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  this makes sense, i'm assuming the sound is very warm and full with 6EM7 and EMLs?  Sophia with 6EM7 should be very muddy if i recall correctly.   I think the EML is slightly better than Sophia overall, but the Sophia tends to have a better bass response though missing the tightness of the EML. EML is more 3D but Sophia has bigger soundstage. I like the sophia and i am ok with the EML, Good choices for WA6-SE rectifiers but I wouldn't recommend them for other amps per se.
 yeah mine are stock, with velours. i do enjoy the pleathers but the velours are more accurate.
  this. i do like their build quality, but the sound..
  the build quality is pretty impressive, but their sound... i just don't feel that they are worth the money. to me the sound signature was quite warm and the headphones themselves reminded me of the bower and wilkins p7 alot.. LOL.  anyways, me calling them garbage definitely stirs up some trouble     hifiman really needs to get their build quality up... and maybe make a piano black pair of HE-560.
  i need to do the Woo WEE/WA5 thing someday.....
 i blew a driver about 8 months ago. raised volumes on speaker amp, the HE-6 can't get as loud as HE-500 could.
 yeah i pretty much decided on the same tubes when i had 22. except i didn't like the EML anywhere near as much as the 422. but i would put the metal mullard or U52 as a close second :)
step down. if you have a good speaker amp that is, a properly drive HE-6 outperforms the HE-560, I found the HE-560 by itself to be a good alternative however, being more trebley than the HE-500 and improving all around, I would probsbly still choose HE-500 though, and I prefer HE-6 over all.the 560 is also better than the garbage Oppo is pushing...
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