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It was working yesterday then sometime during the afternoon my time it just stopped working.
RTE broke for me as well.
Adapter comes in the box so technically you don't have to pay more to use them.Anybody can still use their traditional wired gear. It's just a matter of if people are willing to deal with the inconvenience.
It's mostly because Apple decided to give a nice hard shove instead of a light, long push. Ideally their strategy should be to begin introducing hi-fi wireless audio equipment beforehand and then remove the headphone jack but I guess they thought things were moving too slow and decided to do both at the same time. Technically the rumors should have gotten that going but Bluetooth 5 isn't out yet (although some of the Bluetooth 4 codecs can do high bitrate lossless audio...
I'm personally for it as strange as this sounds.   Device pairing technologies have enough bandwidth now to not cause any issues so for on-the-go use I honestly think Bluetooth headphones are perfectly fine, albeit not in the style of the new AirPods because that just seems like a huge UX design mistake. Something in line with the LG Tone or Sony h.ear in Wireless IMO is the perfect wireless headphone design for in-ears. Supra-aural and circumaural headphones have little...
 That's how it is and that's how it's going to always be though until we have scratch resistance and shatter resistance good enough that we won't have to care anymore. And even then some people will still get cases because it gives their phone their own "personality" (and if not a case, skins or stickers). And some will still be paranoid so they'll still get case. I can't blame them because, especially in the case of flagships, you've spent hundreds of dollars on one. It's...
Yeah that blurb sounds about right. I feel like the end game for Apple is to make the entire device out of something like sapphire glass or some kind of ceramic blend that has a higher proportion of silicon (kind of taking the Gorilla Glass/aluminosilicate glass approach to ceramic?) so that it's less brittle (but that also makes it less scratch resistant but ceramic's current scratch resistant is already amazing). Add too much material like silicon that makes the compound...
*cough*fine print*cough* I still think plastic is the supreme material for smartphones which would be great if smartphones were't so disposable. Nokia come back? (TT-TT) True.
I mean they hyped real-time collaboration for iWork. How low can you get nowadays?
Ah, kk. I mean it sounds like it's much heavier image processing for the iPhone for some reason. Probably because they're really hyping up the power needed for their post image processing and things of the like.
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