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 it should be a good pairing
wa5 (with decent tubes) beats fully balanced and maxed out wa22 pretty easily...
279 ?! omg its a steal at that price, too good with hd 800yeah ive been wanting to buy them back but still not enough money, my plan is to get everything back by tax time. i really wish i had all my headphones still, reviews would be so much easier.
The Lambert "Play It By Ear" Headphone Amplifier         The “Play It By Ear” is a headphone amplifier from The Lambert Company and part of their new “Small Wonder” line of products. Lambert’s newest products aim to be simple and musical, yet affordable and high quality. The “Play It By Ear” costs $499, and in my opinion, cannot be beat for the price when it comes to tube-driven musicality and enjoyment – seriously, this is a fun little amp!   Lambert’s “Play It...
  the whole album!
these comments really make me wanna try a pair of the psvanes, i havent really rolled anything on my WA5. i have a feeling that they wont touch the we422a though, that tube is just too good.
very true, its a good amp if you like the sound but ugly and i dont like build qualitythe wa5 is good pairing with hd 800, i enjoy the combination. i too went the wa5 route instead of stratus, but i still plan on purchasing it in the future. i just like my wa5 so much i dont feel a need to own a stratus just yet.
black cube linear imo is boring sounding and overpriced. the wa6-se is an upgrade for sure, dpending on your tastes itll either be a small upgrade or complete night and day improvement
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