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The Logitech G-Series 50% off Black Friday thing at Best Buy was a freaking steal. I got a G303 for $25. PWM3366 for $25 = epic steal. QC w/ Razer is all over the place, and Synapse (spyware, lets be honest) is very meh. Also some complaints with their integration of the S3988 and S3989 make me worried w/ things like smoothing. AM010 and PWM3366 are probably the rawest you can go w/ right now since Logitech is the only one that uses them and they don't turn on smoothing or...
If you're looking for a new mouse or a cheapo mechanical keyboard (like cheapo to a Kalih level): http://www.engadget.com/2016/01/13/all-razer-peripherals-and-accessories-are-half-off-thursday/
Oh no, we're going to get locked for 24 hrs again, if not forever. D:Ehhhh. I'm already thinking about the TZ70/ZS50 vs the HX90V, granted the HX90V is $30 more but they're probably the closest in competition. Photo quality wise the Lumix wins since it produces much less noise due to it's lower MP count (assuming both cameras are at the same ISO ofc).
He was talking about buying a camera for general and or professional use if the students really want to get into photography. The technology education teachers in this school know basically nothing about technology, so this isn't all that surprising.LOL.
I just heard the photography teacher say that the higher the MP count the better the camera. *cringes*
Thought of North Korea too.
Lol. I think there was somebody right before the area where the curb flattens out to meet the road so she had to do a sharper turn and back up in order to get out of the dead end there.
Wait, what? I didn't hear him laughing.Had to read it last year for English 11 AP. I honestly didn't like it all that much. 1984 was amazing to me though.I should probably go read Animal Farm.
Just finished reading George Orwell's 1984...fantastic and pretty depressing. (O_O)
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