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I'm wondering about this too.   NCIX has a special on the ADG1 (150$ off), so I might hit the trigger
Corda Headsix for sale.   Great condition. I am the original owner. I bought this since it came out (2008-2009?) but never got to use it (~1h of use, max). The front screws are damaged (wanted to switch the gain, which is inconveniently located at the front) but otherwise should be a fully functioning unit. The anp is built like a tank anyways.   Reason for selling: As you can read, I'm a novice at amps, and want to start over, possibly with a Fiio E6 (I have an ipod...
Pics as requested:
Bump: Price drop to 100$. I'd even go lower if you're in the Montreal area.
Selling the ATH-EW9s I have bought previously (see http://www.head-fi.org/t/537925/sold-audio-technica-ath-ew9-clipons). Great condition (mint or near-mint). Used only once, inside (didn't really like the openess, and realized I'm a big can or earbuds type of guy). Someone else should benefit, as they have been sitting in the box ever since.   100$ USD/CAD (depends on where I'm shipping them to and echange rates).   I'd prefer if the buyer would be in...
Wonder how good they are...
My SA5K are semi-dead (damn solder!)   I gotta get them re-wired but so damn lazy... the AD2000 I bought aren't helping the "gotta-fix-them" situation
Me too! I somehow want an L3000-like headphone (since I missed the great era of R10/Qualia010/L3k), but my credit card will have a heart attack!
:( I hope ATH will release a limited-edition with real leather at one point.   Aren't they supposed to release new phones this year?
wait, what?? the W1000X has pleather?!?!
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