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+1 That was a really sad episode. (TT-TT)
Hm, anybody know why my Windows 10 update keeps failing? I see it installing updates every 10 minutes after it checks for it and failing it. I have an upgrade USB ready just in case though.     It doesn't show it b/c I forced a check but it was at 4:00 when it auto checked.
Curved back I'm not sure about. Current profiling is fine. And that was a freaking beautiful HTC One M9 concept. When I saw that spreading like wildfire before the crappy release I was really hyped for the M9. Then I saw the actual one on release and was like...yuck.
Yup. Aluminum is too soft. :( That part I'm aware of b/c the sensors are generally pretty big if you want that high quality of a camera. Stupid thin race ruining everything. Z3+/Z4's grille looks best IMO. It kind of blends in w/ the seam between the glass and frame. Here's hoping the Z5 keeps that along with the rounded frame adopted from the Z3 (not that I see no reason it shouldn't). From what I've seen the rounded frame isn't hard to hold at all b/c it has such a big...
All that's left to do now is wait for the Xperia Z5, though apparently rumors have said that Sony has fallen prey to the big screen game and it's going to be 5.5" from the 5.1/5.2" size...hopefully that's not true.
I blame Nokia for doing this. They were the really obvious example from what I remember.
That's because of how it's basically become a useless marketing tool now, but the people who are in these companies are "designing" a product, not the consumers who look at "design" and say "wow...I should buy that." Anyways as far as Microsoft is concerned, it doesn't really have much room to throw around some fancy effects and whatnot because Apple and Google have taken their design much more seriously. It's not form over function or form follows function. Form and...
Probably. That's what I thought after seeing that article awhile ago. I was like: "Hm...which companies have really bad design b/c of something like this?" They don't exactly have a culture built around design though. They seem more industrial. Google and Apple on the other hand have design at the core of their work. The main difference I see between Apple/Google and Microsoft is the color palette. I highly dislike the color palette used in Metro. It's mostly dark color...
They made a bold claim a year ago saying Microsoft <3 Linux on one of their slides. XD I'm not lying.  Anyways, FINALLY, MULTIPLE WORKSPACES. WHERE THE FUDGE WERE YOU MICROSOFT. Metro still needs to die though. Live tiles almost feels like the new version of widgets (pretty sure those died in Win 8). Though I'm not going to lie, that weather tile is really pretty. Forecast.io should make a weather tile. :P
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