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OLEDs are the ones that suffer from blue pixel degredation. Regular LEDs don't really have that issue. At this point there's little to no reason to get anything but Coolermaster's Costar-OEM based boards since they're dirt cheap compared to all of the other mechanicals and seem to have fixed the pinging issue that plagued Filco keyboards (even though they use the same Costar OEM board). The only other time you'd probably get another board is if you want Gateron switches or...
QC on peripherals for them is pretty meh. QC on their RAM and PSUs are pretty good.
The sound they use for the episode title after the OP sounds like something from an older Mario Party game.
I don't think JDI makes remotely enough AMOLED panels compared to Samsung.   Still waiting for QLED. OLED inherently makes for short lived designs because of lifespan issues with the organic compound in them. I think the 1/2 life is about 7 years now so it's arguable that it's fine now but it still requires calibration fairly often though.
IIRC they've had it for a long time now. True Tone flash is just their fancy name for a dual-tone flash. Multi-tone flashes are pretty common nowadays. Newer iPhones I think use 4 LEDs but it's still just 2 different warmth LEDs so it's just brighter. It might just be the processing power necessary is a bit heavy although considering the use of dual-tone flashes is mostly for color balance which is usually only corrected in post processing it shouldn't be too big of a...
Get one of the "Destroy Windows 10 Spying" things. Those are just a small executable that deletes/blocks some stuff related to telemetry. There are certain ones that support Backup/Restore functionality so I'd double check that if you need it.
It's honestly not that surprising of an acquisition. Samsung is pretty good at chopping off divisions that they will see dropping in value (ex. hard drive division, but that's mostly prompted by the fact that they were dominant in the flash storage market, and still are, and knew that, or suspected that, flash would run HDDs into the ground). I think audio makes sense because they have a huge gamble on IoT and smarthome stuff. A good portion of that is audio products. They...
Wait you were supposed to share the glories of the orgasmic packaging state of the books.
Ah so at least not full length animes. I was going to say, that's 18 hours of anime a week (36x30min eps), around 2.5-2.6 hours per day so...5 episodes a day?
Wait you're following 36 airing series? dafuq
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