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This. Really only matters for 2-chip cards, although they still see very small benefits (or multi-card scaling).
Eh, probably happens everywhere.
It's absolutely necessary. There's no telling how stupid Americans can be (and I say America b/c that's where most of the stupid stories originate from as far as I've seen).
@mushishi ep 3: Pretty nice. Not my favorite but still good.
Ugh, Animebytes tracker broke for me. It says "Your client is not approved" under the tracker so I can't update it and now the system said I've incurred 5 Hit and Runs.
Welcome to the club! Which mech kb did you get? Amazon link: I love Plugable because they try to make sure their products can function WITHOUT drivers. They provide drivers if it absolutely needs to. For Windows 8 and above, you shouldn't need drivers and Microsoft provides Bluetooth drivers. Broadcom drivers are a nightmare...
Glorious 2-ton-bricks-on-our-desk race* I think that's what you mean. But yeah, CRT is still basically unrivaled for refresh rates. Only problem is how heavy those bricks are.
I really don't understand the resolution race right now, at least on phones. It's not completely bad, because it pushes SOC and other graphics hardware companies to push how much power their GPUs but QHD and higher on a tablet or a phone is really puzzling to me. Really sad too to see how phones have these higher resolutions before desktops and laptops when phones are the weaker of the three.
Any word for when the remake is going to air (Fate/Stay Night)?
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