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Pics as requested:
Bump: Price drop to 100$. I'd even go lower if you're in the Montreal area.
Selling the ATH-EW9s I have bought previously (see Great condition (mint or near-mint). Used only once, inside (didn't really like the openess, and realized I'm a big can or earbuds type of guy). Someone else should benefit, as they have been sitting in the box ever since.   100$ USD/CAD (depends on where I'm shipping them to and echange rates).   I'd prefer if the buyer would be in...
Wonder how good they are...
My SA5K are semi-dead (damn solder!)   I gotta get them re-wired but so damn lazy... the AD2000 I bought aren't helping the "gotta-fix-them" situation
Me too! I somehow want an L3000-like headphone (since I missed the great era of R10/Qualia010/L3k), but my credit card will have a heart attack!
:( I hope ATH will release a limited-edition with real leather at one point.   Aren't they supposed to release new phones this year?
wait, what?? the W1000X has pleather?!?!
You're in the US...
Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately they don't accept CC, and I don't trust bank transfers
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