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After 2 years mine is just starting to get the lose headphone jack problem is this an easy fix?
Sorry to bump an old thread here, but did anyone ever get one of these replacement jacks sent to them to install? Was the install easy to do? Did you have to solder?
 Thanks, I look forward to hearing how it does. Unfortunately it may be too short for my needs.  I have to go from the side of a RAZR M to the bottom of a FiiO E17.
I too am interested in one of these about 6" in length.  Any new finds?
Any updates on the Olive test? Thinking of getting these myself, since they use the Apt-X transfer protocol that my Motorola phone uses.
Yeah, mine were $180 from Electronics Expo about a year ago.  Worth full price, but if you can find a sale, take it :)
Aww darn, my velco is just below that.  Well, if I get the dock I'll try and pry it off, lol.   Thanks again :)
Fantastic, this is perfect.  Will check my velcro placement tomorrow :)
So, I use some of the heavy duty Velco to attach my E17 to my iPod Touch.  I am thinking of getting an E09K for my desktop, but am wondering if my tape is going to block docking.  Ic an just move the tape, but I want to avoid that if I can.  WOuld anyone be able to take a pick of the backs of the devices while docked so I can see how deep the E17 goes into the E09k?   Thanks!
Ok, well I have a RAZR M now and I have been playing with it and my Shure SE310 IEMs this morning.  I do get a bit of background hiss.  Honestly, it does not bother me, but considering where I am posting right now some people might want to try before they buy ;)
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