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maybe a WA2 would be a better option for that.    you can try 6ew7 though, its warmer than 6fd7.  
 creamy and weighter yes, the GSX MK2 and LCD-3 certainly deliver. sometimes the sound is a little more neutral sounding to my ears, sometimes it sound quite lush. its certainly a warm yet accurate sounding combination. even with a very neutral amp and a neutral dac (personally i think the gsx mk2 is on the warmer side of neutral), the sound is quite lush with the LCD-3, creamy mids and a more analog kinda sound. sometimes i find it a bit too much, sometimes it works very...
 yes!!!1 im using the same combo right now on the Glenn OTL amp i'm borrowing and i love it!!! the WE421A, 422A, TS 6F8G is probably one of the best tube combos i've heard. you are going to love the 422a!
  2 of my favorites!!
the orange globes (regular and A-frame variants) as well as the bugle boys are very nice.....   i've heard them on the Lyr with the LCD-2 and enjoyed the combination. i also used them with my WA2 and really liked how they sounded over other 6922 tube types. im sure the rarer 6922 tubes sound alot better, but the orange globe and bugle boys are great for the price.
 The LCD-2 with WA6-SE and 596 should be very nice. it was my favorite combo next to the T1/WA2. 
  +1 grats!!
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