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This money is only valid till the beginning of this summer, aka I won't be able to touch Skylake which is the end of summer. It's more of a split in form factor vs. battery life, which sounds weird but I assure you it's a problem here.
I'm not paying a cent. Lets keep that in mind.
Alright guys, X1 Carbon (2015) or T450s (2015)?   Why? This:   It says X series only but prices for all ThinkPad laptops are generally lower with this Lenovo Perks offer.   I'm somewhat leaning towards the X1 Carbon but that is only because of its form factor and qHD screen resolution. The T450s has longer battery life but is thicker by ~5 mm.
A smart pickle will create a USB to Magsafe connector and crowd source it, assuming they don't get sued by Apple immediately. I would say they should make their own magnetically connected charger but they would be sued for sure if they were in the US, and if they were out of the US, shipping it into the US would be tricky. Why are the screens they're using interlaced?
Quite unfortunate.  The worst part is that the patent for it still hasn't expired, so nobody in the US can pick it up. Sony got away with it on the Xperia phones since they're in Japan.
Eh...needs standardization. Unfortunately not all smartphones have the same power output or have UAC support (why some manufacturers don't have it on an Android kernel that supports it, I don't know).
At the very least the ODAC is powered via USB (mini-B USB 2.0) and the Stoner Acoustics UD1XX DACs all work fine, even off of a smartphone.
20V at 5 amps. Expect lots of death from cheap Chinese USB-C products.
Well, I think many DACs are moving towards USB powered. Amps on the other hand...we'll see.
Mhmm. USB-C is supposed to be able to transfer 100W of power and I think 10Gbps data transfer rates which are only covered in the 3.1 spec.
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