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True.  [[SPOILER]] Edit: may as well just change the route to Unlimited Badass Works.
At this point, who cares? The real question here is why does ufotable always make Berserker a bad-ass? Not that it's a bad thing.
20 minutes of fighting to make  up for just information building in the last episode, if that's any surprise.
Expect this to happen often (yes I've read all that's currently out). This writer is like Urobutcher v2.
Good evening. I'm Illya von Einzbern. Die.
Wat.   Edit: ohhhh.
Can't do that with sushi (rolls) since everything just falls apart. With sashimi, sure.
I don't think it's bad by any means. I love all of the gatari series.
[[SPOILER]] Awesome episode though.
Apparently not, not that talking is a bad thing (looking at you gatari series). Newest Mushishi is kind of hypnotizing. Also reminds me the feelings of deja-vu I've been having a lot of ever since high school freshman year.
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