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Didn't know they released a PDF for the animanga antipiracy act.   So basically a full list of site to go to for anime. I don't feel like much is going to happen tbh.
Seems like they were just sending a bunch of requests to the server and seeing which of the addresses it responded to. That slight extra delay of that 1 address seemed a bit too long though.
For most people, basically.
0o0o0o Here's his previous avatar's album:
Zankyou no Terror episode 4: SHINCHIRO WATANABE, Y U SO GOOD AT THIS?   Also, Kittocoin? They couldn't have chosen another name for a digital currency?
No, it's just you.   Coding bores me, yet I have the urge to do it anyways because I love design, and there's so much poorly designed stuff out there.
Whaaat? Miku in Zoku SZS?
Something with nekomimi.
You should be used to this by now.   Slowly approaching the previous light speed derailing train.
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