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 several things. its an ok combo but nothing amazing, thats about all im gonna say, otherwise everyone will retaliate and i don't feel like this is a battle i would wanna fight in, especially in the LCD-X thread which already has alot of non-constructive posts in it, don't want it to become another he-500 thread   but overall, after hearing what good tube amps can do with the audeze's as well as the GSX MK2, it kinda left me cold.   +1  i find the LCD-3 a significant step...
i personally do not like Audeze's on the Gungnir//Mjolnir combo that includes the X the 3 and the 2. the 2 is better with it though
but how long would it last since its an old amp?
 wow that looks nice.  does it come with that pre-amp in the pic? 
at that point i would just stick with gsx mk2 and he-500 and maybe he-6 on gsx mk2, its still pretty good...   too much money for me right now, and i haven't heard the he-6 at its best yet.
j2 costs alot more than f3, looks like that would be better.   dont have a pre amp though.
 i believe in the past, macedonianhero says its slightly better on the LCD-3 when properly driven. i'm not so sure, but YMMV. the LCD-3 do image very well though. he doesn't like the T1 as much as I do 
 that makes things harder since i dont think i have an active pre.
   yeah thats why im interested in trying it out. but its only 15W amp, it'll be nothing into the he-6s 50 ohms, especially since i listen kinda loud and like to raise the volume alot, and sometimes on those quieter recordings, or for bass, the gsx mk2 is good but limited because it still feels like the mids could be better and the treble could be smoother, and that puts out 8w into 50 ohms.  like the F1J that prepro uses, thats only 10W amp, i don't know how much dynamic...
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