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+1 Though I rarely come on anymore. :( For me there's just very little to comment. Like what am I supposed to say about Fate/Stay Night ufotable remake? There's nothing to say (in a good way). Well, nothing but Brave Shine by Aimer is amazing.
Derailing faster than the speed of light... Basically our thread specialty. :) I mean, you didn't see the OP statement, George? 
+1 Using stationary as weapons is always really cool (*cough*Senjougahara*cough*).
More dumb and dense than I expected tbh.
@DanMachi 6: too annoying. Bell is too dense.
I have this weird Gatchaman ~ In the name of Love and Ping Pong Circulate crossover playing in my head.
I feel like it's an odd blend of Tiger and Bunny along with Rolling Girls. It's fun to watch.
Just binged Gatchaman Crowds. Liked it quite a bit.
I think a lot of laptops have palm rejection, although some do a bad job of it. Having a recessed trackpad helps because the X1 Carbon 2nd Generation has it flush with the surface so it's hard not to hit it while typing.
This. Not bright at all. It feels like it was a reference headphone that got a nice warm tilt.I have first batch. I'm not sure about the other batches. Also, I had no idea these existed. Kind of unsettling.
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