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Rail Wars 03: meh.
I was okay with Soul Eater. I feel like binge watching the entire series was quite meh though. Nothing all that special. Excalibur was definitely amusing though.(O.O) We all voting Joe's? Everybody go +1 his post.
Korra Book 3 Episodes 4-5: I actually like this part of Korra's adventure. Didn't like books 1 and 2 but this is actually getting interesting.
Welcome!Welcoming statement made by graphidzWe don't move that fast anymore but probably faster than most still.
LOL. That must have been interesting.
Zankyou no Terror ep 2: Terrorism done right once again. Very interesting story.
Tokyo Ghoul ep 3: :D
Hm...starting to rethink the design. I originally sought after something like the S3 Mini (link, internal layout is on the page before) but that kind of gives you a really awkward footprint for the case if its laying down flat. It would end up around 300 mm wide and around 180-200 mm deep (it depends on how much tolerance I want to give).   As for height, if I want to keep the case within mITX spec I need to allow 58mm over the CPU area so I would end up with 58mm...
Avatar: The Last Airbender + Legend of Korra? I guess you could say Code Lyoko but that's French last time I remembered. Anime in Japanese refers to all animated media though, so Family Guy, American Dad, etc. are all anime to Japanese people (at least by definition). Asian music store sounds pretty good tbh. Just play a few Asian songs (K-Pop tends to be closer to American music than Japanese from what I've heard at least) that have a somewhat similar sound to American...
If you like light humor and SoL, sure. As for generic, you might feel that it is but nothing is as bad as Nyaruko IMO right now for these types of anime. It does feel like a SoL with a lot of average fanservice but its nice to watch if you want to burn some time.
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