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WHAAAAT. It's like Gangsta bankrupted them. (-_-")
Hm, not bad. I wouldn't mind seeing a full series dedicated to Aria.
Time to watch. :D
I can't tell if that actually exists as a separate entity or just within Shirobako rn. Too lazy to search or remember.
Google Voice + Google Hangouts = free Wi-Fi calling + texting in the US. Wait, what? I don't remember these scenes from Shirobako.YEEEEEEEESSSSS
GDI I need a real phone to use join the LINE group. LINE won't let me register using Google Voice. D:
+1 Very little material right now for the anime to adapt.
I can't tell if they plan on doing a S2 or not. I didn't watch through the end to see if they put in some sort of "Season 2 TBA" kind of thing. Manga is getting good though. More or less in the same spot though.
RIP French Pastries. Thou shalt be put under the category of Japanese pastries now.
Love red bean paste moon cakes. Can't beat red bean paste buns though.Asian culture is freaking fantastic. Shanghai and Tokyo are freaking great for food. FOOD EVERYWHERE.
New Posts  All Forums: