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these comments really make me wanna try a pair of the psvanes, i havent really rolled anything on my WA5. i have a feeling that they wont touch the we422a though, that tube is just too good.
very true, its a good amp if you like the sound but ugly and i dont like build qualitythe wa5 is good pairing with hd 800, i enjoy the combination. i too went the wa5 route instead of stratus, but i still plan on purchasing it in the future. i just like my wa5 so much i dont feel a need to own a stratus just yet.
black cube linear imo is boring sounding and overpriced. the wa6-se is an upgrade for sure, dpending on your tastes itll either be a small upgrade or complete night and day improvement
 i would love to try this tube out on the WA5 someday, if its as good as impressions say it is, it might compete with alot of NOS tubes, but I also don't think it will reach WE422A or U52 levels, unless of course the Psvane is a really good replica of the one rectifier that will really be superior, the WE274B.
  RS1i > GS1000i, the GS are comfy though and weight almost nothing
1:1 replica, hmm..
   I am still yet to hear the WA6, I have heard other people say similar thats is very good and in some ways better than the WA6; it is however at their lower end and I think the biggest issue is that it is down on power versus the WA6-SE. one thing is for sure; every woo amp i've tried to far sucks with the stock tubes, you really need to upgrade the tubes for them to sing.  out of all the woo amps, i still think the WA2 and WA5 are the best woo amps in the lineup  , even...
 i am not sure unfortauntely, i never got to trying out those tubes on the WA6-SE, the adapters for those hadn't arrived and the only tube i had at the time was the Treasure CV 181's, those do Not work with the WA6-SE and the adapter so i actually never got to hear a 6sn7'd WA6-SE before i sold it. i am sure though that the 6sn7 will be more musical and tubey than alot of the other driver tubes on the WA6-SE which tend to be more SS sounding; the good ones sounding neutral...
 WA6 supports 6sn7 /6f8g with adapters, i think woo audio sells them too. they are some of the better tubes to use with this amp. The WA6-SE supports those tubes as well with special adapters that have added circuitry; they are no longer available though and woo audio does not make them. Jack is very adamant about not supporting them (some BS explanation of sorts/warranty voiding threat was given a while back) and I do not think we will ever see WA6-SE amps with 6sn7 in...
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