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+1 WTB another SZS. :/
Too bad Gangsta's manga takes forever to come out and Manglobe is dead now so we most like won't be seeing a S2. D:+1
Mayoiga 3: Okay, still no killing but we're getting really close.   Well, I guess one person is off the island actually so.
http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/11/11409638/tesla-autopilot-rainbow-road-super-mario-kart   lol
No I know. I guess the way I said that was confusing, but it was my reaction to the first episode.
End of first episode actually turned out to be a bit funny. Edit: LOL WTF IS SAKAMOTO?
Flying Witch OST seems pretty relaxing. Not sure what to think of the show itself though as of now.
Mayoiga 2: Still waiting for the death to come.   Kiznaiver 1: This looks really promising. Trigger doesn't disappoint.
New Posts  All Forums: