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needs adapter running EML 300B , Tung Sol 6F8G, and CV593.
some of these tube combos make me facepalm  i wanna see 6F8G 596 WA6!
  you'll be fine with Sophia 6SN7.... at least this picture seems to show its ok... the tubes touching shouldn't be an issue, though certain areas of the tube might be a little warmer, like small hot spots, but i don't see any real problem, also the woos always seem rather cool, both amp and tube temperatures..   
 I wouldn't recommend it.
 i tried it, it worked pretty well, i haven't tried it again since though. i think it added more power or at least it felt like it, and the WA5 became slightly less warm and took on some of the GSX's sound.
 i think the WA6 would be barely enough.
 Speaker amp seems to have more bass, as well as tightness, and power, able to get alot louder, more dynamic. the soundstage isn't as nice as WA5 and the sound is not as textured or layered as the tubes, its more like neutral flat and there it is kinda thing. however, the speaker amp is very transprent and more detailed overall than Woo, it more than makes up for it and overall, balance is still great, the HE-6 are a little brighter but they still have a warm character to...
 I think those numbers are the power the amp actually consumes, as in electricity.but as for power to actually drive the headphones, both are in the milliwatt (mW) range, maybe 1-2 watts tops. big numbers like that would be more like those that you would see for speaker amps.
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