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I CAN'T STOP STARING BACK.   Whaaaat. I want, although my current ODAC doesn't have any of the described issues so really no need. Still waiting for JDSLabs's O2 V2.
+1 Though I rarely come on anymore. :( For me there's just very little to comment. Like what am I supposed to say about Fate/Stay Night ufotable remake? There's nothing to say (in a good way). Well, nothing but Brave Shine by Aimer is amazing.
Derailing faster than the speed of light... Basically our thread specialty. :) I mean, you didn't see the OP statement, George? 
+1 Using stationary as weapons is always really cool (*cough*Senjougahara*cough*).
More dumb and dense than I expected tbh.
@DanMachi 6: too annoying. Bell is too dense.
I have this weird Gatchaman ~ In the name of Love and Ping Pong Circulate crossover playing in my head.
I feel like it's an odd blend of Tiger and Bunny along with Rolling Girls. It's fun to watch.
Just binged Gatchaman Crowds. Liked it quite a bit.
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