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Curious...really curious. GoldenEars Korea just put up their results for the TE-07. It looks like a higher amplitude version of the XBA-100 or Final Audio Design Heaven II. IIRC 10 dba peak from neutral somewhere in high mids or low highs so...somewhat bright? Loudness up to midbass builds up and then suddenly drops then has that excess treble. I keep hearing the TE-05 is nice though.
It has a slightly generic feel to it for me for some reason.  [[SPOILER]]
Etotama 1: Um...feels pretty generic.
I'm not sure I want to watch that. Looks boring.
I almost feel deprived right now because I think every show I'm following right now airs Saturday...I can't survive. :P
I couldn't take how ridiculous the plot was. But it seems like it's pretty solid, outside of your pedophile virus and watching the world burn then everything else seems fine.
Don't worry, I did too.
I've played on a few regular grands for piano performances but the concert grand was at some music culture festival thing that was going on in Shanghai at the time and my family had nothing better to do at the time so we just went there. The Steinway was just sitting there and people were allowed to play it so I just played a piece I was learning at the time (I don't remember but it wasn't a piece I was very fond of, unfortunately). But yeah, lots of expensive instruments...
Wait, Angel Beats VN?Oh gosh, I played on a Steinway concert grand and it felt amazing. The thing was over a hundred grand.+1 Would love to hear them sing live.I've never been so glad I've learned piano now. Although I've stopped taking lessons since my piano teacher has just recently moved away to his family's place due to cancer. (-_-") My condolences to him. I need to play in my spare time a few pieces I want to play.Lol.
Eh, depends on what I watch. Some anime give me the feeling of re-evaluating my life or doing nothing.
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