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I love FEZ. Did the 209.8% and also caused the Kokoromi (3 heart cube) structure to dissolve into thin air.
LOL. I can't get into the habit of eating cartilage though. Often times the pieces are too small and annoying to chew. It's also a weird semi-squishy yet firm structure that I don't really like. +1 Very sudden. Not sure what garbage they're trying to pull. I'd like one. :3
Yeah looks good to me if it's an extra millimeter or so because battery life cannot be compromised. I honestly thought the phones looked really ugly from this angle and in that color but the other released photos on the Xperia Blog that show it in gold actually look kind of nice. At the very least the sides aren't as curvy so it's easier to hold.  You know I haven't woken up yet when I try to press the gain button to turn on my O2.
The 5.2" size of the Z5 (Regular) seems to be fine. From the photos it looked like the compact was slightly thicker than the normal version?
I don't see anything listed outside of the Dolby 7.1 garbage. Looks like whatever stock garbage comes with the Snapdragon 615. Which version is it? 6 and 7 seem to be fine from the time I used it in China. I think Samsung cleaned up TouchWiz quite a bit. It looked fine on the Galaxy A8. Can't beat stock Android though because Google now has the outlines for Material Design and many apps follow that now. So hyped for Xperia Z5 series. September 2 announcement at 6:45...
OP Updated w/ fall charts, and yikes I missed a few versions of Zektr's charts.   Also: http://www.fastcodesign.com/3050406/how-ammunition-and-apples-ex-ceo-plan-to-disrupt-the-design-center-of-the-smartphone-world   Hm...the question now is...is the audio circuitry any good?   Because if not, then I think Samsung global models (actually I think US is using Wolfson chip now too right now because they abandoned the Snapdragon 810), Apple, or Sony for good built in...
MY BEAUTIFUL CREATION! NO! I should go update that OP w/ newer charts... Yup, stickers too addicting apparently. +1
Hm, are these raw graphs? They look like they're compensated to me.
Haven't seen any measurements from Tyll or from GoldenEars Korea yet. I thought GoldenEars would have gotten a model rather quickly.
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