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I might not need the extra fan on the Hyper 212 EVO. Another friend of mine is doing a build but is purchasing two SP120s for a push-pull on the Hyper so I get the spare fan. :D I think I still have a few spare rubber mounting pads (definitely still have the fan clips). I just don't know if my mobo has a CPU_FAN2 header.
STAY AWAY FROM PNY. They use Sandforce controllers (2281 to be specific). Sandforce has gotten better but nobody goes near them still for a reason unless on a really, really tight budget. Sandforce still has a bunch of driver issues and no full TRIM and garbage collection support on Sandforce based SSDs. Do not go near them (Intel Sandforce drives are still recommended, I think. I think Intel has their own drivers?). Go check Anandtech reviews if you want to do your own research. Probably the best place to go if you're researching SSDs. Sean at OCN does a lot of work with this kind of stuff though so that list is pretty accurate (did a lot of looking around myself and that list is great. Again, avoid Sandforce as always). Ugh, my M4 might be dying. Still getting random shutoffs at...
I don't know. F/SN is pretty freaking terrible. Absolutely nothing compared to Fate/Zero. That reminds me, I haven't heard any more news about the Fate/Stay Night remake by Ufotable. What? No change? Yuuuup...America vs Europe + Asia (not including China).
Private Internet Access. They don't log your data and have pretty good costs. I think they even accept spare giftcards you have laying around. If you want more suggestions go to TorrentFreak where they keep a list of good VPNs that don't log your data (some actually do and hand it over to the government when asked).
Oh it's her? Well, I've never watched K-On so...
Who's Mugi?
Oh caps. Bowei, you know if Metrocast has a datacap and if so, anywhere to check it?
Huh, you should be getting 12.5MB/s max. Still better than my internet which has a crappy 16Mbps/2MBps download max.
Yup, later on. New Taeyang song sounds nice, MV doesn't make any sense. No I don't follow BigBang.  First person that comes to mind when listening to this is Bruno Mars.
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