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I never hear distortion and unity gain generally offers more than enough volume for me. The only time I use 3x gain is with some older recordings or when I'm using my Q701's. I'd probably go for that Epiphany version, particularly given the longer warranty period. Head'n'Hifi do a great job though and I've no complaints.
It does get shipped from Germany. I've had my O2 and ODAC for around 5 months now. Warranty work would be a hassle but there's not very much to go wrong and I hope I could work out any problem myself, possibly with the help of some of the many clever people in this very thread.
That's what this is all about man. Enjoy.
I'm in the UK and I went for Head'n'Hifi. There will be NO import tax, there wasn't for me. Build quality is superb and I went for gains of 1x/3x. This works great for all my headphones but particularly well with my HD650's.
Good choice! Also remember, the M-100 can be even more comfortable with the addition of the XL pads. This also makes the sound slightly warmer, imo.
I need to check out James Blake. Sea Change has exceptional warmth and detail. A winning combination on the 650's.What makes these so special for me is that I can listen to a wide range of music without feeling short-handed. Every now & again though I stumble across music that seems made for the Senn's. That's priceless.
I'd be interested to hear your comparison of these.
I used to think I knew what all the descriptive terms referred to but since the 650's I'm not so sure. The Forza cable improves clarity but to nowhere near the same extent as simply switching to my Q701's. Similarly, the 650's aren't so good with electronic dance type music but then I try my V-Moda's and all is right with the world. II'll say this though - I'd be very surprised if there's a better all-around headphone out there for my brain. I'm currently listening to...
I already own a Forza cable in a shorter length but I don't like what it does to the sonic character.
Does anyone here know of anyone in the UK who would be able to shorten my stock cable and perhaps fit a higher quality plug? The length is just too much for me but I like the cable itself. A higher quality plug is just for bling.
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