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dobrescugeorge@magic.com We'll give you a nice lecture on the magic of digital upsampling as well.
Mebbeh. I can tell you all of these secrets for a small fee of $10,000 dollars. /snakeoilconman
Eneloop Pros are pretty horrible though. If we're looking strictly at AA batteries; Panasonic Eneloop:                       2000 mAh            2100 cycles      (also applies to the Tone Organics lineup; this honestly sounds too good to be true)Eneloop Pro:                 2550 mAh              500 cycles      (sounds more realistic than the regular Eneloops)Eneloop Lite:                 1000 mAh            3000 cycles      (sounds too good to be true like the regular...
Is Eneloop still considered the king of rechargables? I thought Energizer had that title right now.   Albeit the Eneloop are the nicest looking batteries if that matters to anybody.
Hm. New Chrome 53.0 build supposed to bring battery life improvements and material design over. The only apparent thing I've noticed is that everything looks more angular and my extension icons got smaller.
Yeah rip new naming. The whole point is to confuse consumers anyways so they shell out money for what they think is a full fledged (well, 15W ULV isn't full fledged but whatever) part.  Hm I quite like my G303. I do want a Pro though b/c that shape looks much better. The G100 is the one mouse whose shape is fantastic. 303/2 is questionable IMO for some people.  I think there are certain companies who have done a good job on trying to keep that sort of handling. I know...
UD3H boards are the lowest you should ever go as far as overclocking goes and I believe those boards should have most of what high end boards offer for UEFI. Boards below the UD3/UD3H don't run 8 true phases (I can't tell w/o pictures of the the chips under the heatsink but historically Gigabyte has been very good on not using doublers for their phases). For example the best budget board (I actually think this is just the best board period. It doesn't have those tacky I/O...
I just searched it up and it appears to be the i5-7Y54 which is the fanless part, aka this is a Core M processor. The general information for the 7th generation mobile chips is on Intel's Ark website. I personally think the G502 is one of their worse products. My main gripe with it is the weight and the weight distribution. I remember upon release, tons of people were complaining about how it felt like it was shifted towards one side instead of being at the center of the...
Business line laptops is the easiest way to define it. If we want a concrete definition then I honestly don't know. Laptops built with reliability and good inputs (keyboard, trackpad) in mind? As well as easy to repair and or modify? Also focus on durability. So yeah, reliable and durable laptops with good inputs and are easy to modify (or repair) to the company's needs. *and generally feature tons of security features like TPM.
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