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Neither they sound way different.Gz34 = dynamic and liquid, with a minty coolness to it. Metal base of course, black base is good but slightly more aggressive.Gz37 = full bass and tube warmth, yet never bloaty slow or congested. The cossor is better than skinny gz37Gz32 = tubey but airy and well balanced with euphonic warmth and rich tone, very gec like in sound (cv593), the regular gz32 is more mediocre.
Excellent!!!Then i give the gz32 my highest recommendation!
Ah i see, 3 pairs for 249 each pair. Good condition....
  yeah, it didnt blow up. it sounded very good too... one of favorites with OTLi did not use very long though
4 2 2 A ! ! ! 
looks like a raytheon 6080wb.
Thanks! Yes the cossor is incredible. Btw. The cv378 is a pretty good tube itself in the right amp, on the glenn otl for example. It sounded alot better, still slow but better overall. Also the 5r4gy tubes dont suit the wa6-se well, but according to decware amp owners, sound fantastic on their amps
the CV378 sounded pretty medocre in the WA6-SE, while its a pretty good tube, its still rather slow and lacks energy, bass is full bodied but also tends to have some bloat to it. i did not think it suited the WA6-SE very well. rolled off too much and didn't smooth the rest out like i thought it would, just made it hazy and slow, the mids still had a bite but the sound was slow, confused almost, with the dynamics of the woo and the slowness of the CV378, while i thought it...
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