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As far as battery is concerned, Dell released a firmware update for the XPS 15 that fixed a battery drain issue. If you have the 84Whr battery and 1080p display model, your battery life should be in the double digits. Maybe 16-20 hours idle, if not longer. Does your SSD have more storage than his? Write speed in SSDs scale as you add more NAND chips since it fragments the data among the chips which allows for much faster access (which is why you should never defragment a...
Yeah that X1 Carbon 2nd gen I had awesome support for it. Just don't really like ThinkPad design anymore.
I'm not sure I'm getting the XPS 15, but at the very least the Linux support for the XPS 15 will be partially there since it shares some drivers with the XPS 13 I assume, at least with things such as the touchpad. Still considering the new Samsung ATIV Book 9's (not the Pros) and putting Linux onto that right now since I don't need the 960M too much in college, at least that's what I'm thinking for now since I do want a SFF build to bring with me.
Wait you think I'm going to run Windows on it? XD Arch + GNOME 3.
Pictures or it didn't happen. :P
Yeah I wish I could have gotten that. Especially since I'll need to be looking for a laptop for college soon.
At the same time, GEEK REJOICE! Very few know the secrets of refurbished. :D
There really aren't limitations to refurb products. They basically make it so it's brand new and, since they can't resell it as new, slap on a lower price tag. I'm pretty sure we've heard horror stories about refurb, used, and new products. Refurb and new are generally the same (few exceptions) so any argument saying refurb is worse than new is probably from a result of confirmation bias. Worst case scenario: refurbished products were used for 30 days and the conditions...
What the heck is that supposed to be? (-_-")
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