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 It wasn't enough for me ... 
 i sold mine because transparency was still not top level (veil?) and it just sounded too colored for my tastes, the huge soundstage, warm tubey sound, forward midrange, and lean bass (eww), i think the bass is what made me sell. with the absolute very best tubes, alot of these issues were resolved and the WA22 was amazing with HD 800, but still not enough, the attenuator annoyed me and the noise floor still isn't as good as the competition.
 ^ this, i don't remember which ones were the problems i never wrote them down, i might have posted something a while back though about it.  i found the more powerful 5998 and 7236 increased the noise but weren't ever a problem with noise themselves (some like RCA 6AS7G are, but in general the powers gave me no problems). the 6sn7 (6F8G more in particular, like when it doesn't play well with certain tubes) were the biggest problems for me, sophia, and a few other...
 +1 WA22 was annoying to me, the clicky attenuator, high noise floor, interferences with some tubes/tube combos, and the occasional microphonic 6sn7... but it did have a really nice soundstage in exchange for putting up with all that  
the 596 is a great tube, i have found that it can be picky to pair well with,other tubes, sometimes having a little too much of that forwardness or the bass changing quite a bit, but ive also heard the 596 on amps like the glenn otl where it sounded great, it also sounds pretty sweet on wa22 if i remember correctly, they work alright on wa5 but i can see myself upgrading when i get bored of em, great tube and all, love it, but it does lack the "wow" factor that the u52 or...
never tried the bendix sorry , glad ur enjoying the rcas tho!
purchase pending, awaiting payment.
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