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Any dutch Head-fier who owns a TH-900? Maybe Belgium, live near the border. I would like to compare it with my HD800. Maybe do a micro meet, so we can do some A/B ing on my rig? I considering buying a TH-900, but it's hard to get your hands on one here in the Netherlands for testing purpose.
Dude, Relax a bit...
Better be for $ 800
Anyone bring a TH900?
That song is really giving goose bumps when listening !
Very tempting, just wrote them an email, how much the shippingcosts are to the Netherlands.And if they can lower the price of the parcel to avoid the rats of the tax and import.Anyone heared them on the Yulong A18 and D18?
PM sent.
Switch on the back of the A18 has to be on balanced mode, but you can use both outputs in front. I use the 6,3 because I (still) don't own a balanced cable. D18 is fully balanced btw.
I know, that's why I have my A18 and D18 connected with balanced cables
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