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I know. I was just poking fun at BF4 for having infinite parachutes like how COD has no fall damage. No I'm saying that at the range of the sniper rifle its quite easy to dodge because the path of the bullet would appear right after a sniper fired a shot, so long as that person heard the shot and which direction it came from (I'd think you'd at least need to know that to see the bullet path). Even when reading the manga I didn't really forge a connection to any of the...
Haha! Didn't realize that. This. Not that bad. Same. Her ability reminds me of light drifting from Hyper Light Drifter which is a pretty damn cool ability (except hers seems to work over much longer distances since long distance light drifting isn't a thing in Hyper Light Drifter). Is that what it was? The only thing I heard was the "Light of Aldnoah".Same. Just about ready to drop Tokyo ESP if the next episode is just as bad.ikr? All you see is assists, what exactly makes...
Haha. It's okay, those people are just ignorant of the true light. I'll do it during a holiday or something. Dandy was actually the cool guy he wanted to be this episode. When he's on clutch he does not disappoint.This.
We can change title for awhile. 
The only difference now is that Linux has become more popular with the public all of a sudden because of Win 8. XD I would love it if AMD got their OpenGL drivers usable on Linux. NVIDIA's OpenGL drivers work as long as you write games or programs their way (AMD tries to follow all of OpenGL spec and ends up with a crap driver. AMD is building the driver as if you built a house with the panels first and then the framework/supports).
At the very least they fixed Kirito's ALO hair in the second episode so that's a good start.
This. And the start menu isn't gone, neither was the start button in Win 8 (just cleverly hidden in the corner or just accessed via charms, and you could also argue ITS ALWAYS BEEN THERE ON YOUR KEYBOARD, Ctrl + Esc if you don't have an operating system key). Live tiles are arguably more useful than how the previous start menu was. Don't want to see live tiles? Check the option for "Automatically go to all apps view when the start button is pressed" and wuala. Still don't...
Better than idiots who can't think straight when drowned in a tsunami of emotion and feels.
This, although watching somebody snipe isn't exactly all that exciting either. Also, what's so difficult about this game? They basically have auto-aim and projectile path prediction. So much for a pro's game. I'll take that Linux run auto-aiming sniper rifle and call myself a video-gaming pro, except playing in real life.Really? I kind of like him, probably because he's not obnoxious at all. This. Too bad it's not coming out until August. +1
Aldnoah.Zero Episode 02: SO GOOD. Has that Fate/Zero feel for some reason and it feels awesome. Gen Urobuchi ftw.
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