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This. My favorite episode was probably  [[SPOILER]] ANATATO is also a nice song from the OST.
The thing reboots before anything is shown on the screen. -_- The board doesn't have a debug display so that's a bit unfortunate. We tried another set of RAM and another PSU. Same result. Tried the clear CMOS method by removing the CMOS battery for at least 10 minutes. Still nothing.
Kalbee's current loop is stuck in the infinite reboot loop after POST. RAM doesn't seem to be the issue. He's going to have to get an exchange.
Charts updated again.
Well then... Definitely a weird ending, but it was nice nonetheless. Awesome. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear that.
Absolutely. If the theory of the multiverse is indeed true and same with the idea of the many  worlds theory (there exists a world for every single difference and combination of those differences. For those who don't know this theory, say, for example, you are faced with the decision of choosing the red or the green apple. The world would diverge there so there would be two different worlds, one which you choose the green apple and one which you choose the red apple), then...
No, that was my definition. That's as broad as I can think of for it. Not sure why I added a question mark. Didn't say what Tilpo said since it sounded a bit redundant to me.
Please do so. Curious as to why they decided to discontinue this if they have no plans for a successor anytime soon. Do they have something to replace it that's even better?
To define as real or true?
Totally irrelevant.
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