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Ha, I'm not the only one.
Do they refer to him directly? IIRC direct referral usually meant a punishment of some sort. Probably remembering this wrong then. On the topic of DIY, I really want to transplant Q701 or K612 Pro drivers into this K7XX to make a Q7XX or a K6XX of some sort. Then again it would be easier to just buy a Q701 and then just buy a replacement headband. Keep on hearing the K612 Pro soundstage actually has a center unlike the rest of the 700 headphones. I don't know. Maybe I'll...
Alright, no talking about "he-who-shall-not-be-named". We don't need any locking or banning.   @Faye: you will not be. 
Can't stop listening. I don't listen to Nagi enough.
Yup. I just want something to spice it up a little since it clearly has nothing else much going for it. Agreed. Not as many antagonists as expected. I expected it to be mainly Martians vs Humans. Looks like it isn't. This.
Aldnoah.Zero Ep 17: lots of short clips. Not sure what to think of that. Excited for next episode though...if only Ufotable animated the scene I'm expecting...   @Rozenberg: We don't know what ability is Kataphrakt has though. We'll see.
Mhmmm. Used mostly Notebookcheck. CPU performance is, IMO, good enough...for now. Improvements from Sandy to Haswell/Broadwell were more efficiency based than just raw IPC based. I know a lot of people haven't found justification to upgrade from a 2600K.That Maxtor is still alive?!
I don't even know where to stop with the amount of stupid I'm reading. At least Anandtech was more creditable.   It's fine to compare as long as you cover games that are optimized for both. Example: Anandtech has an enormous spectrum of games it tests to get a nice average. Also, that's still quite a large frame difference in the Youtube video you posted (don't like Youtube videos, no credibility and unreliable. TekSyndicate video benchmarks with many youtube...
Do we have a new record? You know, not including that temporary thread lock...
Excuse me? 980M is still quite far behind a 290X and the i5-4690K is quite faster than an i7-4700MQ. I'm not sure where you're pulling your numbers from but they sound skewed.
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