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It's like people who like tentacle hentai and such. The world may never know.
What? Katanagatari?
Jinsei Ep 1: what...what the heck is this.
Excuse me, you expect puberty to hit me? And if it hit me by now it would be a brick wall that would kill me in an instant. It was called Bodyguards and Assassins or something.
tbh I much prefer these Chinese movies over what I find in America these days. They're extremely good.
So I just watched the last 20 minutes of a Chinese film on the entire communist vs revolutionaries thing (Chinese movies about the past are always about this or Japan's invasion of China). That was the most depressing thing I've seen as of late. So much death and sadness concentrated into 20 minutes.
That song's MV had waaay too much controversy around it. Song is good, MV is going over the line slightly.
Didn't somebody post this awhile back? I was thinking about it but turns out I already have a account tied to my e-mail that I can't access (I don't ever remember making this account) so I just gave up on it.
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