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I'm not sure what to think of Samsung in the maintenance route. Traditionally their ATIV 9 books have removable memory. My father's current one does too. Samsung has somewhat gone quiet in marketing their laptops and ultrabooks in the US. In fact the ATIV Book 9 with Broadwell Core M is actually thinner than the new Macbook yet almost nobody talked about it. :P   Oh wow, that is a steal for this laptop. IMO the most beautiful laptop on the market right alongside the Macbooks. I'm having urges.   B&H also has the i5 + 128GB SSD model but considering that's only $50 less...thank goodness for clearing out stocks.
They have the Ubuntu version of the XPS 13 2015 out which cuts off $100 or more off the pricetag because no Windows. I'd only recommend this if 1. you have a spare copy of Windows on hand (whether it be already there or provided by your school via Dreamspark) or 2. you plan on using Linux.
But I'm too lazy to fish right now. Or I shouldn't be because I'm supposed to be doing 3 practice AP English essays instead. (-_-")
Wait, play or watch Kancolle? Everything feels dull after watching Shirobako (might be my current favorite of all time), so it's going to take something good to get me watching again. Listening to the soundtrack reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy (2 because I haven't played 1. Loved the game). Might be another reason I love this so much. You pen-fi people in this thread have me appreciating my pen so much more now (Uni-Ball Micro, roller ball pen). I didn't pay much...
I honestly feel like I have nothing to do after watching Shirobako. I was so sad when I finished it. (TT-TT)
Wait, they're on 3.6? I still only have 3.1 installed. Then again I don't really play my Wii anymore.
Felt somewhat empty but that's just me.  [[SPOILER]]
I just skipped around, then deleted it. I had no idea what happened.
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