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Hey sorry for the late reply. Sure I can ship to the US as well but I don't know about the shipping costs...
Hi guys, I purchased these great In-Ear Monitors for A/B Comparisons with my Monster Coppers and my Westone 4. Unfortunately I cant really use them due to fit issues with my smallish ears so I am putting them up for sale. They are actually brand new and in mint condition. They of course come in the original packaging with all accesories. I have used them with my own tips only. I can send pics if requested Cheers Ayk
Just sold my P7 after about 3 weeks of intense use to get the M500. I found the P7 too colored in contrast to the quite neutral sounding M500, especially the quite boomy bass response Plus I like the more natural mids on the Kefs, the vocals sound really good.
I use my MTPC mainly for HipHop/Rap an they sound fantastic. Great bass and no recessed mids ( which is Important for lyrics) and some sparkle up top to bring out the high hats. Recommended!
Thx! I would have thought the isolation on the P7 is much better...
Hi guys i thought you could help me here: I got a B&W P7 from work and I am loving the sound so far. However, I don't need another can for home use as I already have the D7100 and the X1 but I need a portable set. I used to have the P5 for that use but never digged the SQ on these so I am debating to get the M500. The P7, while having phenomenal SQ, are just to big for me to use on the go. The M500 would be exactly what I want in a portable can, but you guys are...
Very good review!! Share your opinion 100%
Thx Craigster for the quick comparison.   My only experience with Ultrasone are the Pro900/Pro2900 which I used to own but never liked that much due to the recessed mids and the metallic sound sig. Are the Ed8/SDJ/SP better in that regard or is this metallic sound simply the natural sound signature of Ultrasones in general?
Can anyone comment on the bass between the ED8/Sig Pro/Sig DJ in terms of quality and quantity? I'm sure it has been mentioned before but its 120 pages already in this thread    Also what I like to know is how the vocals on these 3 cans compare? I am asking because I found the vocals on the Pro 2900/Pro 900 a little recessed and somehow metallic (in lack of a better term).  
Hey guys,   for sale is a V-Moda Vamp Verza in like-new condition and the Metallo Case for the iPhone 5. The color is stealth black for both items.    I am selling these as I realized that I use my Headstage Arrow more due to the size. The Vamp Verza as well as the metallo case come in original box. The amp has been been barely used and is in very good (actually brand new) condition, no scratches, no dents or anything like that as I use my stuff very...
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