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 you are correct, Brimar labeled U52 / 5U4Gs are out there and yours appears to be one of them!
     lol no.... just no....it doesn't do the WA6-SE any justice, it makes it sound grainy and confused.
great review!!    ive had similar impressions of both, when i had hd 650, both pairs and others i've heard, ive noticed that they're not as warm and colored as some people say they are, seems to vary alot on amping. but the hd 600 and 650 are certainly very close in sound. i still find the hd 650 to be more colored and darker but its not a huge difference.
good review, interesting read will defnitely have to try the ragnarok out one day.   the GSX MK2 is still my SS reference and benchmark for now, alot of competition for the GSX though and soon there will be a few that are quite better than it.
got my HD 800 back, Serial # 331XX, omg i can't believe they're in the 30s already lol.. they sound as good as ever with WA5 and GSX!!!  
great review!! I agree with everything said about hd 800 and he-6. i LOVE both these headphones on the WA5
stock rectifiers are terrible
great pics!
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