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+1 Z3+ or Z3C is definitely a good choice since the Z4's brought them down in price yet the Z3+ has basically the same exact specs, minus the fingerprint reader. And apparently the fingerprint readers will NOT be available in the US models since it didn't pass through.
Budget? Xiaomi Mi4c is one heck of a deal though from what I heard, Xiaomi QC is 50/50. Galaxy A3 (2016) if you want a good camera (probably $300 USD) and are okay w/ Snapdragon 410 level performance (I think? Need to check the specs again). Galaxy A5 if you want something bigger w a slightly faster chipset that's near Snapdragon 615 performance, but that's 370 USD (based on RMB to USD pricing). I don't know when these are being released in the US btw. Nexus 5X since it...
True. The most diversity you get is an a-la-carte of 'Murican foods.  HA. noWHAAAAT. Again, WHAAAAT. To be fair I'm not exactly sure what I can call American food outside of Twinkies, Oreos, and Hot Pockets. 
Wow. Pretty sure the only schools that serve lunches like that here would be private schools and universities.
Chinese is such an information dense language due to how it's structured and it's magnificent at getting the point across in the shortest amount of characters or syllables possible. On the other hand because it's so reliant on certain words having certain accents, it's a horrible language as far as singing goes IMO because the way your pitch changes in a song is set by the characters, so it sounds really awkward when you're saying a certain word but have to match the...
I binged the original after seeing the first episode to get a better understanding of the show itself. Original was pretty good but agreed, this one I like way more.
The original giant monster was just big and could punch a lot from what I remember. This is firing his laser everywhere.
@Utawarerumono ep 15: Whaaaaaaaa...   Why do they look way more broken than the original Haku.
YESSSSSS! One Punch Man OST now on Nyaa. :D
Rival 700 uses a PWM3360. I actually haven't read up on the difference between the 3360 and 3366 outside of DPI range. The 3360 has a range from 100-16000 (you're insane past 3000 dpi, and that's already stupidly high) versus the 3366 which has a range from 200-12000. Polling rate is 1ms (1000Hz) which is standard and there's no acceleration as expected. I don't know if there's supposed to be improvements regarding LOD (already low and adjustable on PWM3366 via software)...
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