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[[SPOILER]] Also what I put in this spoiler was basically the same as the last spoiler.
Hey, it's called Logi now. G502 weight distribution is awful.G303 is good but what I don't get is that it has an ambidextrous shape and isn't ambidextrous. WTF are you doing logitech.  [[SPOILER]]  Wat? I don't remember this. @TYG: what grip do you use? Palm? Fingertip? Claw? Pawclaw (palm claw hybrid)? Fingertip palm hybrid?
What better way to celebrate than to yuri it up? 
It was really good but it dried itself up too quickly. The first few episodes were freaking fantastic but then they did a rinse and repeat kind of thing. The later episodes lost the amazing feeling of the first few and it left me with a lukewarm feeling. I was like "Art? Fantastic. Music? Fantastic. Directing? Fantastic. Plot? Uh...".
Basically all I see on Pixiv. I can see why. New Aimer album too good. They keep stuffing older songs in though. I don't understand why...to jack up the price? Edit: oh wow, I haven't heard the Zankyou no Terror opening in awhile. I really wish that anime could have been amazing.
Hm just reading kind of makes me want to play. Is it that good?
Yeah Saturday is a good day. Today's Dura was the cherry on top (though I hate the candied cherries, so...). Shizuo is becoming quite the popular man. 
Shimoneta: Anna is broken...I think I'm done for today. I need to get some ice cream to replenish the innocence that was just stolen from me (StamperTV).  
It's a palm grip mouse isn't it?
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