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It's more of core P2P features rather than other gimmicks. Some programs (Deluge I think) don't have SuperSeeding and other stuff.
Newest uTorrent but adds and whatnot removed. Might switch to something else...qBittorrent has a lot of features.
This. Holy smokes, these 2 episodes were awesome.
Did Anilist mess up or did Koufuku Graffiti actually air Thursday? I see it nowhere.
Just a heads up using a certain company name to get by profanity filters can result in the mods getting a bit angry.
I think it's general drivers that work are provided in kernel (aka. networking, video, etc.) and then any remaining ones are obtained via repositories, so long as your networking works, since including every driver would make the installation file enormous.
Well, for the more mainstream distros that have everything included, aka all flavors of Ubuntu. Some are rather bare and you have to sift through the repository in order to get the drivers. I'm not sure if linux can autodetect.
I read "mystery sugar poop" instead of "mystery sugar goop" at first glance and became concerned for a minute.
Looks like diabetes...many would approve. 
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