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I'll eat my hat if Poweramp is better than Neutron.
 You must have a very strange head if you thing the 650 is in the same league as the Q701 for comfort.
 Sorry to hear that mate, I genuinely feel your pain having been there more than once. Top Tip - get your Doc to prescribe Tramadol & your hearing will astonish you. ;)
 I would avoid fiddling about with the output capacitor bypass jumpers while the amp is powered up if I were you.
The O2 can't drive them well at all.
 I agree regarding Jean-Michel Jarre. Apart from Oxygene & Equinoxe which came out when I was still at school he's kinda left me cold too. Zoolook is a good album though with amazingly good production.  That's the one, excellent anthemic tune. Turn it up!
 There's a song on Electronica 2 which is a collaboration with Gary Numan. Outstanding!
 I know what you mean but I don't actually notice much difference to be honest. The open structure helps a lot in that respect, I think. My Mac, on the other hand, is running very hot these days. Worryingly so actually
Mine's is on all the time but I use it as a pre-amp for everything.
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