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But...but...chaos...chaos is fantastic.
I'm pretty inert when it comes to reactions to anime unless it's absolutely fantastic. I did definitely enjoy it though, I love seeing the dark side of people.
Death Parade 1 was pretty decent. Now to watch Koufuku Graffiti.
Junketsu no Maria does Pre-Airs? Hasn't it been awhile since pre-airs were a thing?   Just happened to see it on AnimeTake.
Basically. This season looks quite stark right now. I can't find too much that's worth watching. Only things that are on my watch list are Aldnoah.Zero 2 (maybe they can step it up?) and Durarara 2.
Just watched Absolute Duo 1 RAW. I kind of get the gist of things. Not sure what to expect of it so far but the animation isn't as smooth as I'd like it to be for something that seems like it will have lots of fighting in it.   Fighting scene was relatively boring but my reference is Ufotable and their seemingly unlimited budget which is kind of unfair.
There's only an indonesian sub on Nyaa.
Don't see it anywhere yet for subs.
Hm...just started at looking at this season's stuff and nothing really catches my eye. Anything you recommend for the winter season?   Currently planning on watching Durarara 2 and Aldnoah.Zero 2. I saw one SHAFT animated one but the plot doesn't sound like much.
Agreed. Can't think of a better way to end my year.
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