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So here's the question: I have some Band camp music I can DL at FLAC or mp3 320. Google Music will convert to mp3 320 if I upload FLAC. So, should I upload the FLAC files and trust their conversion. Or just put up my mp3 320s? The FLAC files are 24bit 88kHz~96kHz if that matters. Thoughts?
Basically, someone keep me from buying some Bose SoundTrue Around the Ear headphones 
 Thanks, I'll give them a look.  On first Google, it does look like they pack with the phones pressed together, so not any skinnier.  Is that what you remember? I'd prefer something that packs like this:   Making them thinner. Thanks again :)
So I ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD380Pro to tote back and forth to work each day in a messenger bag.  I LOVE how they sound and that they pack into something that isn't very thick as the messenger bag has lots of room length and width wise, but not depth wise.   However, I am used to using a pair of Shure SRH-840 at work that have NO sound leak, even when I crank them up.  The HD380Pro did leak, and I am sure my office people would be able to hear them (someone sits...
Wow, well I got a pair of HD380Pro in, but I think they are going right back to Amazon.  They are kind of exactly what I wanted: SRH-840 sound (good bass and the like) in a 598 form factor.   HOWEVER, they leak like crazy :(  I have someone sitting beside me in my office about 5 ft. away so these are a no-go.
Interesting. So from what I am seeing I might expect more of an SRH 840 bass hit, which is fine. Pleather doesn't bother me (840 has that too). Hopefully they just don't clamp as much as the 840 do and feel about as tight as the 598.Thanks for the input
So I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 that I use mostly at home, and a pair of Shure SRH 840 that I use at home but also tote to work every day.   The HD598 are open so I cannot take them to work. However, they sound great and are super comfortable.   The SRH 840 are closed and also sound great, however they just barely fit in my bag and cause quite a bit of pain on my ears after 8+ hours of listening (even with little breaks). They also don't have any sound leak, which...
So I would like to have a pair of headphones to drag back and forth to work each day.  The problem is that I take a messenger bag and my Sennheiser SRH-840 really stretch it to it's max.  So I am looking for a set of cans that can rotate their speakers so that they can pack mostly flat in a case.  I saw some Bose SoundTrue today at BestBuy that seem to work, but I know my money may be better spent elsewhere.   I'd love to spend under $75, but I could go a bit over if...
Thanks for the reply on this, saddening as it is.   Anyone have any suggestions for a DIY to put something soft on the top?  I'd be willing to cut the old one off if it means I can have something that doesn't flake off in my hair anymore.
Good evening everyone. After years of dutiful service, my Sennheiser HD 212pro foam padding has started to disintigrate. I know I can get new pads for the drive for about $20, but can anything be done for the pad on the inside of the band? Tanks for any suggestions
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