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Guilty Crown...meh.
That reminds me... @bowei006 : How were the AP Biology exams? Were they difficult?
Mushishi is a very relaxing series. Nice series to watch on a gloomy, rainy day.
With Mushishi, it just first states the concepts of Mushi to you in the first episode or so. Every episode is basically a different story and it's very, very enjoyable. Just watch the 1st few episodes of the 1st season so you get the general gist of it. You can skip to S2 right after those few episodes (but I recommend watching all of it because it's fantastic). Yup. All of that epicness. There are so many references and they're integrated so well. Animation and art style...
Yup. It's just that good.
Haha! Where is that guy, anyways? It's been ages since he posted.
First episode of Mushishi Season 2 was as great as ever. Loved it.
I don't really think it's stiff. It's just the common complaint for the Babolat AeroPro Drive and Pure Drive rackets. People must just be getting soft. Really nice racket though. Stiffer rackets with good power and spin are on my favorites list. I'm mainly a puncher (baseliner mostly), not a striker (which sort of makes the new Pure Strike rackets a terrible one for me). IT'S OUT. Well, I need to sleep. Will make for a good Saturday morning watch. Huh. Nyaa~ I didn't think...
Yup. Fortunately I'm still young so the infamous stiffness of the Babolat Pure Drive and AeroPro Drive rackets don't really bother me too much. I get to hit with it tomorrow at least since my coach won't have my racket restrung by tomorrow. I'm afraid he's going to give me crap strings though. He gave my friend some terrible nylons for his racket. I need a nice bed of poly (of course I'll take the kevlar and synthetic hybrid but that's for varsity only). Tempted to buy a...
Is that what people say when talking about vaping?
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