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This. Do we even use it? How do we even have 42 members?
Haha. So true.
Yup, that looks really painful. Oppai shenanigans was ridiculous in the first episode. I think we all agree with that.
*sigh* I wish I could draw.   I find filling in the drawing w/ color to be the worst part. It could look fine as just black/gray/white but then once you add color it ruins it sometimes.
What? That's on Steam?
Ra97oR's nekomimi senses are tingling.
Do want. For $50?   I'm very happy with what they've done in the V2 revision. No more drivers. :D
I'm not really sure what to think of the first episode. Too much going on. I was kind of expecting this 1 advice column question/answer per episode so each episode is a different story, kind of like how Mushishi is structured.
Stoner Acoustics UD110 is pretty good from what I've read. $50 + shipping (it's like $3 for shipping or something).
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