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Wait, bowei, you can't excommunicate. I'm the owner. (O_O)
http://www.play-asia.com/one-punch-man-original-soundtrack/13/709epj   Looks like Tuesday 10:00 AM for me is hype hour.
I don't either, since we get a new standard every 2 years or so, if not every year. We can be a bit optimistic for sockets though because looking at Intel's pinout changes, they're adding and removing very few pins. So either Zen+ (Zen's future variants as coined by AMD) keeps the same pinout OR the AM4 socket contains extra holes for extra pins in the future. That will break backwards compatibility so it would most likely be the former. They might switch around each pin's...
Wooooow. I'm quite jealous of his skills.
PTE is comparable among mice from 4-5 years ago probably. The PWM3310 is much, much newer and it's widely used. It's a very good optical sensor. I think it's moving onto the 3360 now (3366 still seems to be exclusive to Logitech right now). The 3320 seemed to have been skipped over because I think I only heard of one mouse that uses it (can't remember it).
I think it was the RAT 3 that has a 3090 in it which is decent. One thing lots of people complain about is stuff like smoothing, angle snapping, or acceleration because that's something that's huge for people who play video games that require high precision. There's a reason why the majority of mice fanatics right now are all going optical over laser. Edit: just realized I said PWM3010 instead of PWM3310....
Haven't seen $300 rubber domes. But hey! We have $200 topres! (those are actually worth every penny though for some. I think topres are really nice for general use)Hm...laser... Yeah lots of people like linear switches for gaming. I don't understand how they type though with those.
Keep RMAing or get a full refund.   Usually Corsair doesn't have issues as far as QC goes. This is interesting.   There was something about them lying about the amount of colors the keyboard could put out though because somebody did a teardown and found the LED controller that could support nowhere near 16.8M colors.   It's not a big deal but it did tarnish their reputation a bit.
Didn't see the fit part. Phillips Twin Eye sensor is probably the worst you can get though. XD Yes but $200 on a mouse is just plain retarded. Even the current best mouse right now (all around) can't even get past $100. If it's above $100 it's probably a scam. G502 is probably only $80 or so, and that's probably the most expensive well-regarded mouse out there right now.
Well on paper the best sensors are the PWM3366 > S3988/S3989 > PWM3310 > rest.   And considering only the G502 and the G303 are the only ones w/ a PWM3366, there's your best mice sensor wise.   The PWM3310 and S3988/9 depend on how well they're used. Some firmwares make them have horrible smoothing and others don't. The Mionix Castor, Naos 7000, and Avior 7000 have good implementations of the 3310. I think it's the Roccat Kone Pure Military has a good implementation of...
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