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Not a huge fan of black base gz34 , they seem too aggressive and hard at times. Also not liquid like the metal base version.
He-6 with speaker amp and gsx as pre has oretty much ended my headphone search
every component counts in a setup.
im audeze-less...
Gsx is adaquate, itll drive it, enough power for most people. But a good speaker amp is better and youll hear it (smoother treble, better control in bass, dynamics. And imaging)
yes I prefer HE-6, even HE-500 properly driven.
ah thanks! guess it is suited mostly for low impedance loads and works best with hifimans. he-500 sounded incredible with it, glad to hear it works well with he-6 too!
 generally you listen to their source unless you can move stuff around or unless you can plug something of yours in like a usb drive with flacs on it or something.
oh wow, can't believe i didnt see the reply on this till now   awesome!!!!!
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