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"Apple University" at least is what it's called. It's a campus that introduces new people into its business culture from what I've read.Foxes look more elegant, so I would agree with this.
Most likely. They've shelled out an additional sum of money for an entire field of solar panels for their university IIRC.
The point of the article I don't understand too much either but it's more of they have intentionally created a throwaway design which some view as non-environmentally friendly. I think it's fine considering how often people upgrade their technology-infused items (laptops not as much, but for phones at least it makes sense). I'm just presenting your normal arguments. One issue I do find with making OS X run on special hardware is the fact that they're always spending the...
Glass I don't know but Al is basically infinitely recyclable and easy to do (just melt it again, although that requires a good amount of energy). I'm aware. I'm not promoting plastic or anything. Yup. Although it'll probably be more of Aluminum and short-fiber carbon fiber.
Currently the state is fine but I'm just wondering about the future because this race isn't going to die anytime soon. Just like the pixel density race is good for now, once we get to a good enough point, why keep going? Pixel density race I could see turning into the vector race. Vector screens would be awesome, death of the pixel.
Can't stop the derailing.  It's going to happen.
I've seen the previous macbooks. In fact a bunch of stuff was replaceable. I'd be lying through my teeth if I said nothing was. *sigh* such is the race for thinness. It doesn't even make sense when current computers and whatnot are thin enough. They're sacrificing stability which is something the general public doesn't realize, but in the end money determines it all.
Pre doesn't matter. Now is what matters because it points the direction they are going. It's like reminiscing about AMD's glory days compared to now and expecting some magic to happen.
Phones I just checked and those are fine (at least the iPhone 6 which was the only one I checked is showing the direction they've decided on. Haven't checked previous ones). Pretty sure the total transportation and Apple's own processing costs add up to more things being exhausted, whether it's resources or pollutants. That is a lot of adhesive. It would have made more sense to do a battery held in with a screw considering they could have cut off slightly less aluminium on...
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