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Even it they would cost $250 they would be a bargain
I am not going to buy anything Head-Fi releated for a looooooong time, totally happy with my MagaOsi K3 Pro's and Fiio X5ii. Why people buy dozens of IEM, beats me. Probably read to much forum and dive onto whatever hypetrain that comes by. I got the K3 because I had quality issues with my LZ-A2 and also my 64ears are somewhat bad sounding lately. Guess it's all hobby related, but theMagaOsi hypetrain is for real. Pretty astounding how the Chinese audio engineering...
Nice review, will put it in the starting post of the K3 Pro thread if you are all right with that.
I got my K3Pro from Penon in one (1!) week to the Netherlands. No express shiopping, normally send!
They fit, I have them fitted
I find the cables that are provided spot on. Not to rubbery, not to stiff, just right. Very little microphonics. I use a shirtclip so I don't have the cable pulling behind my ears. Even the memory wire is well made. Only thing that should be provided is the shirtclip, and maybe some kinda collector to keep the 2 cables together behind the head. I use a small tyrap to go the "stealth" look.
they won't, believe me
Curious what you think of the Magaosi K3 Pro.So, that one first?
After a couple of days wearing them at work I must say that these have me flabbergasted. The quality of the bass is just amazing, and the BA blends perfectly in. Bass is godlike! Everything is perfectly balanced, separation of instruments is top level, all said before, but it really is. I have my 128 Gb Fiio play shuffle, and even the song I don't like I still listen, because they sound so amazingly good. I think MagaOsi hit the jackpot with these!  There is nothing...
Yes, they will fit.
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