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But we actually use it. That's the difference. 
Wait, you're going Linux or just dual booting? Edit: or file storage?
Just about. Pacing is something they got right though. For anime like this I like Mushishi styled pacing (only use Mushishi since it's the first anime I've seen that makes this kind of pacing extremely obvious) where its 1 incident per episode.
Feed me!   Sad part is that I didn't have ramen when I went to Japan.   Didn't know who Galaco's voice provider would be.
Okay, decent episode. Not happy about how much they intend to sexualize women.
Only 1 minute into Rail Wars Ep2 and really?! STOP WITH THE OPPAI SHENANIGANS.   Even butt shenanigans now.
I didn't know this forum even had rankings for groups. Actually, before this, I basically forgot we had a group since I (and probably quite a few of us) have never really used it, so...have fun?  That will probably pass us unless there are almost no other Toronto residents left that are still active on this website. +1 This, by an enormous margin last time I checked. XD Not that it really matters to us anymore since just being part of that ride was a great time. *bowei...
That face in the last one. Priceless. XD
This. Felt really nice to watch.
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