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Well it says 6, so Let the Heavens 6...add 2 more...Let the Heavens 666.
Not sure if serious. Final Audio Heaven VI, so: LET THE HEAVENS (fall is missing).
Nothing beats Sachiko episode feels. Saddest episode so far.Yeah, I do like some of the char dev. Visuals fantastic as usual.
Is it wrong that I keep thinking Aldnoah instead of the actual origin of that saying?
Still gushing over the Ranpo Kitan ending. Really nice song.
Shirobako is great schiit.
Tinfoil hats and nuclear fallout bunkers.
https://psiphon.ca/index.html Much faster than Tor in China too (because apparently China is the benchmark of all countries XD). And University of Toronto so Canadian seal of approval. :P
I was going to say. I thought the Cozoy was lighter.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/311770269/aqua-worlds-lightest-headphone-amplifier   Hm...feels like some stuff is misleading but otherwise the product seems okay.
New Posts  All Forums: