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I don't get how that's a spoiler. It's Fate/Stay Night. All I'm showing is Archer. And if that's towards the part in spoilers, they make it pretty damn apparent, and stuff in spoiler tags are generally spoilers.
Anybody else having issues with their subscriptions page breaking on the threads view? It keeps on loading the same page saying that the last post was at 2:31 by mice. It works again after clearing out everything but then after 2-3 weeks it breaks again. Using the latest build of 64-bit chrome.   Edit: Can't wait for Garnidelia's Blazing to come out later this week (not sure if it's tomorrow or Wednesday). Love Maria's singing.   Edit: it's the 29th.
Yeah, that seems quite stressful on the should and possibly the right side of your abs/waist area. But like you said, heroic spirits? No problem. From certain angles it looks like its enough to the side but from the front view it doesn't look much like it.
I was a bit curious about that too, but it lines up your right eye (in this case) perfectly with the shaft so you can see where your arrow will land. I always thought it was the opposite side but for aiming, left side does make more sense. edit: just searched up a video on compound bows. Yes, the arrow goes between you and the bow. So ufotable got the minute details right. Even the way the arrow is held was done correctly. All the applause for ufotable. Truly Unlimited...
Pretty awesome. Timing was off but the Aldnoah was made for a totally different timing pace. The music with archer though is priceless. So perfect, so much tension building, all the epic, CAN'T HANDLE IT. For those who have seen Aldnoah.Zero and paid attention to the music, thought that was good? This is even better, noticeably better. Agreed, although for those who know what onii-chan really means but haven't seen the 2006 F/SN, it...
I've spent basically my entire weekend rewatching this episode. The awesome fighting and music to back it up makes this episode amazing. This episode has me addicted to the music that plays when  [[SPOILER]]
True.  [[SPOILER]] Edit: may as well just change the route to Unlimited Badass Works.
At this point, who cares? The real question here is why does ufotable always make Berserker a bad-ass? Not that it's a bad thing.
20 minutes of fighting to make  up for just information building in the last episode, if that's any surprise.
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