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Ah, kk. I mean it sounds like it's much heavier image processing for the iPhone for some reason. Probably because they're really hyping up the power needed for their post image processing and things of the like.
I'm wondering but how much post-processing do high end cameras do?
http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/9/7/12836762/iphone-7-announced-black-scratch   And here I thought we were going to see a ceramic iPhone. I guess not.   I would like to see more ceramic phones though. It's more durable than anodized aluminum and it's also mostly EM transparent so no need for antenna lines. Glossy finishes are generally also more durable than their matte counterparts (usually the best examples are matte white vs glossy white, where matte...
https://twitter.com/stshank/status/773593854368845824   https://twitter.com/jasonlong/status/773599143721771008   https://twitter.com/Martin_Wolf/status/773588577322201089   I love these tweets.
Is it pronounced "Bow-kuh" like how he pronounced it or is it like bouquet without the t? I say it the second way. I mean what else are they going to call it. It's obviously not telephoto (if you called 2x optical zoom telephoto I'm pretty sure somebody would die laughing).
You should see the salt I'm spilling in the Skype group. Audio: Out of all places I think The Verge actually did the best reason why removing 3.5mm jack is a poor idea, mostly because of DRM which is the huge issue. Also they're still trying for Lightning instead of USB-C they're really going far to split the smartphone ecosystem. I don't particularly mind audio over Bluetooth right now because the new Bluetooth revision should have plenty more bandwidth so audio quality...
I think this one's honestly fine minus the spearhead. Obviously stranger than the Pokemon one (I personally quite like the design for the new pokemon char).
What the heck, this char design. They started from more normal looking people are and now are hiring some eccentric fashion designers. :P
I'd have multilockon and no other avatar in that case then.
I honestly wonder where Amazon is getting all of these older generation Eneloops from. Shouldn't they be out of production? Extra stock shouldn't be that high so I guess it's still being produced.
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