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Basically. LIES! IT'S ALL LIES! I could care less about a good rig at this point. Just a powerful laptop with a spare monitor should do me fine.
Not sure if my parents will let me since it's...not in any way beneficial towards my future? They have the credit card, so my hands are tied. It would be $199.99 + $280-$295 for a JDSLabs O2 combo depending on if I go custom or not. Yup. Maybe I'll just purchase a few of those and let that be it. Not sure if all the headers on my Asrock board have speed control on the headers though. I know some of them do since SpeedFan works. Yuuuuup. The price isn't too bad tbh (for the...
The Gigabyte board has RPM control on the sys_fan connector (it's in the manual online). From the tests, it also beats the Cougars and Corsairs handily. The fan performs similar to a Gentle Typhoon free air and with radiator from what I saw on those tests.Upgrading the GPU is worthless to me. 270X can already handle mid-high 1080p gaming. An overclockable pentium is a piece of crap in the long term since more and more programs are relying on threads. I also...   Now to see if I can get it. Maybe I ought to throw in a few extra Scythe Slip Streams (I really only need 1 but the other 2 are for future uses). These slipstreams perform as well as Gentle Typhoons in free air and with on radiator. Quite the steal for $10! I just need a fan controller or motherboard fan headers that have speed control for 3-pin...
So many headphones that I want, and this is one of them. Hoping for HeadRoom or GoldenEars to get measurements of this soon to compare with the K712 and K612.
It's hard to fit in all of the manga into 24 episodes, especially since it's still ongoing.
I feel like a lot of people were expecting only a bass increase to deal with the ATH-AD900's roll off. I guess it was reasonable to expect with how the closed "x" versions were changing.   Maybe after EQing they'll sound better.
Newest Mushishi S2 was really neat. Really cool mushi.
Newest SAO II actually had a decent end. Fate/Stay Night was awesome as well.  [[SPOILER]] Time for Mushishi S2.
No reason to upgrade to the 970 if you can't use it. Let's be honest here, most people can't use the power of a 970. Also no point unless you just want the latest or want to go with a more powerful mITX build as soon as ASUS, MSi, and Gigabyte release their half-length 970s (only one so far w/ a half length is Galax/Galaxy I believe. Zotac has one with a cooler that's 2-3cm longer than half length).
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