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Aldnoah.Zero nails the cliffhangers at the end of each episode very well. If you combined that with Zankyou no Terror and, arguably, you have the perfect anime. ZnT doesn't have that suspense at the end that makes it so you can't wait for next week. Other than that, it does everything else pretty well, although plot isn't exactly as interesting as I'd like. There are some things we don't know but they're not the type of mysterious that makes you think about it...a
Newest Space Dandy: Turns out Honey is secretly a badass.  Not as stupid as she seems.
This. Finally, an anime that gets science right. LOL. There really wasn't anything too exciting until the last minute or so, so I would agree with that. Yuuup, pure garbage. Literally a long, long backflash, a weird panic attack (why?!) and then more harem stuff.
1. Arch is for advanced users, 2. don't like puppy linux, 3. I know. I'm used to using apt, not pacman. I'd have to relearn everything.
No, Files won't even run as root. I'll put in the command and Files is supposed to open under root privileges. If you couldn't edit root you wouldn't be able to do things like skin programs and such. Root is editable (I know from use of other distros).
(TT-TT) Just running Linux VMs on my Samsung Series 9 is failing miserably. 4GB of RAM (can't add) does not work for running Linux VMs.
Boris, do you know how to open Files in GNOME3 as root? I tried "gksu Files" and "gksudo Files" (they do the same thing) and I get the root password prompt to launch Files but Files won't open.   Starting to feel really meh about GNOME now.
Anime thread, not this thread. I want a T440s soooo bad, really for no reason.
Latest aldnoah's episode end was awesome.
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