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  So there is no one out there who is reliable, and provides the service of a cable switch-a-roo on Grado?
  '05 Chorus/Record, with Chorus FD, RD, SP. That Record Hubset was the best 10sp type!  Probably the best shifting Ergopower I've had.  I still have an early 90's Vanadium Max Flite.  P.S. I came so close to picking up a Duende in the same color scheme as yours from Bikyle. One of my big regrets was letting the EOM 16.5 Duende go. It had been very much abused in its former lives, and I wanted a nicer keeper. Absolutely my favorite road frame. When my patellar tendinitis...
The Bordeaux in the third link above is from a bonafide Montblanc dealer called Handelshaus Rheinländer, but I decided to moderate my MB quest for the time being. On order is a black/platinum SkyWalker ball point. Expected delivery date is 3-7 weeks--yikes! 
  And a fixed-gear as well. I'll have to admit not having fully broken in that custom (for me) Spectrum, as I'd ordered and built it in anticipation of a timely but failed recovery from patellar tendonitis on both sides. From 300mi or so, I'd opine Tom built me a winner. IIRC that's Imron Candy Apple Red with met. silver undercoat, which shows through the stenciled lettering. When I sold it I knew that would be a bike I'd never be able to rebuild.
   You can tell a vintage Flite by the acute angle of the seat rails. With it I couldn't use the Dura Ace scandium seatpost on a 74d sta, because it overran the short rear contact points with only about 2-3 grooves touching. I desperately ordered a Centaur which turned out to be one of my favorites of all time. These were my last two early 90 vintage--bought new locally.    
First relax was to post Jungle Boogie, lol.    
  My listening space is acoustically compromised as it is, so I'm sticking with the 305. Tweeter to ear distance while at the computer is 32", maximum would be 45".  My LSR310S should arrive in a week or two. Not sure if it would be helpful to set the LF Trim to -2dB, as the manual gives little reference to how to use than control.
Any opinions on a Montblanc 146, which I'm considering instead of an L2K? *Possibly* a pre owned Bordeaux late model--otherwise a new one in black. Are current production still worth it? Any recommended pre owned sellers?       This one doesn't ship to Hawaii.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/111763853052?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT       There's this one as...
Lots of good stuff in this thread.      
Have wanted a Lamy 2000 FP for a long time, as much for the bauhaus design as for a new pen. I'm thinking there's a 15% chance I'll want to get the nib tuned up, and other than in reviews the Lamy piston system hasn't been known for Toyota/Lexus QC.   Guess I could go for a Platinum Chartes Blue/Rhodium 3776, but want to get away from Japanese design this time out. Of course I could save a bunch by getting the 2000 rollerball version. :O) Still a tuned Lamy 2000 FP is a...
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