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I thought I talked about EdX a few times already. Taking the Linux course right now. OCW isn't as noob friendly. EdX is like getting into basic stuff and MIT's OpenCourseware rs the more advanced stuff. +1
I don't care, she's still terrifying.
Katanagatari: Yasuri is amazing and terrifying. You would be one heck of a masochist if you wanted to take her up as a girlfriend or waifu, or even an imouto.
I go from finishing an anime where a person who's normal doesn't like being called normal (SZS) to a "not normal" (more of blank canvas) guy who doesn't care about being called normal (katanagatari). What is this madness.
Just finished episode 1 of Katanagatari. Liking it a lot.
That describes basically all of Monogatari.
Ready to marathon Katanagatari. 
This is why I don't like people. It's always parents who do this. A lot of parents have problems with their children being right and them being wrong with annoys me.
Does sennheiser still sell that?
Also, which el cheapo Rosewills? Because the capstones, fortress, and tachyons are all extremely good performing units (and apparently Hive units too).
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