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Does AA or higher res add more load? I know there's different AA algorithms but I don't remember which one caused more performance hits (of course, it depends on your GPU since AMD cards fare well with higher resolutions in most cases compared to NVIDIA as far as I've seen). Anyways, 4K on monitors and TVs makes sense but phones? Wut?
I'm sorry, but are you a ****ing idiot? One product is aimed at one market and is stuck with one model #. As far as I've seen, companies don't use identical models and label them as two separate products as far as computers go. And don't argue about chip architectures and such (ex. FM2/FM2+ Athlons which are basically APUs with the iGPU disabled/lasered to death or Xeons which are basically i7's with no iGPU or with a different iGPU). That's different.
And the fight continues! Anyways, I guess it depends on what you count as a rebrand. Basically all of Corsair's PSUs are rebrands of power supplies from their respective OEM (Seasonic and a one or two other companies IIRC). I guess you could also say the same for RAM (since they usually use chips from other companies).
@TYG: Noragami's latest was also very nice.
Space Dandy Ep 5 was really really nice. Good heartwarming story and a great break from all the randomness.
It makes sense but only to a certain point. You have phone manufacturers playing the stupid resolution race right now. Who need QHD on a phone screen? Why not start making 1080p panels for $500 laptops then? We're pretty tired of the crappy resolution at those prices. And if you haven't realized yet, the GPU's in phone can run Angry Birds at 720-1080p much better than Intel's iGPU's can. XDXD
*sigh* I sometimes wonder if you're even listening to us. I quoted what I recommended again below.This, although I doubt there are going to be many future upgrades for an APU rig. Anyways, ditch the sound card unless you can really afford it, and go with one of the NZXT Source cases (210, 210 Elite, or 220). PSU I would hover around 400-500W since I doubt you're going to be upgrading this rig anytime soon.The question is why is he using this inexpensive rig for these...
Pffft, practice makes better.
8GB is plenty enough. I only recommend 16GB if you're running a few virtual machines (as in 2+, giving 4GB each). Usually hard to get a good PSU that is modular with your budget.
A8-7600 (run it in 65W mode; this thing will be released later Q1; $119?), some decent A78 or A88X motherboard (mATX or ATX; $50-70), 8GB RAM @ 1600MHz that has a reputation to be able to OC to 1866-2133 MHz ($50-70), Seagate/Hitachi/WD 500GB-1TB 3.5" HDD ($50-60), NZXT Source 220 ($30-50), SeaSonic S12II 430W or SeaSonic SSR-360GP 360W ($50-$54), some good inexpensive ODD. I don't know if you need the mouse and keyboard. Don't get the stupid LED lighting from Xoxide. At...
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