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Nobody needs to know.  
I'll take it. You should be home. I can go over this weekend.
Welcome back!   ProtonMail needs to add new servers faster. 
Really? I grew up with them and then just stopped using them. I haven't seen one for the past couple years.
I think it was something about iambic being the most natural stressed/unstressed pattern in English or something, although most words start with the accent on the first syllable so when asking to pronounce things from foreign languages like Japanese, their pronunciations always baffle me. It's kind of like when I hear people say Naruto. The "ru" part is always stressed and gives this really weird sound. I don't think greeting cards are used at all, at least from my...
Currawong, you watching? We do need that temporary lock at times. Wish Huddler had some more powerful features for thread creators to limit content.
I have it disabled for everything except rep or @ references so...yeah. Also: I call dibs on the idea.
Stamper = win. One of the reasons I love Battleblock Theater. Also, don't forget using a bunch of black square to hide it from the "Recent Images in this Thread" feed.
Last time I checked there were only around 12 upvotes. Did not realize how high it got.   Objective is an awesome documentary on design. I'd watch it even if you don't plan on going into design because it really gets you to think about how things around you were designed, whether it be a spoon or a fork to your phones to the websites and software you look at.
8000. Yay!
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