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Hi; I have a Athad700 that right speaker goes in and out when wire is moved .Does anyone in the Quebec area do cable rewires? or a removable wire mod???
Hi; Is there anyone that could help fix what i think is a loose wire in my ath ad700 headphones? If I move wire by left ear  I can get the right one to work so I don't think it's the jack. Now I'd also love  for it to have a detachable cable so this never happens again( get up cord caught on desk/etc  pulls headphones offf) (I think it's how it happen) my solder skills are trash never did pick it up well. i also have the razer  ear buds(sucked in vaccum) and the hpa-1...
Hi; I'm interested
Hey ; your in Quebec as well? Cool
Sorry for the late reply and thank you.
Hi; I'd like to be in on this .
Hi; Any one running a linux setup /rig. I'd like to get  feed back on players etc  to use.
  hi; just joined the rank i got a MAGNI from  Billheiser before this I was useing the cmoy  amp . very happy thus far oh though I can tell a bad recording more now . Ad700 headohones love it . next is the usb dac from them.
ok thread jump but BlueAlien  what are those speakers?????
A tad bit new :)
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