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First episode of F/SN Remake lives up to the hype! Can't wait for the next one!  [[SPOILER]]
I just want that gamecube port to USB adapter and the new Smash-branded GCCs so I can use it on PC as soon as somebody makes a driver for that adapter and gives some sort of x-input or direct-input functionality. Not very happy with the 3rd party adapters I've seen.
Can't wait for episode 1 (some say 0 and 1 I guess) of F/SN reamke. :) Horriblesubs is going to have it up at 2:00 PM EST.
Just watched Korra Book 4 Episode 1, pretty good.
LOOOOOL. If you don't use it that often, that's fine since it does feel a bit odd at first.
Wish there was a shorter version of the Markus. Waaay too tall for me.
This. I'm starving right now and I would devour those with no hesitation.
Just about.   Meanwhile, looking to see if the Jonsbo U2 will go on sale and waiting for a half-length cooler version of the GTX970 just to please myself. Can't wait for the day all of NVIDIA's GPUs are half-length. Then you can cut off even more volume on a case.
That end of Zankyou no Terror...absolutely beautiful.
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