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It's literally a regular USB stick with a cylinder shaped piece of extruded aluminum that's painted or anodized black around it.
Fall 2014 charts in OP.
More usable desktop area.
IIRC there's 2 tests per academic year, one in the fall (with PSATs) and one in the spring (just SATs). I also need to prepare for at least 3 SAT subject tests but that shouldn't be a problem (probably chemistry, physics, math I, and math II). A few of them I can take during the spring since the material on it should be similar to the AP tests so I should have a good idea of what's on the subject tests.
Linux can be #1 for daily use too depending on how you configure it. OS X is nothing more than a UNIX branchoff like Linux so they operate quite similarly.
It's not like I have a job or a life. Just some summerwork and SAT prep I should really do.
Haven't watched either. I don't want to do anything anymore after watching that ending.
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