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There's plenty who would argue that point.
 +1 I'd still like to hear this effect for myself.
 It was that easy.
 What do you propose is happening over those 150 to 200 hours then?
Do you guys know what instrument the HD 650 is particularly good with?   Bagpipes! Here's the late, great Martyn Bennett. He left us far too soon..  
 Yeah, it really is that simple. By the way, the vast majority of recording studios use Mogami. My loudspeakers are.. Mogami. Go figure.
 Yeah, as someone who dabbles in producing my own music I do get that. The thing is though, I'm not EQ'ing the music. It's the headphones themselves. No headphone is perfect, not even with EQ. But using EQ gets me just a bit closer to my interpretation of perfection. That's all.
I've read others who have & prefer the Ken-Rad. The Sylvania carries a certain cache simply because it's called a Bad Boy. Who couldn't like that?
I tend to agree with you about the philosophical argument. It's nonsense. The signal goes through so much EQ in the studio in the first place that to argue against it is madness. I also agree that my settings might be slightly off but would say that it depends on the amplification to a certain extent. My Favourite valve tends to be just a bit bloomy in the lower mids so I can (and do) dial that back a bit with EQ. Horses for courses though. As long as the EQ is within the...
 Yup, and possibly the end too. Take the money saved & go on holiday.
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