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They do seem like they're still intact. WD hasn't done much to them.
RAID0 will give you no worthwhile performance gain. SSDs are plenty fast enough already. Get the EVO 250GB.This. So the TLC vs MLC and SLC argument is really a moot point. The tested workloads here were much more than you would normally do. You already get 20+ years with 256GiB NAND at 10GiB writes per day which is way above what most of us do. Getting the 840 EVO makes much more sense...
It was amazing at first but it showed everything the plot had to offer in the first few episodes. Watching it later became a little bit of a chore just to cross off on my to-do list.   It's kind of like a Guilty Crown except it was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe so it had a lot more expectations to live up to.
Yay! JDSLabs O2/ODAC combo just arrived! Beautiful unit.   Didn't expect the channel imbalance at low volumes to be as noticeable but no big issue.
We are not having this conversation here.
My mother gave me the credit card and then I played the waiting game watching the number of buyers go up and down in the group buy. I just happened to be really lucky. K612 or the MA900 imported from Japan.
Keep trying to pay every time you see somebody drop from the buying list. That's what I did and I got a Christmas shipment. Somebody else in Massdrop discussion did too.
Didn't check the Foobar plugin list for a VST plugin but are there multiple ones? Or is VST already built in? Going to skip "burn in". I don't think anything of it.Get that and the cheap Zalman clip-on mic or the Antlion Mod Mic 4.0.
Ahhh, alright. Massdrop just responded about the open Mid-December 2014 shipping spot and it looks like I got it. Somebody pulled out from the original 2000 and I was fortunate enough to get that spot. Looks like I will have the headphones to listen to over winter break.
I don't care anymore because I was able to get a sub-2000 spot unless it's a bug. Contacted support just to check. I saw 2 people drop from the group buy and went to go pay and I was able to choose Mid-December 2014 but it was at 2281 drops so...I'm confused.
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