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Euphonium S2:   I'm honestly not sure what to expect from a S2 of this series but it feels much less focused on competition this time.
http://www.gsmarena.com/confirmed_googles_pixel_and_pixel_xl_have_ip53_dust_and_water_resistance-news-20903.php   Well then.   I actually like this move. Water resistance has become a standard among flagships. There's no reason to advertise it anymore.
That as well. I don't really see wireless charging doing so well for maybe the next year or two because it just feels so niche in a way. You can't pick up the phone off the pad when it's charging which is fine for people who pick it up every so often for some notification and quick action but for people who live exclusively on their phone, they have to charge with a cable. Waterproofing is a standard now so you've instantly shot yourself in the foot if your flagship...
@Pixel and Pixel XL It's a good phone but I feel like it suffers from the same issue as the HTC 10 in that it isn't spectacular in any way. Also regarding OIS:  So EOIS instead of a physical mechanism. I'm actually surprised Apple didn't beat Google to the punch on this one especially considering that Apple is looking to save every single square millimeter possible in their phones (hence the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack outside of "courage" and to fulfill Jonathan...
In my time with BnS I did not like it at all. The UI was quite confusing and while the combat was pretty good, the game felt like beyond a grind. I don't know how but I had a bit more fun playing TERA than BnS when starting out and leveling (TERA felt pretty garbage by the end of my time with it as well though. Enmasse not doing a great job).
Shuumatsu no Izetta is looking pretty interesting.
Any recommendations for this season?   Only ones I have on my list are Occultic;Nine and Euphonium S2.
I was just thinking, are downsampling algorithms made to focus on preserving data near the average/median of the set of data per unit time so that the very top and bottom frequency info is discarded or is it made another way?
That sums up this guy in a nutshell in this entire series. I can't really tell if he's a remenant of despair or not.
If we're going by IEEE 754 float single precision then technically it's 1 sign bit, 8 bits for exponent and 23 for the mantissa which you could say 24 where it's just the implicit 1 for normalized and denormalized for the implicit 0.
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