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Just in case you didn't see the new Sony Walkman A17, the new Pono competitor (while $100 less):   I'll take one.
Danger by Taemin is pretty catchy. Very Michael Jackson-esque MV.  
Just about. Chromebooks are even poorer versions since they're cloud based so local storage is garbage. Lenovo is probably one of the few companies still making netbook styled computers for sale in the US and it's a single thinkpad model (E145).
x86 chromebooks are basically netbooks so they're technically still around.
Sexy September was last year's, some people might want to do that again. I know somebody is going to do Tyll dancing in that really revealing clothing again. Somebody always does it.
Are you serious? There are so many viruses as far as Linux goes. So many servers run linux and many, many people have made many viruses to get these servers down. It's just viruses that are aimed at general users that are much less common on Linux. That's just like products with garbage drivers on Windows. What do you expect? It's not the kernel or the community's fault a single piece of hardware you just happen to use doesn't want to work correctly. You should be blaming...
So long as you're above $500-ish in my experience, at least.
Also, happy birthday to miku!
That's why you always opt for Intel.  But that's the reason I always stay away from other companies since it has to have Linux support.   Linux kernel only has universal bluetooth adapter support as of now at least.
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