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Since becoming fully contented with my rig might I offer this..     Yes, the video is garbage, switch off your monitor. But the sound..
I'm a big fan of the O2. I like the concept, the design & I even like how it sounds. But it is NOT an amp suitable for the HD 650.
The metal used is spring metal. Just bending it back & forth will achieve nothing. Grab the metal at both ends and bend to a point just beyond horizontal. Hold it in that position for 15 seconds. Then do the same on the other side. Rinse & repeat until it's right for you.
Yeah, I was really just highlighting the song itself. Her studio albums are superb. Mary Black is also an accomplished solo act and her albums also sound superb. YouTube has its limits.
Here's something for those of us with more traditional tastes. Brilliant vocals here..     Enjoy.
 Project Ember doesn't get hot.
 I might also hear the difference but unfortunately money is limited. Still, I live on the Med and I'm about to go over the mountain for a fish supper. Things could be worse.
I'm sadly at the stage where the weakest component in my 'system' is my own hearing. C'est la vie. Now I have more money to spend on other things. Happy days!
 Yup. Frans' opinion is good enough for me.
 I agree but these people do exist. If someone's paid the money and they want to butcher their purchase that's fair enough but to do so without at least attempting EQ first is madness imo.
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