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Sounds about like user reviews from...most places. Mostly pc part stores. XD
That's fine. The main purpose of this thread was drowned out by the derailing a loooong time ago. 
lol, nice description.
What...why are there women and men in the wrong sections? Shiro and Sora are definitely #1. 
My bad. Unfortunately Huddler makes it so you can't have all your quotes show up in the reply box until you select another quote and hit "quote" instead of "multi quote" so I accidentally left yours in. I don't really know of any websites. Although this is a good chance to update the OP w/ more resources.
Agreed. It was holding up decently and then anything left fell into shambles after episode 10. O.O What the...
No idea. I'm surprised that wasn't one thing Apple fanboys started complaining about. Instead they start complaining about Google's new cards styled app switching/multitasking that looks similar to how Safari is in iOS 7. Still, I really love Google's new "Material Design" philosophy. Google's current UI and UX efforts are kind of like the best from both Apple and Microsoft. You could say Microsoft was the first to use the flat design in phones (WP7 was before Android...   Haha! Yes!
Meh, if I liked cars, sure. Edit: Can't find 1-3 of 000#: a galaxy odyssey.   Edit: Song 7 in 0004:a galaxy odyssey sounds really familiar. It sounds like some Nintendo song or another Vocaloid song I've heard before.
You could probably use one as a bedroom. Just fit a mattress into the back 2 rows of seats.
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