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It's hard to fit in all of the manga into 24 episodes, especially since it's still ongoing.
I feel like a lot of people were expecting only a bass increase to deal with the ATH-AD900's roll off. I guess it was reasonable to expect with how the closed "x" versions were changing.   Maybe after EQing they'll sound better.
Newest Mushishi S2 was really neat. Really cool mushi.
Newest SAO II actually had a decent end. Fate/Stay Night was awesome as well.  [[SPOILER]] Time for Mushishi S2.
No reason to upgrade to the 970 if you can't use it. Let's be honest here, most people can't use the power of a 970. Also no point unless you just want the latest or want to go with a more powerful mITX build as soon as ASUS, MSi, and Gigabyte release their half-length 970s (only one so far w/ a half length is Galax/Galaxy I believe. Zotac has one with a cooler that's 2-3cm longer than half length).
The Step Up Program is amazing. Also easily exploitable...sorta.
Don't see any reason for it to not work since it's still running basically the same hardware. Just size and a few outputs have been changed. UD120 also can work without drivers. They provide drivers if you want to go above the UAC 1.0 spec (I think UAC 2.0 supports 32-bit w/ all common sample rates but I think it requires drivers? Haven't checked in awhile) although I think the drivers are only available for Windows.
Nothing much except for the fact that all of the talent AMD hired awhile ago 2-3 years ago are the ones behind the project. Intel isn't using this time to pull ahead in raw performance but working more on lower power consumption to take over the mobile market. Only estimated release is 2016 (I think they said the beginning? I don't know). Phenom II was much closer. It could still compete with Nehalem in most situations.
Don't bother buying any AMD CPU for high end until Zen which won't be until 2016. They've been taking their...probably 5 year break now. Progress stopped after Phenom II.   Zen is going back to the traditional CPU structure instead of the module (physical threads) design.   I find it odd Zen is going to start at the 10-14nm fab since they're still on 28nm right now. Quite the large jump. Still, looking forward to Zen. Maybe AMD will become relevant in the high-end...
OP updated with Winter charts.
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