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Posts by HybridCore I don't know what Sony is doing with this new house sound but I'm not sure how I feel about it.
She gets really annoying. She's the kind of person who absolutely loves nepotism. The worst part is that she thinks she has a say and has no talent herself too. Also another wonderfully suggestive Kumiko x Reina scene today. Those two never cease to fascinate me. Edit: Wow this episode has my feelings all twisted. Anyways today's episode is going to have a Pixiv flood.
@Hibike! Euphonium 11:   Yuuko Yoshikawa confirmed most annoying character of this show. For those who don't remember by name.     I really appreciate the small details here: Kaori's trumpet playing sounded noticeably different from Kousaka, it had a more shaky sound and wasn't as smooth where as Kousaka's playing was smoother.
Yup. Nice twist though (not the gay part, the Yu part). Otherwise this series seems pretty lackluster. @UBW 23: Honestly I agree with Gilgamesh.  [[SPOILER]]
I installed Asuswrt Merlin as soon as I got my router. I'd recommend you do so too if you want the extra features and whatnot.
I cannot stop watching that last scene in Hibike! Euphonium episode 8 when  [[SPOILER]]  Such a beautiful scene; art is really pretty and the music is fantastic. It gives a really inspiration, ethereal feel. tbh It might be my favorite scene so far out of all of the anime I've seen.
I honestly wouldn't go any higher than AC1200 because those adapters get expensive (mostly desktop only stuff too) and that's where Intel cuts off AC data rate anyways (Intel adapters are the greatest). Edit: The Wireless-AC 7265 adapter might be able to do AC1300? It only shows the wireless AC max of 867, no 300 or 400 for wireless N but some sellers say 400/867, not that things work that way anyways w/ the crossband adding.
This. RT-AC56U here and this thing is amazing.
+1 Lol I'd believe it.
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