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OP updated with Winter charts.
I don't know why but I've always had this hate for the aesthetic of knurls which is why I've disliked compression fittings in PC water cooling.
TY. Any specific words you used in search or did you just get absorbed by the amazingness and spent all your time there?
Anybody know any other art like this? These photos are perfect for the Win 8 lock screen.
Only PSU and cable routing since it has the large PSU chamber. The rest of it's fine.
Totally just some dust in my eyes.   Pretty song otherwise! Just randomly decided to search up more of her songs while doing homework.
Yay, new RT-AC56U set up. :D
Well, e-peen for a computer is limited by the best hardware currently available so there is a TEMPORARY cap on e-peen until the next generation arrives. Unless you have access to Intel/AMD/IBM/NVIDIA fabs and chip designs not yet released then I'll be reaaaaally jelly. Infinite e-peen for life.
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