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 You modded the HD 650 on Day One? Wow!
Chord products must sound incredibly good because they're ugly as sin to look at. Ridiculously expensive too.
This looks interesting..   http://diyah.boards.net/thread/1396/kameleon-filter-assembly-available-g1217?page=1&scrollTo=22671
Looking for a sound quality test album? Two sleeps until Yellos' new Toy is released.
 It's a ridiculous price. Anyone who's tempted needs to look at this bridge I have for sale.
 Thanks. I'm not really made of stone though
I have a Forza Audio cable for my HD 650. It looks beautiful & it's built very well. It makes next to no difference to my sound and consequently lives in the box it came in. The stock cable seems to be pretty good quality and my heart doesn't leap to my mouth when I run over it with my chair.
 I've never heard of that amp before but the specs are decent. There's no veil for me using my Project Ember MkII.
 What amp are you driving the HD 650 with?
 I do & I have. I've no idea why I'm even still here to be honest. Old habits die hard I guess.
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