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Wait, what? I got hints of that in the OP. Well, we'll see where this goes. Meh. Same...kind of. Really only like Shinoa right now because she's the only amusing one. Fate/Stay Night UBW Episode 15: Well, just like I predicted. There really wasn't much of a fight there. Pretty dark... It wasn't even a prediction. I've already read everything that happens on the wiki. 
lol Dead Master still wins by a long shot, at least the old one (without glasses. Glasses ruined the look). Feelings about this series are lukewarm now. Getting bored over here. Same goes for Gunslinger Stratos.
I just keep playing that baseball scene on repeat.  Oh, and the Angel exercise.
I can watch Shirobako's Angel Dance forever. It's like watching Araragi do Platinum Disco.
On the last episode of Shirobako. So good! So happy I felt like I needed to watch something.   Rinko Ogasawara confirmed coolest female character I've seen.
Agreed. Personality is colored in all the wrong ways. Episode 3 has some very dumb decisions in there.  [[SPOILER]]
+1. I was hoping it would be half decent since episode 2 showed some sort of promise (barely tbh). And Loli-big-boobs clearly. Pixiv is littered with works of Hestia. It's disgusting. Newest Assassination Classroom (episode 13) was really good. Back to watching Shirobako and studying for ACTs. :P  [[SPOILER]]
+1 Props to the team behind Shirobako. At the same time, screw them because my blood pressure is through the roof.
Just started watching Shirobako and wow, I want to punch Takanashi.
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