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      Yes, wish I never sold it. I looked at the current prices of the non-Columbus Master xl's when I wanted to replace it, and couldn't justify the cost.  
    YUsta-be. Got it NOS quite a while ago from RA for >$1000, my 2nd Colnago. Real Columbus tubing btw. All current stock is something else.
Something like this?  
Here's the vid that goes with the pic. I'm still running a couple pages behind, I guess.    
Silent One back to his roots.      I took the orientation classes at Hellyer quite a long time ago, and if I'd lived in the bay area, I'd probably would have been a track rider-racer.
      Lucky you. :) Its a beautiful place--great surf.    That hill (Kamehame Ridge) with the guard rail on one side is a gated utility access road. One of my favorite little climbs--3.63k climbing dist, 1085 climbing ft, 18% max grade.    Here's a vid I made yesterday, looking at that ridge from a (hiked) summit peak at about north northwest.  
I'll probably go with the Vee Rubber Vee12, for dual purpose use. Here's the 2013 El Mariachi SS 29er, with the 38mm Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tire mounted for test rides. The Vittoria's are on the cyclocross commuter bike now.    Check out the slideshow--its pretty cool.
Downsize Cables RS-1 Reference UPOCC Pure Silver Ribbon ICs with Furutech Rhodium RCAs     - priced for a quick sale - $80 including shipping in the U.S. - paypal - my poor pictures above, and link to another classified for reference
^ Wow you must have BIG shoes.     These are Downsize RS-1 Reference Silver ICs
I'd like to put them in classified. They are actually black, .5m, gold IIRC. Could be wrong on the latter.       
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