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@TYG: this is a really long death scene.  [[SPOILER]]
It's just an online course by the Linux Foundation for learning Linux. They've provided the option of an online certificate like all EdX courses do. There's really no point in it imo. Possibly. Microsoft has certification if I remember correctly.
There's no point in the certification. So long as you know how to use it you'll be good. The course is really easy for the 1st half though. The commands are difficult to remember without practicing often or using it everyday so you'll need to have an installation. They don't exactly teach you everything since each kernel may use different package managers. Ex. Pacman uses different commands than apt (forgot what apt stood for. Advanced packaging tool?).
LOL. This is flawless.
[[SPOILER]] Edit: Huh...she's probably my favorite character so far though.
Yasuri Absolutely horrifying.
This. Black Hanekawa ftw.
Get a Wacom tablet, or a nice mouse. 
I thought I talked about EdX a few times already. Taking the Linux course right now. OCW isn't as noob friendly. EdX is like getting into basic stuff and MIT's OpenCourseware rs the more advanced stuff. +1
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