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No, it's just you.   Coding bores me, yet I have the urge to do it anyways because I love design, and there's so much poorly designed stuff out there.
Whaaat? Miku in Zoku SZS?
Something with nekomimi.
You should be used to this by now.   Slowly approaching the previous light speed derailing train.
(-_-") I can't even imagine what you play on your phone that justifies a purchase like that.
Who even buys those anyways?
Haha, not in a million years. I really wish the Dualshock controller had Nintendo's gamepad. The Dualshock D-Pad is fine. I just love Nintendo's a bit more. I grew up using Dualshock so the symmetrical thumbsticks never bothered me like they did for a lot of other people. Not having my hands symmetrical on the XBox controllers always bothered me. Also, DUALSHOCK 4 Y U SO EXPENSIVE? $60? I want one w/ a DS4 X-input wrapper.
Chinese? I'm used to hearing Korean vs Korean in League. Since when did the Chinese dominate Dota?
Zankyou no Terror is amazing. IMO the best anime of this season.
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