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Haha, that's basically it.
No Linux is extremely usable. Everybody else is just used to using Windows. It's not like Linux is hard to use neither are there not enough programs out there. There's more than enough for most people: web browser (chrome or chromium, firefox for popular ones), word processor (LibreOffice, does everything Word does although going from .otf to .docx had some weird formatting quirks a few years ago, Google Docs is also awesome, although some people live off of integration w/...
Consistency would be weird if you switched randomly between the two.
No, the full version is what I mean. They'll probably change the chibi version to match the new bust. But like I said before, she looks much more like a queen instead of a princess now.
I liked the old one better. She looks much older w/ the new one to be somebody out there looking for an adventure. She looks more like a queen now than a princess.  Also not a fan of the new ears. They look a little too long and thin.
Haven't played Default (not going to anytime soon since I don't have a 3DS). More excited for Project Phoenix but progress has seemed to slow down really far.
Or the American govt. was not happy with the idea that it was about terrorism. :POhhh, okay.
Nope. Didn't see it on HorribleSubs or Animetake or Nyaa or a bunch of other places. Either it's mid-anime break (as quite a few anime do) or the Anime Anti-Piracy Act actually worked.
GTX980 (apparently they're skipping 800 naming on desktops to catch up with laptop GPUs? link, although it's a rumor so take it w/ a grain of salt) or whatever it's called is slated for September (19th is what I saw). The rest of the new Maxwell cards should be coming during October/November-ish since it's usually flagships + top tier cards first, and then low tier cards. 850 Ti or 950 Ti might just be a Kepler rebrand, so fingers crossed it isn't.
I was so looking forward to today.
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