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There is actually region locking on external and internal optical disc drives. Its not a hardware limitation but a firmware limitation. Just a heads up, not all drives can be made region free.
Welcome to the hype train?
Nekomonogatari, I think.
Is there any place to get replacement/spare batteries (or any serial number or product number we could search for)?
I think awhile ago somebody did a battery swap with an iPod or Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 battery on the C5. Does the C5D use the same battery?
I thought the paper was coming out of her mouth for a second so I thought she was some printer for a second. Emotion printer 2014?
Explosion scene was still awesome though even if they got the order wrong.  So 0.5 points off for that instead of a full point.
[[SPOILER]] So they're actually still only at one strike.
I would probably say No Game No Life. I haven't watched Haruhi or Claymore but Haruhi I would assume to be sort of a Angel Beats paced anime and I think you'd want to take a quick break from that. I don't know how Claymore goes so I just put in NGNL b/c I've seen it.
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