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Just binged ReLIFE; great series! Quite a nice relaxing show to watch, kind of fills the hole left by the absence of Flying Witch (feel is a bit more different but still relaxing).
Alright so I'll try to do some quick math. First let us assume that the amount of cores/shaders has an exact direct (linear) relationship to framerate. We'll look strictly at DX12 games and look 1440p resolutions for these games b/c there was some released RX 4XX naming scheme decoded thing that came out and the RX 480 is supposed to target 1440p gaming. These benches will be from TechPowerUp for Rise of the Tomb Raider and Anandtech for Ashes of the Singularity. I'll just...
ReLIFE 1: Looks pretty good, lets see how this goes.   Shokugeki no Souma S2 1: Nice and fast paced. I think it's quite good for the series. Looking forward to this one. Should be fun to see some of the parts animated b/c the manga really can't do some parts justice.
Considering it's somewhat confirmed that the 1060 will only have 6GB of VRAM (plently for the resolution it's aimed at) the 480's main selling point over it will be the extra 2GB of VRAM at the same price at the cost of efficiency and some performance.
https://www.techpowerup.com/223817/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-reference-board-design-and-clocks-confirmed So that picture from Hong Kong w/ the 1060 stock design was the real deal. Looks pretty bad IMO so hopefully the aftermarkets look better. But from the looks of it the RX 480 will only survive from its launch to the release of the GTX 1060 which will probably be very short lived. Most people who picked it up either bought into the hype or really needed a cheap 8GB card...
Basically. If Vega and Zen flop, AMD is forever dead.
I don't think he even touched the train. He just turned his hand into a nuke launcher. Anyways, I'm really confused what happened at the end.  [[SPOILER]]  But overall quite a meh ending. At least Shokugeki no Souma S2 is airing tomorrow.
Honestly the more I look at the RX 480 the more disappointed I am regarding its performance. 970 performance at $200 is fine for the masses but efficiency is pretty piss poor since the 1070 gets fairly close power draw yet is much much better in performance. If efficiency was higher then I'd have nothing to say but maybe that will be fixed with Vega.
Wonder if any aftermarkets will have a blower style. But yeah pretty impressive card for $200. Too bad the reference design blower looks nice but performs kind of poorly.
Hm just binge read all of Boku no Hero Academia that's currently out right now, this is fantastic stuff.
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