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Good OST and OP/ED in general. Not surprising considering Sawano Hiroyuki is the composer and the singers for the OP/ED are Chelly from EGOIST, Aimer, and 1 other that's slipping from my mind I think (unless it was just those 3 that were the show's music selling points). Bungou Stray Dogs ED is pretty good. Show is pretty meh.
So there's rumors about the Mac refresh having an OLED bar for the function row. I'm surprised nobody has cried foul yet because the X1 Carbon gen 2 was the first with something along these lines IIRC.   I've used it before and personally don't find it very useful. Just my 2 cents though.
Wow that escalated quickly. Either Boris is very kinky or loves very harsh operant conditioning. :P
Kiznaiver 3: really liking this show. Pretty excited on the relation between Nori and Katsuhira that was hinted at the first two episodes.  [[SPOILER]]  Good stuff though.
^ ?
I wake up, see what's been posted, then get ready for the thread to be locked again.
+1 WTB another SZS. :/
Too bad Gangsta's manga takes forever to come out and Manglobe is dead now so we most like won't be seeing a S2. D:+1
Mayoiga 3: Okay, still no killing but we're getting really close.   Well, I guess one person is off the island actually so.
http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/11/11409638/tesla-autopilot-rainbow-road-super-mario-kart   lol
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