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Haven't seen Psycho Pass.
Newest Aldnoah.Zero: sooooooo goooood
Yeah but Harvard campus just looks like a bunch of red brick to me in comparison to Harvard. The difference is kind of ridiculous.
Just did a Harvard and MIT campus tour. MIT is amazing.
Somebody else in the thread made it for me, can't remember who. It aired all 5 on one day, it's just subbing that takes forever.
I completely forgot that's what the original looked like. XD
[[SPOILER]] I think I know why I think Kaiki looks younger now. I remember him looking pretty tired all the time and now I don't see any signs of being tired on his face so that might be why, or maybe I just remember his face wrong.
It kind of is spoiler-ish but I felt like it was obvious he was going to be back. He's played quite the role in the monogatari series I don't think he would just disappear. He's quite deeply intertwined.
New Kaiki looks awesome. Glad he's back.     Why does he look so much younger?   Edit: he even runs like he's younger. XD
Newest Zankyou no Terror was amazing. So much tension.
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