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im trying to compare 5998 vs 421A, i think they sound basically the same...more listening, maybe the 421A is slightly better, but i don't think there really is a huge difference even if there is one. i have decided that this is my favorite and imo best sounding with beyerdynamic t1.   now switching to the GEC 6AS7G, oh my huge difference, this tube sounds best with the hd 800.   also i think the older grey plate western electric 422A sounds very slightly better than...
eeew losing any bass would be a bad thing. if the sound opens up and lightens up, then i would basically have a beyerdynamic t1.     does prove the point the the t1 is an amazing headphone though  
i do love my LCD-3 alot. the LCD-X i don't know if they are worth buying as a replacement, or a complement.   but i think i might just sell LCD-3 just to try the X out, i can always sell back and get the 3 again if i don't think its worth it in the long run.
the mytek 192 uses a sabre chip as well i think. but i don't find it bright even with hd 800 or t1. 
 i gotta try again, but i didn't notice any more power with 6336A, ill have to try again later since that was a brief listen.
 omg you're right!@##! all the ones from the uk are gone! theres a used pair for sale here though, auction  whens you're birthday btw?
i saw a pair on ebay not too long ago for 100$   didn't buy those since now i have GEC 6080 which i guess would be better..... and with 5998, 421A, and GEC around, would need some impressions before i decided to buy.
 sounds fun!!! too bad i'm working night shifts that week  
i am still interested in buying LCD-X but so unsure.   the LCD-3 seem better and better the more i listen to them. especially right now with a tube amp, they are so warm and rich in the midrange, its so sweet! 
 5998 is one of the best on glenns amp so far. i really like how they sound! the bendix are ok. i do not like RCA 6AS7G personally, warm and sweet, but can be grainy in treble at times.   +1 i haven't heard the svetlana tube, but i don't think they would sound better than the GEC paired with the right rectifier/driver.
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