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850 EVO has no reported problems for performance degradation as far as I'm aware. I'm trying to look for other reports right now. Is TRIM enabled? GC might be marking stale pages as good and copying those over. Fundamentally it's going to take a few more years before we see reports of performance degradation of the 850 EVO because the 850 EVO's TLC NAND chips are built on an enormous process in comparison to the old one (40mm vs 19mm and 21mm) so it's going to take much,...
TRIM is OS side, Garbage Collection is built into the SSD. I'll explain quickly why we have these 2 things for SSDs but not HDDs along with the differences between them. HDD's can rewrite over old data without any issues. NAND chips, however, cannot do this; You have to erase the old data before you can write in new data. Our operating systems don't have a built in mechanism to do this because they're adapted to HDDs; they only mark the space as empty but the data is still...
http://www.anandtech.com/show/8617/samsung-releases-firmware-update-to-fix-the-ssd-840-evo-read-performance-bug If you want the really short and concise version of all the physics: http://www.anandtech.com/show/9158/new-samsung-ssd-840-evo-read-performance-fix-coming-later-this-month  It's something the SSD will do in idle and doesn't impact performance.
You're getting this completely wrong. The stuff they use in flash drives and SSDs are completely different. There's a reason we see servers using SSDs and not flash drives for storage. The tech used for flash drive NAND chips is eMMC which is cheap to make and poor performance. Solid state drives use a much more different kind of NAND, which is why we don't see our flash drives with NAND capable of doing 700-900MB/s of read/write like most SSDs do nowadays (ignoring...
There's nothing wrong with TLC as far as lifespan goes. I'd go check out Anandtech's TLC durability article which shows really long life under heavy load (like many times average load) and still being able to last several, several years (way past the time you'd need to upgrade). MLC and SLC are only considered top priority for server use where they can reach those insanely heavy workload levels.
Well it sips power compared to a HDD so...you really can't get any better.
Do want.
Basically what I did.
Surprised they didn't do the GTX980MX or something, though MX may imply the use of a MMX connector which is getting some attention due to MSi using it for their Mac Pro esque machine. Edit: I spoke too soon. http://www.overclock.net/t/1589360/vr-nvidia-gtx-970mx-and-980mx-gpus Just rumor, but why not.
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