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I still enjoy some woo audio products, but i am more critical and more aware of their flaws and issues,
the last of the mighty 596...
^ woo audio
Less bass gz32/cv593 with 6ew7 or 6sn7s depending on tube type. Sophia is pretty bass and 6gl7 is overly bassy and bloaty with pretty much every tube except the 596
 or a cossor gz37 
I had the NOS tesla's and i much preferred the RFT. The RFT EZ80 are really good. I've heard good things about Mullard, Brimar, and Ei EZ80 as well. oh and RFT EZ81.
yes they do need adapters.
rectifiers are must imo, most stock rectifiers included suck, i can't say which though since it varies depending on woo audio's stock.   leave no weak links in your system!
I prefer sylvania 7236 over tung sol 7236, i found tung sol too warmish and almost veiled in a way. To me its gec 6as7g >> 5998 >> gec 6080 >> 7236 >> everything else.I hate rca 6as7g. Though i hear many comments about how much warmer they are than 5998 and whatnot, but they are just too plain sounding for me, 2d and non resolving.I miss all my tubes though, i had 4 pairs of gec 6as7g and 7 pairs of 5998 as well as a pair of 421a
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