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wow lots of books......
Those prices lol Anyyways hope the admins dont make u lock this thread like my other big sale thread . Good luck with sale!
Same here with he-6, but i wishi it was easier to drive
Glenn vs woo?
Lol like the Katy Perry song? And i agree, looks wise its hideous, but if it sounds good, maybe i can get rid of aging he-6 thats hard to drive and needs bulky speaker amp. I havent completely ruled a stratus out, just dont want it right now cause i want to save money, but if a used one pops up in future months...Hd 800 rebuy is still planned.
Do u know price of 300b from glenn? And the otl is very good, i just dont wanna buy all the expensve tubes, but glenn300b only needs a WE422A or U52 and a good 300b pair. Wa5 is other option. Except i do not want 6sn7
Well i turned down the used Stratus i was planning on buying, since I don't listen as much anymore due to work. Mostly just some tube amp for later this year and well the HE-560 so maybe I can get rid of speaker amp and he-6Been thinking of Glenn 300b too...
596 is a great tube, unique sound that takes a departure from the sound of most tubes, yet still grounded and coherent with warmth dependent on your gear. However, the metal mullard is better (and has the most similar sound to it) as well as the 422a and u52, the 596 still sounds different but i would sadly place it in a level below. Its still one of my favorites though.
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