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I need to think of something to replace it... Meanwhile: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. The 13" rMBP Early 2015 looks disgusting as usual on the inside, but this is wonderful. Soldered RAM I could care less about but THAT BATTERY. It'll probably disappear soon with how things are going.
+1. Some sort of unmarked finish is my preference. ThinkPad finished look nice too. *sigh* If only things could be completely colored through like plastic. I have no idea. I just happened to think of this a couple of years ago because I had no idea what to use for a username. LOL. I guess the most accurate thing my username describes is AMD's Bulldozer core, since that's a hybrid core...kinda? Since it's 2 subcores per module and each subcore only has 1 thread, versus the...
How long do you guys think it will take for a refurbished ThinkPad Carbon X1 (3rd Gen) to show up in the Lenovo Outlet at a reasonable price?
I actually do not like the look of brushed alu for some reason.
Really? I notice small scratches immediately and it annoys the crap out of me.
At least on the Dell Project Sputnik computers it's about $100 lower than the normal retail versions.
I don't plan on going just industrial design, as Rhode Island School of Design and Arts Center College of Design both don't offer computer related stuff for me to use as a fallback. Thank you for the offer. Any of you guys know where to buy ThinkPads with Ubuntu preloaded? It cuts off a nice $100 off the price tag.
Carnegie Mellon is my new #1. US News rankings isn't exactly the best idea but it does give a rough idea. #1 in computer science, #4 in computer engineering, #3 in industrial design. Again, not definitive, but does give me ideas on where to look. Seems like a very well-rounded college, and I can say high to somebody there too (not at Carnegie, but in Philly, I think you know who: My "older sister," your "younger sister." She also went to our school).
Yeah. It's not even like the retail license where you can apparently (I haven't tried) use the key twice: once on a desktop and once on a laptop. If the UCONN key is used again, it simply bricks the other device that was using the key previously.
Ugh, lucky. The UCONN DreamSpark subscription is only SVL. (-_-")
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