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LOOOOOL. If you don't use it that often, that's fine since it does feel a bit odd at first.
Wish there was a shorter version of the Markus. Waaay too tall for me.
This. I'm starving right now and I would devour those with no hesitation.
Just about.   Meanwhile, looking to see if the Jonsbo U2 will go on sale and waiting for a half-length cooler version of the GTX970 just to please myself. Can't wait for the day all of NVIDIA's GPUs are half-length. Then you can cut off even more volume on a case.
That end of Zankyou no Terror...absolutely beautiful.
Urobutcher is going to make me cry with that ending of Aldnoah.Zero. I wasn't really too attached to the characters but if I were I would be bawling right now.
Newest Zankyou no Terror is amazing as always. This episode though...daaaaaamn.
Wish I knew how to make foobar skins (wish I knew how to for Windows, VLC, MPH-HC, etc. too).
Well, episode 5 of season one was touching and I really liked that one too.
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