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I think it's more a case of rival headphones having 'enhanced' treble and people getting so used to hearing that that they then think the 650 is deficient. I think they're looking at it the wrong way.
The 650's work very well with my ODAC/O2. Just for reference
British people are mugs.
Or use EQ.
It works for me because I choose headphones which are pretty much exactly what I want to hear and tweak the rest as required. I wasn't talking about loudspeakers or room dynamics because this is a headphone forum.
I'm not one to use much EQ generally but the parametric EQ in Neutron works wonderfully with all my headphones. Certainly much better than the 10-band EQ in the likes of Poweramp. YMMV.
I didn't say the O2 is special. What I said was that it's "fully transparent" but not truly portable.Anyway, surely the point of the X1 is that it's portable and relatively cheap? Not many people are going to be pairing it with LCD's, surely? As long as it can drive my M-100's I'll be happy to buy one. And I'm sure it can because my lowly Sansa Clip+ does.
To the best of my knowledge there are no "fully transparent" portable amps. The O2 doesn't count as it's at least twice the size of this X1.
I have a loch.
Neutron MP has a fantastic parametric equalizer.
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