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And a ninja edit. :P
Of course not. I was pointing out how people have been begging for a S2 of Angel Beats but it's probably not going to happen, yet it was pointed out how ambiguous the ending was for Plastic Memories. So whether or not Plastic Memories S2 will happen is pretty 50/50 right now.
@Plastic Memories: leaving it like that reminds me a bit of Angel Beats, so whether or not a S2 is going to happen is really up in the air.   I mean people have been begging for Angel Beats S2 so...
K-On!! 1: Oh no they're being Yui-fied. Bad things are going to happen...
Uh, who was it on Facebook that posted that stuffed panda family in a car photo? I can't find it.
WHAAAAT, SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER. GO FATTEN YOURSELF UP. Although I'm pretty sure you've heard the second part of that from a bunch of Chinese parents. I've gotten my share of that too. 
All while you nap and snack on bamboo.
Shhhhh...we don't need to bring that up. XD I don't know how you're seeing poop but now that gif has been ruined for me.
Go to sleep...go to sleeeeeep...go to sleeeeeeeeep little bowei. XD
Well they say it's easier to be hated than loved so...maximum panda laziness?
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