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That's on the devs though, not Valve. Valve provided platform support. Unless they can provide a great incentive there's no incentive to develop games for Linux. The user base is way too small.There's probably more incentive to contribute to WINE than actually natively make some apps for Linux.
I don't think they can control what either does. Valve at least has tried. NVIDIA basically does not care (*cue Linus Torvalds "**** you NVIDIA").   Good.
Eh that's probably a bit more old school then. I guess people who just recently have heard of K-Pop would have exposure those groups above (and PSY as well which I neglected to add).
As far as I'm aware, Block B is very popular within South Korea but internationally they aren't as popular (which is strange given ZICO and Park Kyung's popularity). I feel like for people who have ever heard of K-Pop and some groups would likely list Girls' Generation, BTS, Big Bang, and EXO.
Did somebody say Korean music?
Long story short, if you have stock in Imagination Tech, you should have sold them already. But Imagination will probably go bankrupt since most of their investors will pull out. On the other side, we probably don't have to worry much about the performance of the GPUs since Apple is quite a good chip designer looking at the A9 to A10 chips. I'm not sure about largest, but yeah the parenthesized part is more accurate. Good luck getting 120Hz panels out of Apple. Unless they...
Aren't the IKEA batteries the previous design eneloops?   Pretty insane value.
Eh I mean stainless steel still tarnishes pretty easily, can still rust, and given that flagship phones nowadays basically have to be fine when near water. If we wanted to be technical then yeah aluminum "rusts", which is basically anodized aluminum. I mean that's a given since that's basically what better machinability means. 7000 series aluminum is stiff enough that it isn't a really big deal, especially given that unibody's usually increase structural integrity given...
I mean the probability of us seeing steel framed phones is kinda low given since aluminium is so much easier to work with since anodizing it gives it a high amount of corrosion resistance where as for steel you usually have to chrome/galvanize it. I think alu also has better machinability so that's also a huge cost in production.
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