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And another wire snapped off the solder point in the K7XX, this time in the left earcup instead of the right. It's the same post too. Time to get some more copper wire and wrap it around the ball of solder that's still left on the post.   Whoever decided to use really thin wires for those posts needs to get fired.
Oh gosh that rolling shutter. The MacBook Pro text looked italic. (-_-") This first impressions though...I'm close to ripping my hair out.
It kind of feels like them trying to flaunt their Force Touch Trackpad and then having it backfire because you can't get a usable diving board trackpad that large since the clicking is so inconsistent from top to bottom (technically the discrepancy is more noticeable on smaller diving board trackpads so I guess diving board trackpads would actually be better if they were taller/larger).
I mean the MBP 13 isn't exactly meant to be a workhorse even though it has a Pro moniker.
^ There are Thunderbolt ports on the device for a reason as well. And it's not like any laptop manufacturer has matched Apple in their SSD speeds either (2000 write 3000 read...I mean I guess Samsung is there but nobody uses the 960 Pro in laptops right now). I blame Jonathan Ives for that one. Ives is obsessed with thinness (a little too much) and that's permeated all aspects of Apple design. Yeah first thing I always hear about the trackpad is failed palm rejection.
LOLSome YouTubers do use it if they've invested heavily into the Apple ecosystem. I think MKBHD does although those numbers are really small compared to industry users.
Probably closer to 98%+. It's mostly the compact designs because most of the attacks are digital rather than having physical access to the machine. The few ones that are physical and common (USB's that load keyloggers and etc. on) are really hard to prevent. Although by compact I really mean fitting in a larger battery (VAIO's Z-Engine is a good example of how small laptop motherboards can get). There's little reason to go lower than 16mm-ish. They're powerful if you use...
A lot of K-pop is also really visual as well (honestly the K-Pop industry literally tries to cover every base to make it as close to perfect as possible; songs that the majority can like, idol appearance and the ability to dance, great cinematography, etc.). I usually feel like I'm missing something not going onto YouTube and loading up the MV to listen to the song instead of just the song file. The visuals are just really well done.
How so?
3spooky5me       I'll show myself out.
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