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http://www.techpowerup.com/220088/synology-launches-the-rt1900ac-router-in-the-us-market.html   Synology finally brought this to the US. This looks to be interesting.
Yeah it would take awhile, especially with no musical background. It might be the hardest instrument to play just looking at sheet music simply because your left and right hands are completely separate, and once you get to more advanced pieces your left hand needs to be just as coordinated as your right hand since some composers like to switch it up and throw the melody and intricate parts into the left hand. This stuff would also branch into maybe some transcription work?
Next week's ERASED should be really nice. :D
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/team-wolf-swappable-switch-mechanical-keyboard   So it's actually $60 if you don't order the additional Gateron switches (that's an extra $30-$40). This is really enticing...   But: http://imgur.com/a/sld3v   You can't adjust backlighting on the TKL. There are some very strange decisions here.
As far as I've heard, pacman is much simpler than APT. Just looking at what you need to type into the terminal to do a system update you can see that, but since APT has been here a lot longer, it's a little more fleshed out. Most say that they're essentially the same in their capabilities otherwise though. Pacman was just designed to be simpler. And then there's YUM and RPM. Is it power efficient? GNOME 2 is still a relatively heavy DE (not as heavy as GNOME 3 ofc)....
Hoooly crap I just watched all of the current Erased that's been released. WTF!   My mind has been blown. Too many assumptions I can make right now on the case.
+1 Much more "realistic" in a sense. 0 plot armor.
http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/8/10937580/white-house-wifi-is-bad   First world problems and 'MURICA!
Or misguidance. There's always the quack merchant carrying his snake oil around.
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/cooler-master-switch-testerv2   Oooohhh, now I have this and the NPKC tester coming in. :D
New Posts  All Forums: