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From some of the 'reviews' I read around here it's obvious that some people are listening to headphones when they can rather than when they maybe should. If I'm not in the mood for headphones then I'm not going to particularly enjoy listening to them, no matter what brand or music is playing. Headphones are also, uniquely, a source of sensory deprivation too and as such they demand a lot more from the listener than anything else so, if you go into it in the wrong frame of...
I recommend Shpongle. Oot yer heid in nae time at a'!
 Or, you're deaf.
 I must admit to being intrigued by the Nighthawk but I too would expect way better in the cable department, from a Cable Company. edit - How ironic would it be if the Nighthawk cable specifically led to a range of replacement cables from other 'third-party' companies?
Excellent! Thank you.
I'm 50 and in an online hearing test the best I can reliably do is 16kHz, after that I can't hear it. The trouble with a lot of treble-centric cans these days is that the spike isn't actually way up in the high's where it might be useful. It's rarely like that and usually spikes between 2kHz & 8kHz. In spite of all that I prefer the treble delivery of the HD 650 over anything. Anyway, the mids are so damn good the treble only has to keep up.
 I'm sold! Where would I buy such a thing?
   From the very first review of this headphone I suspected Audioquest had the HD 650 in their sights. Every subsequent review seems to suggest the same. And, without hearing the Nighthawks myself, it would seem they have failed.
 I said before that I'm old-fashioned but, maybe, I'm just old.
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