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Do these have some kind of warranty? My LZ-A2 have lost bass in both monitors after only 1 year...
Very curious for some reviews. Me like the detachable filters :-) When in store and how much dinero?
Will give that a try. But if that doesn't solve the problem? They are only one year old. Any warranty procedure with LZ? How to contact them?
Any info on warranty of the A2? My LZ A2 seem to have died on the bass side on both sides. Got them last november 2015 at http://faith-audio.mybigcommerce.com/  but website is down... To expensive to just throw them into the bin after one year.
Any news?
Dave Lombardo's double bass drums never sounded this f@...n'' great on these phones. That's me saying that,after owning the HD800 for 4 years. Absolute keepers!
It's called the X7 ;-)
$400 total value.Could be that I recieve an invoice, happened before...But, on the other hand, had also stuff from the USA, that had to be paid directly at delivery.This time, the package was send from USA to DHL Germany. After that, it got shipped to the Netherlands and TNT handled the rest of the shipment.Well, just wait and see
Just picked up my Fostex. Mailman dropped them off at my neighbours, no tax needed to pay, guess it slipped through customs. Anymore dutch people who got lucky? First impressions are good, as said before, bass is pretty impressive. Only has 2 hours on it, so need more time to burn in.
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