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 i would love to try this tube out on the WA5 someday, if its as good as impressions say it is, it might compete with alot of NOS tubes, but I also don't think it will reach WE422A or U52 levels, unless of course the Psvane is a really good replica of the one rectifier that will really be superior, the WE274B.
  RS1i > GS1000i, the GS are comfy though and weight almost nothing
1:1 replica, hmm..
   I am still yet to hear the WA6, I have heard other people say similar thats is very good and in some ways better than the WA6; it is however at their lower end and I think the biggest issue is that it is down on power versus the WA6-SE. one thing is for sure; every woo amp i've tried to far sucks with the stock tubes, you really need to upgrade the tubes for them to sing.  out of all the woo amps, i still think the WA2 and WA5 are the best woo amps in the lineup  , even...
 i am not sure unfortauntely, i never got to trying out those tubes on the WA6-SE, the adapters for those hadn't arrived and the only tube i had at the time was the Treasure CV 181's, those do Not work with the WA6-SE and the adapter so i actually never got to hear a 6sn7'd WA6-SE before i sold it. i am sure though that the 6sn7 will be more musical and tubey than alot of the other driver tubes on the WA6-SE which tend to be more SS sounding; the good ones sounding neutral...
 WA6 supports 6sn7 /6f8g with adapters, i think woo audio sells them too. they are some of the better tubes to use with this amp. The WA6-SE supports those tubes as well with special adapters that have added circuitry; they are no longer available though and woo audio does not make them. Jack is very adamant about not supporting them (some BS explanation of sorts/warranty voiding threat was given a while back) and I do not think we will ever see WA6-SE amps with 6sn7 in...
 you are correct, Brimar labeled U52 / 5U4Gs are out there and yours appears to be one of them!
     lol no.... just no....it doesn't do the WA6-SE any justice, it makes it sound grainy and confused.
great review!!    ive had similar impressions of both, when i had hd 650, both pairs and others i've heard, ive noticed that they're not as warm and colored as some people say they are, seems to vary alot on amping. but the hd 600 and 650 are certainly very close in sound. i still find the hd 650 to be more colored and darker but its not a huge difference.
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