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Well the Xeon E3-1231 and above are i7s with or without a GPU and a locked multiplier (1230 and below are overpriced i5 with a few extra features like maybe VT-x or something). They cost less than i7's by a good amount. So if you're going to OC, get an unlocked i5 or i7. If you don't and want an i7 for cheap, Xeon E3-1231.
From the GoldenEars Korea measurements it seems pretty flat for FR and isn't lacking in bass at all. Hm... It seems like they're intended to be used together based off of your review, with the R70x being the natural one for listening to end product and the M70x for more critical work.
Excited to see this!
This is starting to make me wonder if Audio-Technica had intended the M70x to be a compliment to the R70x and vice versa, because from the little I've read of the M70x, it seems to have a dry, detailed, analytical sound in comparison to the natural sound of the R70x.
No war makes warship girls turn from lolis into beauties, clearly. XD Is this not how the world works? :P
Alright finished it. Not sure about that ending. It felt really rushed for a last episode.   Yuudachi confirmed best ship though. 
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