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Great review. Came close to ordering an LSR310S today, but the idea popped up of replacing my LSR305 with LSR308, and needed to be looked into first before finally being rejected. If If there was more space in from of the desk, the 308 might have worked. Imo 5" monitors are borderline acceptable in terms of size for desktop mounting, but the JBL's sound so-o-o good. 
  Steve Potts is still building frames. I think I heard he moved the shop out of his garage recently.
  Sweet. If I'm ever able to get back on the road, I'm liking the idea of an Ibis Hakkalugi with flat bars. Shimano MTB groupset with short cage clutch RD and road cassette, 
I've been running the LSR 305 > Anedio D2 for a few weeks, and plan to order the LSR310S as soon as the end-of-year deals start rolling out. Although slightly smaller dimensions (and price) would have been preferred, simplicity of set up and sound integration became the deciding factor. Can't wait!
11. The number of banned Head-Fi members is pretty astounding.
  Although the mids and upper bass are turned down via equalization, I love my IE800 especially for classical. I'm still thinking the best upgrade next year for my Grado based system would be the source (DAC). Haven't had time to look into the Hugo TT yet, but my short list of preowned DAC's would include the Metrum Hex and Ressonesence Invicta. The Master 7 could be a less expensive possibility. 
   In terms of brightness, before my HF hearing was degraded, I'd guess I would have felt the same way. Don't you think your sound preference would be better served by the RS1 or RS1e? 
  Agree. A longer cable would allow one to stand at the desk to check adjacent file cabinets etc, without extreme caution. 
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