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6 F D 7 !!!
it is weak tube rolling only helps a bit
 been working on a review of this, and I can say, yes, with HD 800 sounds better than eddie currents i've tried (Zana and BA) - well not sure if better than BA, but I always found that a little too bright and kinda meh. but uhh. handles HE-6 with authority too, which surprised me, felt much more than 2W for sure. the pre-amp is really good and the aesthetics, yes!! incredible dynamics and transparency!!......  lol more to come  
Not yet 
  ^ this. 422A takes the WA22 to the next level, which it seriously needs as without top tier tubes its nowhere near as good. I''m still happy rolling 596 and GZ32s in my WA5 :)    this is smart, lol i went through all the tubes and headphones which was awesome, but costs alot more upgrading gear and trying different things than just going for the best, always saves money. like buying brand named things cause they'll last longer, etc. cars are different lol. a BMW 328i is...
 It wasn't enough for me ... 
 i sold mine because transparency was still not top level (veil?) and it just sounded too colored for my tastes, the huge soundstage, warm tubey sound, forward midrange, and lean bass (eww), i think the bass is what made me sell. with the absolute very best tubes, alot of these issues were resolved and the WA22 was amazing with HD 800, but still not enough, the attenuator annoyed me and the noise floor still isn't as good as the competition.
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