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ugh, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Hibike! Euphonium is over...   And Kumiko x Reina confirmed yet once again.   Apparently the soundtrack is coming out July 8th. Must have.
Alright headphone temporarily fixed. Fortunately there's enough slack on the wires in the earcup so I can just strip off more insulation then wrap the wire around the metal post.
Hm, just binged all of Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary). Thumbs up to KyoAni again.   Though I'm not sure about near the end. Things got a little rushed and fell apart. Lots of things weren't explained much and it just kind of turned into a hype driven series near the end.   Beautiful art though. Beginning through middle was fantastic imo.
Don't have a soldering iron. (-_-")
Just watched the Epilogue for F/SN UBW. I honestly forget that ufotable can make such relaxing scenes. Nice closure for such an exciting series.   How do these two movies seem?
Hm, looks like internal wiring to the right driver on my headphone is damaged because occasionally when the headphone is moved around a bit I lose sound from the right driver. Looks like not being made in Austria is finally showing.
I have no idea. I just sent support an e-mail b/c the Massdrop page for the K7XX says AKG covers warranty for 2 years. Yeah but these are quite a bit cheaper in price and quality. Made from motherland china.
There's a 2 year warranty from AKG on this so if shipping is free or reasonable then I'll send it in.
Don't have a spare Mini-XLR cable. Already DC'd, checked the entire cable length, cleaned connectors. It seems to be working again. We'll see how long this keeps up. Definitely seems like a thinner wire in the driver assembly. Edit: It's definitely in the headphone. Just moving my head back a bit to reposition the headphone caused it to switch to left channel only then doing it again made both channels work.
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