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What's an "HVAC"?
 I didn't know he was into hi-fi now until I read Bob's post. I'll tell you this, the man knows very little about photography.
 It's playing worldwide tonight. As far as I know this is a first. I think it's going to be incredible! This might be the future for those of us less fortunate people who either can't attend or can't afford the big gigs.
 I also moved from the Q701 to the HD 650 and it was such a relief to me. The Senn's are far more comfortable physically as well as sonically.
 Did you maybe, by any chance, leave them in a well-sealed container under a bush somewhere and would be only too happy if one of your European colleagues to pick them up? Nah, seriously, Avignon is as beautiful as ever. I'd be interested to know why you were there, PM me if you want. I live just 18km from Avignon.
 The acoustics are fine, although I don't listen to the Senn's so much as I tend to be sitting outside a lot in the sunshine. Outside I use the Vyrus IEM's. It was my birthday last week so we're going to see the Rammstein movie in Avignon this Thursday. Really looking forward to that. Stunning cinematography & Rammstein in surround should be excellent. 
 You need a bigger map mate.  Your amp travelled 3,700 miles, roughly. My amp's travelled 7,500 miles.
 You'd be surprised. My one travelled from the USA to Scotland, then to Spain & finally (so far) to France.  A Giotto Rocket Blower does a grand job of keeping it clean. Better in fact than a regular encased amp with ventilation slots on top because the Ember does actually get cleaned. 
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