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Good evening. I'm Illya von Einzbern. Die.
Wat.   Edit: ohhhh.
Can't do that with sushi (rolls) since everything just falls apart. With sashimi, sure.
I don't think it's bad by any means. I love all of the gatari series.
[[SPOILER]] Awesome episode though.
Apparently not, not that talking is a bad thing (looking at you gatari series). Newest Mushishi is kind of hypnotizing. Also reminds me the feelings of deja-vu I've been having a lot of ever since high school freshman year.
Daaamn, newest F/SN UBW was awesome as usual. I didn't expect a full 20 minute fight though.   Makes up for no fight last episode though.   Awesome! Kizumonogatari though...
Agreed. Zankyou no Terror's was great too. Those are the only two I could probably watch through every episode.Looks like I need to pick up more stuff. (-_-")XDAgreed. Interesting nonetheless.(TT-TT) Bring me with you. Give me an address and I'll ship myself in a box.   Wat?   So I'm assuming 4 Gamecube controllers + 4 Wiimotes. I doubt it's 8 Wiimotes.
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