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^ What are your thoughts on the suspension system?
I'll be picking up an Osprey hydration pack for that same purpose.
Great responses, but I'll chime in anyway. For most high quality *working* (western) kitchen knives which will for the most part be maintained with a steel, 1000-1200 waterstones are ideal. Japanese polishing stones 6000-8000 grit are more appropriate, but not necessarily exclusively for handforged Japanese kitchen knives and woodworking blades. ymmv
    I gots dose two.
      Cool bikes dude! Inside info man, ride impressions etc!
Colnago still fabs there totl carbon frame in Italy. All C 40-50s were built there.
        There's much regret seeing it go, but multiple road frames don't work for me very well. My eye is on the custom in 12-15 months time. After the Peg, the Atlanta will help me focus on what I want in the custom frame. Bikes become tools after you get them dirty for the first time.
    You'd probably be better off with a more versatile design by a higher quality maker. IIRC the lower blade is about 6.5", carbon steel, and fairly economical.       [
Thanks Chris, Haven't been there for a long time but have a membership. Will ck it out.   Cheers!!!    
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