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Playing with GNOME some bit more and I'm starting to really, really like it now. Really tempted.   I've seen KDE looking really nice too (by default it looks really bad IMO) with a nice GTK+ theme but that's kind of it. Unity is closer to GNOME so I guess I like it more than KDE. Cinnamon is nice, again not the best looking by default but it has GTK+ theme support, I think. Haven't used MATE (GNOME 2 fork). Openbox is gorgeous (and has GTK+ theme support).   Haven't...
I thought you could do the same think with Microsoft Outlook.
You do not understand the sadness that happens in me when my computer can't even run a Ubuntu GNOME virtual machine (regular Ubuntu w/ Unity is a bit...slow).
It's generally a lot of stuff you don't need to know if you just want to be an everyday Linux user. If you're looking to get a job that involves a lot of work with linux, pay attention to it. I don't believe they cover many distro-specific stuff or package manager specific stuff (ex. a lot of distros use apt, the advanced packaging tool, but some distributions, notably Arch and Arch-based ones, use pacman instead) so it's mostly commands built into the kernel that are...
Come to the dark side.   I'm okay with GNOME but I like having only a single bar instead of a top information bar and a launcher elsewhere (so basically I don't like Unity, GNOME, etc. for that). It looks nice and all (especially GNOME's implementation) but I'm that "Less, but better" guy.
Zankyou no Terror Episode 5: Soooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood.
Played it for a bit and it was okay. Good for just passing time. The connection between their servers and you would crap out if you stayed on too long though and start introducing infinite amounts of latency between the two so you end up in lag hell.
750 Ti's go for $150 or less. You can get one for $120 right now given you're cool with $10-$20 MIRs (I hate MIRs).
Gigabyte employee just confirmed September.
850 Ti should be interesting. I like the idea of sub 75W cards still pushing 60+ frames at medium-high settings at 1080p.
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