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I feel like it's an odd blend of Tiger and Bunny along with Rolling Girls. It's fun to watch.
Just binged Gatchaman Crowds. Liked it quite a bit.
I think a lot of laptops have palm rejection, although some do a bad job of it. Having a recessed trackpad helps because the X1 Carbon 2nd Generation has it flush with the surface so it's hard not to hit it while typing.
This. Not bright at all. It feels like it was a reference headphone that got a nice warm tilt.I have first batch. I'm not sure about the other batches. Also, I had no idea these existed. Kind of unsettling.
Not sure how I feel about the K7XX either. It's nice, they're a great pair of headphones for my first "proper" ones, but the bass is a little too strong. Some songs have the singers taking the back seat and I'm not so thrilled about that. The ATH-R70x is catching my interest though.
@Plastic Memories 5: You really think they would have some sort of tracking using this kind of futuristic technology, especially for something that causes such a large problem if lost.   Edit: well, there's an explanation later in the episode. I can't argue with it.
@F/SN UBW 17: Daaaaaaaaamn...really good. I thought the last few episodes were slightly lackluster but this was very nice and back to par.
OP updated w/ summer charts.
I'm not sure what to think of Samsung in the maintenance route. Traditionally their ATIV 9 books have removable memory. My father's current one does too. Samsung has somewhat gone quiet in marketing their laptops and ultrabooks in the US. In fact the ATIV Book 9 with Broadwell Core M is actually thinner than the new Macbook yet almost nobody talked about it. :P
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