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+1 Better to RMA especially since this is a new unit.
I usually just wipe the entire drive. I don't really find the Dell Factory Restore Image all that useful.   The only extra stuff the factory image includes is all the extra necessary drivers and etc. along with the bloatware. You're better off making your own restore image partition with the drivers preinstalled or just go to the support page and just mass download the drivers every time you have to clean install (which should be never; just do the Windows 10 Refresh...
I think LineageOS is looking to bring Nougat to the S5 as well. I think they did it with the S3 already? I'd need to check, but I believe Lineage OS 14.1 (Nougat platform) is on the Galaxy S3.
Considering it's almost 3 years old I wouldn't really call that close to new anymore. General computation devices age very quickly. Past 2 years is basically EOL.
I don't know why the S5 would ever need a skin outside of cosmetics. Not going to make a bland phone any more exciting (I say as I stare at mine).
Chrome autotranslate ftw.
For the IBM ThinkPad lovers.
They're okay in some unibody designs because removing the motherboard doesn't require too too many screws. Although the MacBook Pro ones looks like it's under this antistatic/insulator layer that's annoying to peel off so...not sure how other companies do it but I assume it's something similar to prevent the keyboard deck from getting blazing hot. But yeah usually RAM, SSD, battery, and fan/heatsink are super accessible just because 1 panel to it all.
Blessed with the presence of 3 mods? :O   Currawong, Axel, move over. You have a new roommate.
I'm sorry but are you smoking something? They both use oscilloscopes and a photodiode to measure PWM and response time. The worst difference you're going to get on the same panel and controller is a few Hz which isn't even close enough to make a difference when looking at one review over another.If you prefer Laptop Media just because it's the one you're used to and aren't sure about Notebookcheck because it's new to you so having no prior experience you don't know its...
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