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XD This is glorious. Nice.
Happy Valentines day, I guess.
So we just made the Currawong post the most repped in the last day, last 7 days, last 30 days, and kicked it up to #7 for all time. XD       And remember, Currawong is always watching.
Did it with a pencil and LOL.
If anything this temporary thread lock distracted me from doing hw instead of making me do it. -_-"   Anyways, newest Space Dandy is the most random but hilarious thing I've seen so far.
It's more "futureproof" and should live for a bit longer when DOCSIS 3.1 comes out for the US since it has 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels to bond to versus the usual, what I think is 4 down 1 up.
I really don't have much, if any power over you guys. We're lucky Currawong has been VERY lenient with us as he could have just shut us down for good.
I don't understand this time of year at all, probably because it's not something I find very important.   I guess it's something to celebrate one of the forces that cause life to go on (love -> reproduction)?   This is awesome. I didn't check through the song catalog for the instruments yet.
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