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They made a bold claim a year ago saying Microsoft <3 Linux on one of their slides. XD I'm not lying.  Anyways, FINALLY, MULTIPLE WORKSPACES. WHERE THE FUDGE WERE YOU MICROSOFT. Metro still needs to die though. Live tiles almost feels like the new version of widgets (pretty sure those died in Win 8). Though I'm not going to lie, that weather tile is really pretty. Forecast.io should make a weather tile. :P
I don't know but from the looks of it, it's at least better combined. There are some parts that look like the metro app (the "main" settings panel) but quite a few of those links open up the current style of Control Panel up from what I've seen. If not I'm going to kill something because it's by far the worst decision Microsoft has made outside of Metro itself. I know they have a great designer on their XBox team from Art Center College of Design in Cali. They should bring...
Yeah I keep hearing stuff about Georgia Tech and other south schools regarding crime. Hopefully I get my #1 and #2 choice. Basically. At least they finally got their schiit together with the double control panel garbage...I think.
I'm kind of liking the automatic driver updates concept because now I don't have to get AMD Gaming Evolved or set up a task to run the update check for AMD's own driver download software to get the latest drivers. Same w/ NVIDIA and GeForce Experience. They really should have abandoned that logo though. It's going to bring some bad memories back to people. Last time I heard the stigma against IE was strong enough that even though IE11 and 12 were really strong browsers,...
They're going in the OS X and Linux/Unix styled direction where updates are free (so for OS X, any revision, for Linux, kernel updates). They did boldly say awhile ago that Microsoft <3 Linux (there was a freaking slide dedicated to that). Win 10 seems really well done, but it looks like this ThinkPad can't have it yet. Not sure about my desktop because that's all the way in the US right now so I can't do anything about that. And wow, a day with blue skies in Shanghai for...
See? Therefore we weren't even paying attention and thinking about something else. :PIunno, still dirt cheap. The greatest scene I've seen. Music was perfect, art was perfect. I just melted into butter during that scene. Yeah basically. Their ATIV ultrabooks aren't very well advertised and they're generally more expensive than the rest from what I've seen. They have a gorgeous design though. Eh, I normally don't notice. I'm usually at my desktop anyways.
Yeah. They just happen to be uber cheap. Curious about the Piston 3's though.  It's okay it left our minds w/ yuri dreams. Pretty sure many of us were waving around our hands like excited little girls. XD I still see some remnants of it so...yes. I remember Samsung advertising in their 15" Series 9 ultrabook some Wolfson chips and whatnot. Got me a bit interested... I'm okay with the J-cord. It normally doesn't bother me.
LOL. This is capital expenditure so I'm returning it after I'm done. It's a refurb 2nd Gen and this "smart" function row is horrible. Headphone out circuitry is gawd awful...that or I've been spoiled by my O2/ODAC too much. Nope. Filterless MH1C is still doing wonders.
Make sure you have a GoPro strapped to yourself or a friend taking a video when it happens. I want to know what happens... I'm not that dark at all lol. I haven't gotten any tanner since the winter. It's just this X1 Carbon Gen 2 webcam is so bad (like all laptop webcams) I look stupid dark in the photo. Iunno the Pistons are already dirt cheap over here. Only like $10. Yup, though QC is still pretty bad for Xiaomi from what I've been hearing on the streets (and some...
Ask who made this sig. I don't know how. Also it's $4 cheap, not $600 cheap. :P
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