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It happened for a bit once...I'd prefer not to go there again.
Just a warning, please hide NSFW content like that trap pic. Thanks.
Whaaat, I don't remember that. But I binged the monogatari series so too much goodness in too little time. That or the toothbrush scene drowned everything else out.
Were they the ones who did the "Even gayer swimming!" in the OP sequence? LOL. That was fast. Teen Titans was actually one of those kids shows I thought was pretty good. The only other ones I could actually sit down and watch were Fairly Odd Parents, Phineas and Ferb (yeah, start poking fun at me), Regular Show, and Adventure Time, not that it matters because I don't have cable anymore.
I just don't like the design of Windows. Microsoft's design team needs to get their philosophy cleaned up and better thought out. Now that I've done more "research" on design (mostly studying the story of Dieter Rams and his influence on design) I actually don't like the direction Google is going with Material Design. I do like the idea that software UI and UX experience should behave in a pleasant way but its mostly their use of color. Their idea is that content is should...
I feel like stuff like this is the reason I want to switch to Linux. It's basically "Okay, we got something new. Now throw your money at us" with every big release, but it's business so you can't expect much.
Firefox is nice too. I use both. Not exactly sure how far Chrome can reach because...*cough*Google*cough*.
Just about any computer I've seen in China is enough to make me shudder. Although, I could say the same with a lot of computers I've seen in America from classmates or family, but you can't expect them to know any better (although in this day and age, at least the children and teenagers should at least know how to not get viruses while browsing and that obviously is not something that's true because too many people are ignorant and lazy to find out how the things they use...
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