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Not everybody has the money to shell out for an AIO loop. It's usually $50+. That $20-$30 means a lot when putting together a system.
My qualm with the SG13 is that CPU cooler max height is destroyed by using an ATX PSU over a SFX. They should probably release the SG05/SG06 with a new front panel because they have a pretty meh look.   The new Galaxy A8 is pretty interesting. Honestly it feels more like a flagship than the Galaxy S6 does outside of the SoC (though the 615 is a very good SoC already. I think it matches the 801?). Anyways I find it odd how it's a full 1mm thinner yet it can still handle...
Wait, Galaxy S6 has no microSD slot and only 1 SIM while the A8, which is basically 1mm thinner still has a 128GB max MicroSD slot and dual SIM. Samsung, explain yourselves.
Hm Galaxy A8 looks tempting in every way except that pricetag. Worth? I'm in China and this seems like the only place to get one. :P
You do realize that's how the mATX version of the Prodigy is right? It uses an inverted mITX motherboard layout so your GPU is on top.
Prodigy is big enough to be a mATX. That liter size is freaking enormous for a mITX.
? There's an enormous size difference. And also unless that's the mATX version of the Prodigy but that looks like the mITX version.
Check the OP for a list of both. I download most of mine. Some I stream b/c I don't feel like they're good enough to warrant a download.
If I were new to the scene I'd be hard pressed to think those were both mITX cases.   *sigh* Tempted to just spend another $600 and go an Athlon II X4 860K and a 750 Ti to replace my aging A10-5800K, which I haven't even bothered OCing yet. Even if I did OC it it would still be a weak performer.   https://pcpartpicker.com/user/HybridCore/saved/#view=tJxdnQ   I don't know how well a 4+2 phase would take the Athlon. I'm not sure if I would be able to hit 4.5GHz down...
Ohhhhh this is what the Monkey King thing is.   http://movie.mtime.com/209164/   Now I need somewhere to watch it.
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