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 i blew a driver about 8 months ago. raised volumes on speaker amp, the HE-6 can't get as loud as HE-500 could.
 yeah i pretty much decided on the same tubes when i had 22. except i didn't like the EML anywhere near as much as the 422. but i would put the metal mullard or U52 as a close second :)
step down. if you have a good speaker amp that is, a properly drive HE-6 outperforms the HE-560, I found the HE-560 by itself to be a good alternative however, being more trebley than the HE-500 and improving all around, I would probsbly still choose HE-500 though, and I prefer HE-6 over all.the 560 is also better than the garbage Oppo is pushing...
1000 shipped, final price.
I really want t buy one of these amps, as soon as I get the money I will. Its one of the very few amps i am interested in owning, along with the stratus..
I loved the cars, but the black aventador put my little mercedes back in its place lol. anyways, i didnt get a chance to hear Fazor LCD-3 vs LCD-X wish i could of, probably same as the last lcd-3 revision i had which was incredible. I liked the stax setup but it didnt impress me as much as in the past, like its not worth the huge price tag of the whole system. The Allnic amps were incredible, injecting tube magic into every track and with every headphone. I am blown...
guess i'll have to try one out eventually...
I preferred RS1i on WA6-SE over PS1000 on WA6-SE as well.   of course now with the new e grados, maybe i'll give them both another go. someday...   many people do however swear by the WA6-SE / PS1000 combo
 5U4G worked well for me, but it does run them a little hot and i think glenn said it can't handle the current like some of the other rectifiers. the only exception was EML 5U4G which isn't as robust as the older NOS tubes and will probably not live very long in the Glenn amp. 274B is definitely not compatible though.
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