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wow great deal!!!    all those tubes    is the gz34 metal or black base?
+1.When i listened to lcdx and lcd3 side by side, same thing. The gsx mk2 definitely lets you hear both headphones at their best, and they are at the same level overall. At least from listening for an hour or less. Longer listening might reveal more differences but i thought they where pretty much at the same level
Was thinking of selling my plastic base eml 274b and upgrading to this ceramic base one because my eml 5u4g is ceramic. I think i will wait though. This is a nice tube though especially with the wa22
Ive paid mostly average/street prices for most of my tubes. I wasnt lucky enough to get gec 6as7g for 20$ or ts 5998 for 50$ a pair...The 596 is a very good tube and i dont think should be worth over 200$ but then again, its a very solid performer especially on the woos and glenn otl amp.The mullard gz34 metal, u52, we422a are still better and will keep the 596 from becoming too expensive. Theres cheaper tubes that are pretty good as well.
tube rolling does take quite a while. i feel like i could still have taken more time just to explore the tubes the WA6-SE uses. the WA22 and WA2 use alot more tubes and i can't even imagine rolling on the WA5.    expensive, time consuming, but oh so very enjoyable and addictive at times....
Isnt the jade a more entry lvl amp? You should hear a nice improvement with the wa2 especially if you upgrade tubes, its one of the best amps you can get for the t1
U need to use good tubes on the other amps too though or your impressions might be more negative. The wa22 opens up with the mullard gz34 or we422a, the wa6se is the worst stock, the wa2 isnt that good either with stock tubes. World class amps though when they have mighty 596 and tung sol 5998s in them though
Or arrive broken like the one in that picture that was posted here last year...
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