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Agreed. Is it Sexy September @ TMAC again?
Zankyou no Terror Episode 9: DAAAAAAMN. Can't wait for next week. Really want to see the finale of this.
Kanashimi ha Aurora Ni by Aimer is really nice. Hm...
Ugh, who's still DoSing Nyaa still?
Rammstein? BACKSTABU! (I know it's not what they say)
Once you get used to the gestures there's kind of no going back. You obviously need a good multi-touch trackpad to take advantage of scroll, zoom, etc. gestures.Wish I had a drawing tablet w/ multitouch, just because. *sigh*
Pffft with Windows 8 and OS X you will be wanting a mousepad. Even Apple's Touch Mouse is gesture based. I personally want one of those Logitech Touchpads for Windows 8 b/c it's much more convenient than a mouse unless playing games.
Really? I find trackpads much more convenient because there's a lot less movement involved (and btw Apple and a few Thinkpads have flawless trackpads, although the new Thinkpad trackpad is kinda weird) since gestures are much nicer overall instead of having to move the pointer somewhere. Touchpads are becoming much more useful that mice FOR OVERALL USE because your mainstream OSes are moving more towards touch oriented UIs. Ex. windows swiping from the right pulls up...
Tokyo Ghoul? Binged all of that yesterday night and this morning. Really good.
Really now? Because I do much prefer a touchpad than a mouse when using a laptop (at least a nice one) since swipe gestures are quite useful and at the very least touchpads are quiet. I have to move my hand too much when using a mouse and often times I don't have that luxury when on the go because of how little space I have for one.
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