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Urobutcher is going to make me cry with that ending of Aldnoah.Zero. I wasn't really too attached to the characters but if I were I would be bawling right now.
Newest Zankyou no Terror is amazing as always. This episode though...daaaaaamn.
Wish I knew how to make foobar skins (wish I knew how to for Windows, VLC, MPH-HC, etc. too).
Well, episode 5 of season one was touching and I really liked that one too.
AniList has a :) :| :( rating system. XD
IMO AniList is much nicer (although still a kind of "beta" thing). I'd give both a shot (not saying MAL is bad. It's great, just needs a better interface).
Wow, that was an interesting episode of space dandy. My favorite one so far, probably because it's a more serious one.
Huh, neat.
@TYG: It's "mild" so it's probably fine. If somebody could get off to that I would be terribly concerned.   Just remember, 7+ mini black squares if it's really NSFW as it'll show up in the recent photos feed.
Nope. No way, rich text or WYSIWYG.
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