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Same here.    
All I know of her is she's been the Assos model for a number of years.Read that article and agree cyclists need to obey the rules to begin gaining their due respect.
  She's filled out in the last 7 years or so.
Like the ponytail.
   They *can* be built lighter. There's a thread on MTBR about a 30lb-er. I'm thinking great urban/gravel runabout. Hope to jump on one of these if the bandwagon gets rolling fast enough.
I'm diggin' my El Mariachi 29er SS, size M.
   Wrong appendage. I get zero numbness, btw. 
If at all possible I refrain from entering public establishments in road cycling wear. Then again 99.x% of my rides start and end at my front door. :D 
    What kind of mileage are you doing these days?
 That must be early Rivendell, when he was running it out of his house and garage? I spent a lot of time on the phone talking bike, his post-Bridgestone plans, and buying a bunch of out of production components from him. Including were a Mavic 631 "starfish" crankset, which is probably what you're describing, a Suntour Superbe Pro brakeset, and Simplex retrofriction shifters--all NOS. Also had Superbe Pro F/R derailleurs. Awesome stuff, wish I still had them.
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