha....ha...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nope. Eh, I'm used to sleeping on bamboo mats and just rock hard chinese mattresses (I've literally only seen one plush one, every hotel or apartment I've lived in have the rock hard ones). Yeah, but my parents aren't willing to get another one so kneeling is the easiest...
It kind of forces good posture. Also my chair is pretty meh. It's like people who like to sleep on hard surfaces (like wood floors during the summer b/c they're pretty nice and cool to the touch).Also this.
I honestly find it more comfortable than standing. It's like my equivalent of the standing desk effect...except I can use a standard height desk and just a pillow instead of shell out some good money for a standing desk or one w/ a motor/adjustable height.
Get like a pillow or something and kneel. Keep your knee joint in a 90%.
On the other hand it looks like China is fighting bloatware on phones (check my edit). Hm... Too bad phones here are stupidly expensive. A Galaxy S6 16GB is only ~$500 in the US while it's around $1000 in China (USD for both).
http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/31/hisense-buys-sharp-us-operations/   Oh no...   On the other hand though: http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/31/samsung-allows-deleting-bloatware-in-china/
Lol I was going to say, if it's clear it probably has something to do with water so it would have the 三点水 (3 water dots) radical to the left.Yup, by joining us you have sold us your soul. Yeah DL for 1080p. I don't know, maybe the snow is just the calm before the storm. Maybe we will have a revival. :P Also anime characters don't have strands of hair but sheets of it.
If you easily fall prey to Pixiv and or Shigure + Yuudachi, then yes, because the poistorm is real here. It's okay, have somebody kiss your butt for you and the pain will all go away.  +1 Wait what? Don't we normally say 绿 instead? I don't hear Qing all that much.
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