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Jump over to They have a :) :| :( rating system. XD I use it since I don't like assigning number ratings because it takes too much time for me to think about. Just a simple enjoyment rating is good enough for me. Meanwhile, it was awhile since I went through my K-Pop and can't stop listening to Some by SoYou (Sistar) x JungGiGo. 
How about quickboot disabled? Curious.
The two use blogs so there's probably some sort of RSS function to send a link to their newest post. Maybe I'll experiment with it over the summer.
I time from when the post screen disappears (I have the fancy stuff turned off so I just see American Megatrends) to when my login screen on windows appeared. I do that because you can change how long the post message appears for which causes boot times to vary from motherboard manufacturer. Not sure if there's a default. With that method I got a 7 second boot time when I first built my computer. Probably something like 8-10 now.   Including post I'd say 13?   I'm...
OP charts updated.    I need some mechanism to autoupdate the charts.
Latest Fate/Stay Night UBW: LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Quite the hilarious episode.  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Wat. I didn't think each pad would be $50. Anybody know other places to get cheap K712 Pro pads? Not sure what the K7XX comes with but speculation is that it's a K712 Pro (since it also has the advertised 3dB boost and, while it says it's based off the K702 65th Anniversary Edition, is the main model in production. They could use the K702 original as base, but K712 makes more sense) but just with different pads and a nice black paint job.
They do seem like they're still intact. WD hasn't done much to them.
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