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What's with all the rack talk. (O_O)
The FHD panels I think have near sRGB coverage but they use PWM backlighting. The UHD displays are also sRGB I think but they don't use PWM for backlighting. Notebookcheck.net saw something like 360~ Hz for the PWM flickering.
+1 We broke Huddler too many times.
No I think it's the release of gas from the synovial fluid from the fibrocartilage discs in my spine (aka just like cracking your knuckles/neck/back). Cracking it for the first time can leave it a bit sore.Probably. :P Probably 4-6 hours using the UHD model, closer to 5-7 hours on the QHD model.
Yup. OCN is Overclock.net. There's Overclockers.com, Overclockers.uk and Overclockers.com.au and a few other ones. OCN might be the most active forum, then followed by Hardforum and Overclockers. All great communities. Hardforum is the place to go if you want to discuss SFF builds though. Home of the NCASE.
K, looks like that's my new title now. XDLOL. Reference status achieved. We did have some issues with hidden post/page breaking awhile ago because we posted so often in this thread near the beginning of it's conception. People would post and you could see the preview in the thread subscriptions page but it linked to an invisible page. XD Thank you for the confirmation. :DYeah pretty sure we did. The Huddler gods have noticed us. "Notice me Senpai" has worked for once. :PDo...
$1,199.99 to upgrade from the base 128GB PCIe SSD to a 256GB one. That's a pretty freaking fantastic value right there. You get a nice 13.7 mm thick laptop with a 2560x1440 sRGB (my guess based on 70% AdobeRGB, don't know the exact #s from AdobeRGB to sRGB, so it might be below sRGB coverage) Sharp IGZO panel, 8GB RAM, i7-6500U, and what seems to be a very large touchpad. The keyboard looks very nice and has a good layout with good backlighting. You can only complain about...
No she's a high school 2nd year. But I think Japan has 3 year high schools instead of 4 years? So in the US she would be the equivalent of a junior in high school. Pretty sure the elementary kids in the first ep said "oh hey there's some high school students fighting a phantom" and then she later introduces herself as a second year.It was all fun and games until I heard my spine crack and soreness for the next few days. No it was pretty fun to hang out w/ my friends again....
@Musaigen no Phantom World 1: Uhhhhh...Kirby reincarnated as a high school freshman?
I'm just wondering if they'll release Linux drivers for the XPS 15. There's no Project Sputnik version of it that will appear anytime soon.
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