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Much more comfortable than sitting with my back hunched over the touchpad. That reminds me...I need to get one of these. From what I've heard, they're slightly lower in quality than the original Nintendo ones but I don't have to worry about getting a gamecube to USB adapter that needs another driver to work (Mayflash is the recommended brand). I'll probably end up with a PS4 controller because it comes with partial X-input support which some people have taken advantage of...
Using a Wiimote w/ my ultrabook is awesome. Just wish I had a classic controller pro.
I have no idea what's happened to mining recently. Seems like Bitcoin is finally somewhat dying off or at least the consumer hype around it is dead.
I think the corners are also sharper (not as rounded as the D14).
You do realize that internet in America is measured in bits as a standard right? For those who don't do realize it's Mb, not MB. Capital B represents Bytes, lower case b represents bits. Divide your speeds in bits by 8 to get bytes (if you didn't know the conversion off the top of your heads). Ex. My 16Mbps connection is really just 2MBps. What's funny is that I max out at 1.2MBps (at least that's the highest I've gotten on uTorrent even with torrents with enormous amounts...
Happy Birthday, panda!
Whoa, spoilers.
Inu x Boku SS? How is it btw? Worth watching?
Dat ping. Do want.
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