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Curve is another band that ought to be mentioned here.     On rateyourmusic.com the user shockofDAYLIGHT is the resident shoegaze expert, and he published this list of his choice of 50+ best shoegaze/dream pop albums, plus also-rans and EP's.   https://rateyourmusic.com/list/shockofDAYLIGHT/you_need_to_give_me_more_texture__the_best_shoegaze_dream_pop_albums_of_all_time____ever/    He knows his stuff when it comes to this genre, so none of his picks are bad.
i just recently got into the band Thy Art Is Murder. For my money they're the best deathcore band around, since the breakdowns are flavoring and not the whole meal with them. They have a truly meanacing sound.
My only concern about washing my Beyerdynamic velour pads is possible shrinking that might make them harder to fit back on to the cans after drying.  Even a hand washing and air drying can cause uneven shrinking, especially with a piece that was never intended to be washed (like those velour pads).
I'm buying as many CD's as I can since I see nothing wrong at all with the format.  You can often find specials on brand new CD's really cheap, FAR cheaper than their vinyl counterparts, and IMO from the standpoint of absolute sonics CD is actually a better bet.
There are some new small labels that are dedicated to reissuing previously released recording on vinyl, but the only one I am familiar with is Superior Viaduct, and they focus mostly on Los Angeles underground music.  However, they recently released for the first time ever the actual soundtrack to the Andrei Tarkovsky movie Solaris, which was only ever available in re-recorded versions previously.   www.superiorviaduct.com
As far as metalcore goes, most people agree that Botch's We Are The Romans is one of the cornerstones of the genre.  I'm not much for the genre, but that recording is stellar.  It's an ideal blend between complex musicianship and raw, abrasive heavy metal, with just a hint of groove to it.  Even metalcore stalwarts Converge bore the hell out of me, as they are abrasive for its own sake, at least to me, and Dillinger Escape Plan too wanky.
I just took my DT-770's offshore with me for only the second time, as I wanted to keep them at home as "good" full-size headphones.  My Etymotic ER-6i's had been out of commission for awhile until I got a colleague at work to solder on a new minijack.  Trouble is, when the jack is turned a certain way, the left channel cuts out.  I'm just waiting for these things to finally die, but I don't want to be caught offshore without a proper headphone, and I need isolation from...
The HD380 is an altogether different beast from the HD280, they really can't be compared.  HD380 has much more of the signature laid back Sennheiser sound, Owning the HD580, I would say if you were looking for the HD580/600/650 in a closed can, the HD380 would be the way to go.   Recalling ownership of both, if isolation and to a degree soundstage were most important factors, I would recommend the HD280's.  In all other ways, the MDR-V6 is better.
I can only guess about the first part, maybe it means that their sound was heavier than Metallica's so they thought the sound guy might try to compromise their sound.   A "rider" is a contract that a band's management makes with a venue that lays out what the band wants for the show.  Certain things that are usually related to light, sound and stage set-up.  It can also involve other things, even what sort of food the band is provided...if, say, a band likes a certain...
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