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Leopold, making a freaking FC750C. I want a TKL Topre from you, not a compact. /rant
Whatever the 2006 air is (not second season at the very least). Eh, may as well drop it then.
Tried watching Haruhi Suzumiya. Meh. Is this going to be slow at the beginning like Steins;Gate?
I hold no regrets...except I didn't learn how to draw pre-high school since I was an arts person when I was little. I'm drawn to all of those watercolor drawings. It has this ethereal and fantasy feeling.
*sigh* I just wasted an hour browsing through Pixiv...mostly characters with weapons (so Pixiv Fantasia).     And my obsession over the archer class continues. That compound bow looks amazing.   Started watching Assassination Classroom, happy with it.
Hm, so Fostex just revealed their MK3 versions of the T##RP series. Anybody willing to be a guinea pig?
Anybody have any suggestions for fun songs? Something along the lines of this:  
Curious now... The $430 model seems nice with that optical viewfinder. Seems like a less expensive super-zoom version of the RX100. Great for deceiving people. Started watching DanMachi. Does the pacing feel slightly fast to you guys? Otherwise I'm fine with it. I thought I would hate the MC at first but he's turning out fine.   Oooooooh, shiny...
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