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 yeah, its a $5500 amp. not many reviews out there though, i don't think many people have it, mostly price + the fact that its pretty new and no1's really heard of it yet.  its the best i've ever heard with he-500 though, they sounded so romantic and tubey, alot of emotion in the sound, very euphonic and transparent as well. it would of fooled me into thinking the he-500 cost more like 2-3k$.
 i found the same thing with my WA6-SE.  the LCD-2 sounded very good on it especially with the 596, probably the best i've heard them sound short of the GSX MK2. but the LCD-3 didn't impress me as much, the synergy was different and it didn't impress me as much.
i just opened them up, the paper itself is completely untampered too, i think i'm the first to open these, like totally NIB.    
RK60s arrived!!!!    
 the GSX MK2 was a nice upgrade from the WA6-SE which already sounded very good with the HE-500. of course, the GSX MK2 is imo also better than the liquid gold which is grossly overpriced. now the best i've heard so far on the HE-500 is still the Allnic HPA-5000, but the GSX Mk2 comes close    nice pic!!
This post........Macedonianhero suggested ultrasone and i agreed and added grado as well
We use klystrons to generate the rf power needed to accelerate the beam of electrons in a particle accelerator. Tubes are still very much in use here. As well as thyratron tubes for the pulsed magnets
Yes f it disappoints i will get a wa2 or try the gsx mk2
I think 3 but i would probably prefer x for rock.
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