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Hello all.   Looking for the smallest profile IEMs I can with foam tips.  These will be used under a motorcycle helmet, so being able to slide it on while they are inserted is key.  I currently use some Shure SE310 and they are a bit difficult to keep on when putting the helmet on.   And to stave off some off topic discussion: they are legal to wear riding in my state and I listen at a very low volume so I can still hear cars and sirens.  I mainly just want to cut wind...
So, I have narrowed my search to these two DAPs.  But which one has the better interface?  I'll be coming from an iPod Touch + FiiO E17, which had a great interface but was a bit clunky as a unit (and the E17 headphone jack is becoming loose/static-y).  I also have all my playlists in iTunes, so if there is a way to just export those lists to one of these that would be great.   Any thoughts?   Thanks for any help!
 Out of these, does anyone know which would have the least/no background hiss?  That's one of my biggest issues finding equipment to use with my SE310.  Hiss in near silent sections really comes through.
So for a long time now I have been using a 32GB iPod Touch 2G + Fiio E17.  It sounds great for my gear (Sennheiser HD598, Shure SRH840, Shure SRH440, Shure SE310), and I love using it with my laptop on the go.   However, it's becoming a bit cumbersome to haul around all the time and the storage is getting a bit thin for my tastes.  I was thinking of getting an iBasso DX90 + 2x 128GB cards.   Are there any other options out there in my price range?  Most of my music is...
Hmm, that's a bit lame. Loved using the E17 with whatever driver it pulled on its own. Could just get the X3ii and keep the E17 thoigh . Thanks for the help. Now to just figure out how to sync up my iTunes playlists....
Can the X3ii be used as a stand alone DAC/amp like the e17 for say my computer? Just seeing if I get a X3ii if I could sell the e17
Just to verify: can this be used over USB to a Fiio E17? Is there another way to use the DAC and amp of the E17, or is the E17 not really needed at all with this?
I am on Windows 10 PC. If I do this, along with the music, will my iTunes created playlists transfer as well?What would be the best way to keep the playlists and new music synced?Thanks for the help
Hey guys: Iwant to transition to this from an iPod touch. No purchased music, but a lot of ALAC. Can my iTunes playlists be easily transfered to the X3ii? Plan on a 128gb card so I can just copy and paste my entire music folder (iTunes organized thoigb). Thanks!
No worries.  People who don't ride never realize how windy it is in that helmet (even a full face one).  Something like 115db+ at highway speeds.
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