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It's worth watching to find out how bad anime can get or for the memes. I mean, if nobody watched it, how would we ever get to make fun of this? 
Lol Genderfluid crossover into Tumblr Gender (top right). I have no idea what to make of that.
No just YouTube the fights. Nothing worth watching but those. There's no reason to waste the extra time to watch anything else except the fights.
Don't watch Fate/Stay Night, UBW or Deen. They're both horrible. UBW at least has some nice fight scenes because ufotable but Shiro is so awful it ruins the entire series.   The good parts of the show are summed up by all the fight scenes minus the last one.   Anyways, my recommendations for first tier picks:   Monogatari series (watch it in airing order): This show somehow makes dialogue really amazing. SHAFT has a very unique way of doing things.   Shigatsu wa...
K712's FR curve is actually pretty close to the HK reference curve (if you haven't realized by now, I'm the #'s guy and am pretty partial to what Tyll is advocating at innerfidelity in that there is objectively something that defines a good sounding headphone for the majority of people out there) so it's a headphone I would pick. HD800 was pretty far off that curve so...pass. ATH-R70x though...do want.
That looks like a funky setup of how TV's were set up a long time ago in store displays. I assume it autoplays and zooms in if you stare at one of the thumbnails of another video (or are those stills from preset seek times?) for awhile.
Honestly there's no reason if you're content with the sound of the HD800s. The marginal utility of more expensive headphones drops off really quickly due to the fact that the added money for "better" sound isn't a linear curve but starts to flatten out instead so for the majority of people there's no reason to ever go past mid-range headphones. They just simply will never notice the difference unless critical listening is their hobby or part of their job. That and there's...
Izetta 2: Still looks promising.   Sangatsu: This looks like it's going to be amazing. Looking forward to it.   Occultic;Nine: I don't particularly like the male MC. He's a little too quirky. Also some of the female character design...not sure if this show is going to be dominated by fanservice or something. I'd hope not. Anyways we'll see where this goes but this is probably my current most droppable one.   Drifters: This also looks like it's going to be very...
Technically wireless charging shouldn't be nearly as bad as Quick Charge for battery life. Quick Charge is still the winner because you probably get a much faster charge and a similar amount of charge/discharge cycles for the same amount of heat produced by an induction coil. But yeah since wireless charging charges at the normal rate it's pretty useless. Our current take on wireless charging/induction charging is pretty useless. It fits into one very specific style of...
Euphonium S2:   I'm honestly not sure what to expect from a S2 of this series but it feels much less focused on competition this time.
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