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Yay, new RT-AC56U set up. :D
Well, e-peen for a computer is limited by the best hardware currently available so there is a TEMPORARY cap on e-peen until the next generation arrives. Unless you have access to Intel/AMD/IBM/NVIDIA fabs and chip designs not yet released then I'll be reaaaaally jelly. Infinite e-peen for life.
There was some read or write speed bug that popped up a few months ago and has been fixed since then. Don't turn away from the 840 SSDs.
Current PC technology is capable of 4K so long as you use the more powerful cards in multi-card setups. Single cards? Forget it, but 4K gaming is feasible (some cards can do a few games at 4K with med-high settings).   But there's really no point to it IMO. Pixel density racing has gone full retard and is already way above what the human eye can discern.
That was with the 480's. 500 and above (so last 3 gens) NVIDIA has been king of power efficiency.
This. Very few keyboards with clears: WASD V2, KUL ES-87, Decks as far as I remember. There may be a few more but these are the big ones, and I'm not even sure Deck has their MX Clear board still. So basically WASD V2 CODE and KUL ES-87 only, although both are amazingly built. Main difference is the backlighting and stabilizers (WASD uses costar, KUL uses cherry. Clipped cherry stabs > costar stabs, though).
No, in recent lines NVIDIA has been the more power efficient (green if you want, no pun intended) of the two companies. Performance is a weird thing since, obviously, the two do well or horrendous depending on what is used to compare the two. NVIDIA has more complex shaders as far as I remember where as AMD uses a bunch more smaller weaker ones. NVIDIA is basically closer to your average CPU core and AMD is the zerg rush of shaders. Take this with a grain of salt since I...
The sad part is that it's completely accurate. XD
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