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On the other hand it looks like China is fighting bloatware on phones (check my edit). Hm... Too bad phones here are stupidly expensive. A Galaxy S6 16GB is only ~$500 in the US while it's around $1000 in China (USD for both).
http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/31/hisense-buys-sharp-us-operations/   Oh no...   On the other hand though: http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/31/samsung-allows-deleting-bloatware-in-china/
Lol I was going to say, if it's clear it probably has something to do with water so it would have the 三点水 (3 water dots) radical to the left.Yup, by joining us you have sold us your soul. Yeah DL for 1080p. I don't know, maybe the snow is just the calm before the storm. Maybe we will have a revival. :P Also anime characters don't have strands of hair but sheets of it.
If you easily fall prey to Pixiv and or Shigure + Yuudachi, then yes, because the poistorm is real here. It's okay, have somebody kiss your butt for you and the pain will all go away.  +1 Wait what? Don't we normally say 绿 instead? I don't hear Qing all that much.
Welcome to the biggest thread on Head-Fi. Fortunately faster than light speed is no longer a thing here (derailment still is) so feel free to read every post. Enjoy your stay.
ikr? I thought it was April Fools or opposite day when I heard that. Yup. Mostly the former b/c OS X and most Linux WMs and or DEs seem to have had them for ages. Eh, not going to happen. Windows wasn't designed to be modular so that's a giant fail. I mean look at how deeply programs are in Windows vs. the cleaner module styled programs in UNIX-like systems. It's sad when Windows is the only thing you need something like Revo Uninstaller for.
I must be bored out of my mind right now then. (-_-")
Yuck. Sucks that you have one of those cysts.  Anybody else find the NOVA opening theme really catchy? Probably the only thing I liked in all of my science-related classes.  
New Posts  All Forums: