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Really wish vector monitors were a thing.
"Like Guilty Crown but worse!" XD Guilty Crown had promise and then it threw itself off a cliff, just like how Zankyou No Terror wrung itself dry. Both were promising but ended up disappointing. At least Zankyou No Terror still looked fantastic and was still half decent, only that it was a wash, rinse, repeat thing with the plot which dried up in about 4-5 episodes.
Didn't realize Nagi had an album out in December. Fantastic. 
Ahhh, okay. My bad.
Meat?     If you haven't watched Hanamonogatari and don't want spoilers, don't watch that video.
I think H97 allows for SLI/CFX? Single card definitely plays much nicer with many games and drivers. Flagship 390X (single gpu) card already confirmed to have a liquid cooler on it so these cards are going to be rather inefficient again. Not happy with AMD right now. Maxwell is destroying them, mobile and desktop right now. Also I don't really think that matters too much (memory bandwidth) looking at the current situation (256-bit on the 970 vs 512-bit on the 290 and 290X...
Because SFF ftw.
He has 2x7XXX cards he needs to CF.
Yeah I'd wait for now. Not like you'll have that much time to play games right now compared to the summer.
*tells barber not to cut off sideburns* *continues to do so anyways*   /rant   My haircut from 30 minutes ago.
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