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I have them disabled. send an email.
no idea---they're packed for shipment, sitting in a taped box in my office at work. if that helps, I bought them exactly four days short of a year ago.
Quote: Originally posted by fewtch Huh... are you talking about the HR-2 or the PPA? I was talking about hr-2 which is what I believe steely was talking about.
Quote: Originally posted by SteeleBlayde You've just shattered my dream expectations for this amp until I actually hear it when Wilson gets it back. yes, I do that a lot. you could still end up liking that amp if you haven't heard anything better though. heh, that was a pretty stupid thing for me to say. xo-xo.
Got them last December and never warmed up to the sound. Used four or five times overall. The paper box has some scuff marks, but everything inside is in good condition. Packed and ready to go, hence no pictures. $210 + shipping.
The previous buyer went quiet, so let's make it 220 + shipping.
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