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Kiznaiver 10: The feels at the end of that episode, not as much as 9 but still a pretty good amount.
Makes me wonder what's going to happen to the power button then.
Rehash of Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 2 e-ink bar basically. But hopefully Apple actually makes this usable. Didn't like it at all on the X1 Carbon Gen 2.
RIP. Maybe config stuff in browser might have done it.
Did they have you put in a credit card number or something? I don't know if there are identifiers, I'd assume credit card numbers are randomly generated for security purposes.
I'm aware of my need for linux since I was looking through the courses and knowing how to use Linux is the endgame for a portion of my education as a Comp Eng major.Well I'll see if I can find a good config for sub $1000, but otherwise it's out.:O Happy birthday! \o/
http://www.notebookcheck.com/Test-Dell-XPS-15-2016-9550-InfinityEdge-Notebook.155430.0.html Hm that's pretty hot (results near bottom).Ah my bad, missed that part. CDJapan should be fine. Amazon works as well. OFC these are all CD's and not digital downloads. As for digital purchases Sony Music allows for digital downloads of stuff they published. For example Sawano Hiroyuki has a Sony Music page that offers digital downloads. http://www.sh-nzk.net/discography/ Not sure...
The issue is I can't find any refurb units for that much since it's up to luck as to what's in stock. Also it has some throttling issues from what I've seen, even w/ the 1080p 960M config. Honestly as long as the computer can play some light games it's fine.Nipponsei in the OP. I won't give the URL since it's technically against ToS (which is why nothing in OP is linked for DL's) but should be easy to find. Nipponsei only does MP3 CBR320 though (or it was V0, one or the...
Unlikely since I don't think Apple owns the technology for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is owned by Intel. Wikipedia says it was codeveloped between Apple and Intel but Apple transferred the Thunderbolt trademark over to Intel so I think Intel owns all rights to the technology now.I can, though I'll probably have to do it in secret if I wanted to. I really want to though. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd gen I got was for company use so after my internship I had to return it. I'll...
USB-C is just a connector. Both USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 use the USB-C connector. If that port layout is indeed correct that means Apple will be using two Alpine Ridge controllers that offer two Thunderbolt 3 ports off a single PCIe 3.0 x4 lane. I don't know what chipset/CPU and how many lanes it'll support but if they do want to do that they need something that supports three x4 lanes because that's two x4's for the two alpine ridge controllers and one for the PCIe 3.0...
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