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As long as we don't get locked.
Finished rewatching Fate/Zero. SO GOOD, as expected.
Decided to screw sleep and rewatch all of Fate/Zero. At least I have Tuesday off to recover.
Works fine for me.
I'm starting to rethink episode 3 of Fate/Stay Night UBW (2014).  [[SPOILER]]
Wondering how JDSLabs is doing with an ODA prototype. I've heard Mayflower has one but it might just be AGDR's ODA v2.1 board he sent them instead of their own work.
Wat. I felt like the current fight scenes have been more interesting (the epitome of the previous series were always the Archer v. Berserker fights). Plot isn't as interesting but kind of hard to since boring Shiro will always be boring Shiro. Newest Mushishi is very heartwarming.
Shhhh, replace it with loli so it looks more legal than it really is. XD
Don't know if I like the Morgan Freeman or Joker + Mickey impression more.
So since it's Halloween today, 5 of my friends decided to wear Tyvek suits (the full body white ones you wear with a respirator, generally for painting or chemical work) with respirators to school. Quite the interesting experience.   Of course all the idiots thought it was some shots fired at ebola.
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