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 I totally agree but many don't. Of all the headphones I've owned these exhibited by far the biggest improvement as the hours piled on. I also agree about amping them properly, preferably with a valve amp. Enjoy.
 Yeah, that's the impression I've been getting. Thanks.  Thanks for doing that for me. That's kinda what I was expecting to hear. The 650's could certainly do with a bit more oomph down low but I really like the overall character and wouldn't want to deviate too much. I really can't tolerate too much treble. I've no idea why that is since I'm 50 and I know my hearing is slightly deficient towards the top end. I had a pair of Q701's but the spike at 2k was just intolerable...
Nice review mate.   Am I alone in thinking that the more I read about these headphones the more I think I'm reading about the HD 650's? Has anyone heard both over an extended period and is able to compare them?   I like dark myself as opposed to the modern trend for over-hyped treble in an effort to portray a false sense of detail. I can't tolerate this harshness.
Do you hear the buzz with other headphones?
Yeah, the HD 598 will do what you're looking for. They certainly don't need an amp either. However, what you're looking for is something of an anathema to most headphone enthusiasts. You seem to be loooking for a product which is fundamentally not very good. No low's & no high's is a very limiting factor. Can I ask why this is what you're aiming for?
If you have an amp I'd recommend the Sennheiser HD 650. It doesn't really do sub-bass & some describe the treble as being rolled off. I think it's sublime.
 Yeah, that's about it. Jeremy's 6SN7 adapter is top quality too, if only he'd start building these 7193 adapters I might be tempted to give it a go.
Yes, I agree but there's no harm in the odd music link now & again, especially if it's to something the listener thinks particularly suits the sonic signature of the HD 650.
That's a brilliant song I haven't heard before. I do like Natalie Merchant though. Have you heard her singing Motherland?
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