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Huh. I'll take a look at it.
Which one?
The thing is they're probably going to be unsure of a high school student's skills and demand training.
Ooooo. I'll keep that in mind. Meh. I sent emails to Reboot Computers and Dynamic Alliance. Not really optimistic about this. I don't think they'd be very happy thinking about a high school student working in their company with no accessible background. Really wish there was a Fry's or Microcenter around here. Would be great to have a job there. *sigh*
I'm lazy, and you expect me to go outside? Anyways, the only one I remember seeing is the random place labelled Computer Lab near all the car dealers (says its an Apple Authorized Dealer. Place looks pretty fishy). No, it's Nyaa~ but that's just about how it would go. You could probably imagine the guy talking to me and then some ellipses appear between the both of us followed by crow noises. Edit: Yelp was a bit meh. Yellowpages seems a bit more useful.
I refused to apply for McDonalds. I've only applied for clerk positions at Stop and Shop so far since I basically only have to go around and stock stuff up and clean, no talking w/ people. I tried and they keep on thinking I haven't done anything. I've went quite a couple classes into the Harvard EdX CS50x course and now I'm looking at the MIT one instead. Tbh I really haven't enjoyed programming like I wish I could have. It feels like learning Spanish to me. I went with...
Is there one around here? If you say Best Buy, I'm going to kill you. Going in there feels like I'm surrounded by idiots (there's usually that one guy who actually knows what he's doing though and when he's trying to market the stuff there he looks like he's in pain). Anyways, thinking about watching Jinsei because it's been awhile since I've watched a SoL. Don't see anybody subbing that though.
At least you don't have anybody to bug you. My parents don't want me sitting in the house (nothing wrong with not wanting your kid to do that) but want me to get a job at Stop & Shop and McDonalds (WHY?!). Not very happy with them right now. At this point I don't feel like doing anything when they're home.
Agreed. It seems more like a comedy right now. They couldn't make Tatsumi a bit more likable? Or it's possibly my dislike of naive, pompous boys.
Akame Ga Kill 1: Lolwut?   Pretty good, I guess. MC wasn't all that likable for me at first. Still not sure what to think of him. Story is a bit dark otherwise (IMO quite normal though).
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