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 i noticed no major difference between them, might have been placebo but MAYBE just MAYBE the 421A had slightly more extended highs and an airier sound, but the differences are so insignificant, i would buy the 421A just for the bragging rights and the better looking tube, but otherwise i'm convinced they're the same tubes until my ears tell me otherwise.
 good choice, by a good margin the best amp out of these 3, especially for HD 800 and T1. now get tube rolling!
so much tube hoarding....
 totally, i figured! thanks!!!
anyone try out that new Brimar and compare it to U52? It  can't be that good, can it? 
i like the he-500, they have good bass, and im a basshead, its just different. a different sounding headphone and defnitely isnt for everyone. but not waste of money if u seek a decently priced headphone that offers transparency and smooth extended treble as well as punchy tight sometimes wooly bass, its okay though and definitely not anemic by any means, its alot better than alot of the bass shy audiophile headphones in the cheaper price ranges. the he-500 also has good...
 those will never sell lol. not even sure if they're the same.
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