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       depends, I think WA22 is better when running fully balanced and with maxed out tubes, otherwise, the WA6-SE is almost as good, and perhaps better with a few headphones if the WA22 isn't maxed.
 things are great with the WA5, I tried them with an HD 800 at the recent chicago meet, it was about as good as you can imagine.
 it sure can, when were talking about synergy and overall quality of the combination, yes. WA2 competing with WA5 when it comes to detail, resolution, etc, no. the WA2 really does show you what the T1 can do at their best though. i haven't had tons of time with T1 / WA5 since I haven't owned a T1 in a while now so i can't really say much more.
  and it still is....  WA5 is also very good with T1,  WA22 as well but i would take WA2 over it.
 the woos don't seem to run tubes as hot as some other tube amps can, but they still get quite hot. they will definitely burn if you touch them for too long. you can probably lay your finger on them for like a split second, i used to remove some of the smaller tubes this way, touching the cooler parts of the tube, but they should be allowed to cool off or use something to touch them with to avoid burning yourself. i don't think they are a fire hazard unless you did leave...
 on a WA6 or WA6SE, it might not be worth it due to the high price, the tube costs as much as the WA6 or half the cost of a WA6-SE, however, it is a cut above the rest and might be enough to keep you happy and keep you from upgrading to a costlier amp. the 596 is also quite good on the WA6-SE, the 422A will be different though, much more different than the other rectifiers available, its very pure sounding. for top level amps, definitely, the tube is the last 5% and if you...
yeah seems like straight base is easier to get in.
am I the only one that is unimpressed by the EML 5U4G in general?Its a decent tube vs the cheaper options out there, but isnt in the same league as the U52. The U52 destroys it. Ive never heard it on a Stratus, but then again, I have never considered the U52 to have less bass than EML, nor have I ever felt the U52 to have loose or fat low end.
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