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  +1 especially tonally, since i think the CV 593 has as beautiful of a tone as the U52 and WE 422A, or at least 90% as good.
amperex have nice mids, and i think the 5998s are better than the 7236 overall as well too. if you want really nice rich enveloping mids, get a pair of the GECs 
my review of Allnic HPA-5000 if anyones interested
likewise, i'll take GSX over WA5 for LCD-x
  the LCD-3 didn't sound good to me on the WA6-SE, like something wasn't right, it wasn't bad, just seemed odd. i don't think the fazor changes that enough, but i haven't heard the combination. the LCD-2 and LCD-3 sound so different, the LCD-X being more like the 2, seems to explain why the X works well with the WA6-SE where the 3 doesn't as much.
 i have no problems with EML 300B in my WA5, but im sure there are certainly better tubes nout there.. not sure how the more expensive $1200 SERPs compare. I too feel that the EML 274B offers decent quality but lackluster performance when compared to NOS Tubes of similar pricing.
maybe i go.
should be same tube i think.
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