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 Thanks, I look forward to hearing how it does. Unfortunately it may be too short for my needs.  I have to go from the side of a RAZR M to the bottom of a FiiO E17.
I too am interested in one of these about 6" in length.  Any new finds?
Any updates on the Olive test? Thinking of getting these myself, since they use the Apt-X transfer protocol that my Motorola phone uses.
Yeah, mine were $180 from Electronics Expo about a year ago.  Worth full price, but if you can find a sale, take it :)
Aww darn, my velco is just below that.  Well, if I get the dock I'll try and pry it off, lol.   Thanks again :)
Fantastic, this is perfect.  Will check my velcro placement tomorrow :)
So, I use some of the heavy duty Velco to attach my E17 to my iPod Touch.  I am thinking of getting an E09K for my desktop, but am wondering if my tape is going to block docking.  Ic an just move the tape, but I want to avoid that if I can.  WOuld anyone be able to take a pick of the backs of the devices while docked so I can see how deep the E17 goes into the E09k?   Thanks!
Ok, well I have a RAZR M now and I have been playing with it and my Shure SE310 IEMs this morning.  I do get a bit of background hiss.  Honestly, it does not bother me, but considering where I am posting right now some people might want to try before they buy ;)
  Thank you for the reply, I hope we can get even more :)
  Looking at this phone myself, and I'd love to hear if this helps others, and especially those running Jelly Bean.
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