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I'll start with this:      
My bad I assume the Rs1i had the same gimbals as my Rs2i.
A laudable excercise I must say. Speaking from experience there will be a tinge of regret regarding the plastic gimbals. Apparently the sound quality will still be intact(?).
In great serviceable condition.  .5-1m length
In great condition, no intermittent shorts, static etc.
  Just checked their website, and I did in fact call them up trying to get in on their clearance sale. The guy checked and came back to let me know the i's indeed out of stock. At this point I'm not in too much of a rush anymore. I think I'd prefer a first of second owner RS-1 Classic over NOS. Waiting for burn-in is a very tedious affair. There's this RS-1i on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Grado-RS1i-headphones-/131575418266?hash=item1ea2818d9a
  I saw that and inquired here not too long ago, before ordering my RS-2i. What I know is they don't have an online presence. Overture Audio is I think an older lead I've already contacted.  I've had my chances for an RS-1i including three in H-Fi classified, and a new one at Crutchfield that I passed up for several weeks till too late. There *will* be opportunities.
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