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^ +1 good current production offerings, but nos is better. a single pair of metal mullard gz34s will last forever, any nos tube thats strong will last a long time as well. also some current production tubes arent as durable and depending on the amp, can have a shorter lifetime.
 just GSX MK2, switching between all my headphones. i've been listening alot to LCD-3 though.
 yes!!!! i haven't heard it and would love to hear the synergy it has with LCD-3 and perhaps the LCD-X if its available at the meet.
perhaps, if i need to sell some in the future.   for now, i'm happy having a pretty solid collection of 6AS7G and 5U4G that i can tube roll any amp that uses it to my liking.
Yes my wa22 is gone, undecided on my next amp, but i got a hell of a lot of 5u4g and 6as7g tubes....
That doesnt seem like it would give alot of headroom volume wise. Nor that it would be more over the gsx mk2.
I really like T1 with gsx mk2. And yesh i prefer audeze and hifiman planars over abyss as well. It sounds terrible
 hows the bass and especially the slam on them vs the LCD-2/3?  
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