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 +1 i didn't wanna say anything lol
yeah thats about pretty much the best tubes you can get for the WA22. i tried similar but with TS 6f8g instead of the CV181, was perfect for me, any extra warmth is the WA22's fault, the amp becomes the bottleneck at this point, it will bring out the flaws in the WA22 (a little too lush in the mids, needs more flow and finesse, like the WA5 )   what about both? 
Beats by Senn.  great...
LCD-3 + GSX MK2 is nice 
 +1 its an alright amp, but seems like its better suited for less serious rigs and maybe for a cute little setup for the office or something  about right, but i've seen them as low as 1400, i think 1500 is fair. obviously depends on upgrades, extra tubes, condition/age, etc.
 yup. there is no comparison the WA5 is a much better amp than the WA22. the WA22 even with the best tubes can't touch the transparency, speed, naturalness, and finesse that the WA5 has.
  this is true and i was about to add. the HPA 5000 and HE-6 combo is very good. and the HE-6 is the better headphone, tonally, and transparently. despite only having 5W, the HPA 5000 has no trouble with HE-6, it doesn't have the headroom a speaker amp will, but its a good pairing.  on other amps such as the WA5, the HE-6 also outperforms the HE-560.
alot of stratus owners like the 5u4g, i myself still think its overrated and overpriced, despite actually being an okay tube. the 5u4g didnt sound as good on wa6-se as it does on the other woos or other amps either.
too bad the gz37 wont work well, the fat bottle version is like the 5r4gys but even more bassy, but no sizzle or syrup
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