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RX 480 is looking super enticing. 900 series cards just got a price cut from premium to still pretty damn expensive.
We could ask the same of the iTunes store /w certain listings only showing up in certain countries.
Kiznaiver end: It felt a bit rushed but still loved it.
Nice! :O Even gets rid of skype ads from what I see (probably same /w other platforms since it's a 3rd party client).  Kabaneri 11: Dang Ikoma looks badass now. Gives me a kind of Genos vibe. Looks like a cyborg and is always craving more power.
  Hm usually don't like EXO but this song is pretty good. lol at the dancing while laying on the bed in the beginning. Not sure why I find that so amusing.
@Mshenay So from what I gather most file converters offer the ability to convert from CBR/CBZ (CBR is a WinRAR directory renamed to the CBR extension, CBZ is a ZIP file renamed to CBZ extension, henceforth the change on the last letter of each file type; R for RAR, Z for ZIP) so first step we have to do is convert those lone images into a CBZ/CBR. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/create-cbrcbz-files-distribute-comic-strip-graphic/ This is a pretty easy method because if your...
How is this series anyways? Seems fairly popular.
Kiznaiver 10: The feels at the end of that episode, not as much as 9 but still a pretty good amount.
Makes me wonder what's going to happen to the power button then.
Rehash of Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 2 e-ink bar basically. But hopefully Apple actually makes this usable. Didn't like it at all on the X1 Carbon Gen 2.
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