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Korra Book 3 Episode 8: surprised I actually like this part of Korra's arc. Things are getting pretty intense.
Didn't have this issue with any forums or Skype. +1. Such a boring romance. Mhmm. Let them fight it out. I'd love to see Bose take out Beats. At least Bose is slightly better.
It's not that. Normally I don't notice, but the thicker lines around their eyes just draws so much more attention towards it.
The entire anime just feels like a mess to me. The characters aren't all that likable IMO. At least the ones shown in the beginning showing that "I can do it no matter what" thing you see in some anime. It's annoying to me. Proportions also bother me for some reason in this anime (anime characters are already drawn disproportionate). WHY ARE RINKA'S EYES SO NOTICEABLY BIG?! They apply some thick, heavy lines around here eyes that kind of just bring it out. I'm just not a...
I hated episode 3, but each to his/her own opinion (I heard the manga is much better).   Meanwhile, I installed Kawaii Codec Pack to replace VLC (basically MPC-HC + MadVR + LavFilters + more all in one installer, really convenient) and Haruhi has turned into a pedophile.     Quite the disturbing MPC-HC logo to appear.
Whaaat, I've been there so many times. (TT-TT)
The Facebook interface is too cluttered. One issue about Facebook and Twitter (and Google+ while we're at it) that I don't like is that they always throw in suggested people to follow somewhere in your feed. Twitter does it at points in your own feed/profile while you scroll down, facebook does it on your following feed/news feed, Google+ just shows the "You May Know" box all the time.   Microblog and blog services should be focused on delivering content instead of...
It's okay, nobody uses facebook anymore.  
Nobody needs to know.  
I'll take it. You should be home. I can go over this weekend.
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