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price drop 1050 shipped
hmm maybe the PS1000e will be good now.
oh weekend of the 21st
 omg awesome!  any chance of making the ChiUniFi meet?   the sweetness/emotional-ness is the reason i love GEC tubes! only the 422A comes close, though I feel like the 422A has a slightly more neutral and more "reference" tube sound, still sweet though. I've never been a big fan of EML 5U4G, it feels a little too warm (not in a thick kinda way, not in a sweet kinda euphonic way, but rather in a colored kinda way), the treble extends but doesn't seem as good as some of the...
 +1  that eml is bottlenecking that tube combo, toss it and throw in a U52, metal mullard gz34, or WE 422A to really hear what the WA22 can do  
theres only one...
pathetic for them to price them at $175 ea, thats 421A pricing and not even worth it at all.
price drop 1100 shipped
great amp for he-6!!!
price drop, 1150 shipped.
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