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 well so far its definitely a step above the other Woos, the WA6-SE, WA2, and WA22, which I have owned aren't as good, even all maxed out with the best tubes you can get. it still shares the same woo sound but its different like all the other woos. it fixes the problems the WA22 had.  like this amp is very transparent, unlike the other woos, theres no doubt that this one has top level performance. its dynamic, but at the same time, soft and relaxed, not slow, but rather...
 like i'm so glad i chose this over the Stratus. it sounds incredible. much better than the other woos!   Im impressed by how good HE-6 sounds out of it too.
im surprised how good of a job it does with he-6 too
I preferred Sylvania to Tung Sol 7236 because I found the TS 7236 too warm and thick, i preferred the slightly more SS like sylvania 7236, but i would still take tung sol 5998 over both of them any day. ts 7236 is a great tube though.
 i just ordered a pair of the GZ32 for my WA5 as well. They're almost as good as the U52, same sound overall, its good for now since i don't wanna spent $800 + on double U52's.
 nope, base WA5. it was the one Frank I used to own.
 mostly I find its hard to find good 6SN7, on most of the amps i have tried, they introduce noise and microphonics, the tubes themselves are more sensitive overall. im happy to say though that the WA5 right now doesn't seem to have any issues with the 6SN7/6F8G, dead silent, its amazing it can do that, the Wa22 sucked at doing that.
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