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I'd like to but not sure if I can.
Eh, not for everybody. If you're okay with something that's fairly slow w/ SoL elements and a good amount of drama (love pentagon and then a love triangle that makes themselves very, very apparent) then I'd say good for it.Assassination Classroom I guess if you watched the first season. It's pretty entertaining. It's kind of weird when the main character is devoid of emotion and ends up taking a bit of a backseat. Technically the other Kiznaivers are also mains but they...
This entire show is kind of confusing and lackluster in organization. I guess the confusion element works but that organization...
Kiznaiver 09:   No words. That was pretty fantastic and grueling to watch.
Yeah. Just filler missions that reveal more about what most viewers can probably guess already. Pretty slow start, worse than Steins;Gate somehow. But anyways since the "secret" should be out next episode, I'd expect things to move along more quickly.
@Kiznaiver 08:   Next week's episode is going to be so HYYYYYPPPPEEE.   Fantastic episode this week. Looks like we get some nice backstory next time.
Computer engineering with a minor in business. I'm hoping to get into this program my 3rd year that combines engineering, business, and industrial design. Also need to work hard to get into the honors program my second year b/c apparently you can get into it even after being admitted. Yup.LISTENING TO LOUD MUSIC IS GOOD FOR MY SOUL AND THAT BASS! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HEARING LOSS? WHAT'S THAT?
Yup. Forgot that singer's name but she's the one I forgot. Thanks! Yeah I couldn't attend ECC's this year so we decided to have Panda Junior stand there.RIP.
Good OST and OP/ED in general. Not surprising considering Sawano Hiroyuki is the composer and the singers for the OP/ED are Chelly from EGOIST, Aimer, and 1 other that's slipping from my mind I think (unless it was just those 3 that were the show's music selling points). Bungou Stray Dogs ED is pretty good. Show is pretty meh.
New Posts  All Forums: