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This basically states that if you run a 1440p monitor above 81Hz (others are reporting above 96Hz) then your computer cannot boot, so basically you have to remove your OC then you can boot then reapply your OC every time you reboot. I assume at higher resolutions that refresh rate keeps dropping lower and lower. It's more annoying than just reapplying an OC profile every time you update drivers, this is possibly every day for some people (RIP for those who don't use sleep...
https://www.techpowerup.com/223669/geforce-gtx-pascal-faces-high-dvi-pixel-clock-booting-problems   Some people were accusing of NVIDIA pushing out Pascal as an on paper release just to get the early bird money and w/ how some of these issues are happening I'm honestly wondering. Hardware is fine but they seem to have rushed the BIOS/firmware causing some small problems that usually don't happen (fan revving now pixel clock issues).   Not a big deal but still an problem.
If you like SoL healing anime it'll be great.
Eh more like 3/5 to 2/3 depending on what scenario. But yeah price wise kind of. Lowest priced 970 is $250-270 which is readily available and then the GTX1070 goes for $550-$600 on average on eBay right now because that's the only way to get a card right now.
^ Interested in Vega moreso because we really have no idea as to how that will do. Big Pascal is just larger die from what I can tell so we already have a decent idea of what it will scale up to.
^ They go out of stock so fast every day seems like the rumors of Pascal's supply issues are probably real. Maybe the yields are just as bad as Fermi. There isn't a good reason to get a GTX1070 or 1080 for most people right now anyways since they're being sold at $100-$200 above their MSRP which is already a premium.
RX 480 is looking super enticing. 900 series cards just got a price cut from premium to still pretty damn expensive.
We could ask the same of the iTunes store /w certain listings only showing up in certain countries.
Kiznaiver end: It felt a bit rushed but still loved it.
Nice! :O Even gets rid of skype ads from what I see (probably same /w other platforms since it's a 3rd party client).  Kabaneri 11: Dang Ikoma looks badass now. Gives me a kind of Genos vibe. Looks like a cyborg and is always craving more power.
New Posts  All Forums: