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 i tried it, it worked pretty well, i haven't tried it again since though. i think it added more power or at least it felt like it, and the WA5 became slightly less warm and took on some of the GSX's sound.
 i think the WA6 would be barely enough.
 Speaker amp seems to have more bass, as well as tightness, and power, able to get alot louder, more dynamic. the soundstage isn't as nice as WA5 and the sound is not as textured or layered as the tubes, its more like neutral flat and there it is kinda thing. however, the speaker amp is very transprent and more detailed overall than Woo, it more than makes up for it and overall, balance is still great, the HE-6 are a little brighter but they still have a warm character to...
 I think those numbers are the power the amp actually consumes, as in electricity.but as for power to actually drive the headphones, both are in the milliwatt (mW) range, maybe 1-2 watts tops. big numbers like that would be more like those that you would see for speaker amps.
 single-ended, i don't think TH-900 will improve much with balanced, this is debatable.  TH-900 I prefer the clean sound of the GSX,  the EC amps are great for people who want them to help equalize and neutralize the sound somewhat, but i think it takes away from the TH-900s fun and bassy nature. The WA5 is very good as well, as its more of a euphonic yet fairly neutral, sounding tube amp. Im sure the Stratus is very good as well, though if its anything from what ive...
 yeah! the buy-back is taking longer than expected, sometime around the holidays I think, something to look forward too!  WA5 definitely, in fact, i've been using it more than the speaker amp! The speaker amp is probably better overall (neutral, tons of power, bass), but the WA5 is just soo good!!
 probably not a huge upgrade from the psvane 274b. i myself am using a pair of CV 593's on the WA5, i prefer them to EML, 596, and many others.
agree that gsx mk2 and th-900 is about as good as it gets, only the best tube amps come close (wa5, hpa5000, zana deux, balancing act come to mind).disagree with the rest though
 the Woo adapters are pretty bad, the glenn adapters are way better built, though the issue you speak of might be partly due to the tubes, the same thing happens to one of them on mine... not sure though, and not really an issue to me.
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