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Yeah but Harvard campus just looks like a bunch of red brick to me in comparison to Harvard. The difference is kind of ridiculous.
Just did a Harvard and MIT campus tour. MIT is amazing.
Somebody else in the thread made it for me, can't remember who. It aired all 5 on one day, it's just subbing that takes forever.
I completely forgot that's what the original looked like. XD
[[SPOILER]] I think I know why I think Kaiki looks younger now. I remember him looking pretty tired all the time and now I don't see any signs of being tired on his face so that might be why, or maybe I just remember his face wrong.
It kind of is spoiler-ish but I felt like it was obvious he was going to be back. He's played quite the role in the monogatari series I don't think he would just disappear. He's quite deeply intertwined.
New Kaiki looks awesome. Glad he's back.     Why does he look so much younger?   Edit: he even runs like he's younger. XD
Newest Zankyou no Terror was amazing. So much tension.
Random and very innuendo worthy, these are the most beautiful rear ends I've seen on a product.     You call that the back of your unit? LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE A NICE FRONT. You can tell it's the back since the hinge for the clear cover of the record player is at the top of the photo.
Yup. Should be on Nipponsei and Animebytes.
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