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1200 ohms, sweet!!
wa6-se with hd 650 was my first serious rig i had, worked for all my music, loved it!
 the regular 300b, non-mesh or solid plate.
My WA5 doesn't sound any bad with the EML 300B. I think its alright. I still believe the EML rectifiers, though decent, can be outperformed by far cheaper NOS tubes though.
kinda what i experienced with PS1000, warmer more colored tubes improved the sound. unfortunately for me, on the WA6-SE, it wasn't enough, that nasty treble still came through, it was and still is the only headphone that actually hurt my ears (sharp pain/ringing).   i am still willing to give the PS1000e a shot on the WA5 someday though.
  the T1's I owned when I had them where perfect, they sounded just right, never overly bright, with slight warmth in the mids, the treble was rarely an issue only on bad recordings. i've heard 2 other T1s's since; both where rather bright and slightly lean with less bass.
  +1 especially tonally, since i think the CV 593 has as beautiful of a tone as the U52 and WE 422A, or at least 90% as good.
amperex have nice mids, and i think the 5998s are better than the 7236 overall as well too. if you want really nice rich enveloping mids, get a pair of the GECs 
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