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 Mine started like that 25 years ago.
What are the differences between the RS2e and the RS1e in terms of sound signature? Will the RS2 equal the RS1 in detail resolution?
JC's The Thing well personifies that "B mainstream sci/horror" genre. There's no doubting the horror there.
Recently upgraded to 3.0 Symphony. Amarra still has a seriously crap gui, plus why have a parametric equalizer and have only 5 bands?
  Thanks for the info. I called, he checked and they were out of the i version. Think I'll wait a couple days for my ie800 to arrive and reassess at that point. Hopefully I don't regret waiting.
If you're not looking for warmth, which it seems many here are, my end setup for the HD800 was the Millet Arete/Volcano. The Arete has a very neutral sound and one of its strengths is clarity.   I've come to prefer a neutral amp, and use its source to refine its voice. In this case it was a Neko D100 MKII DAC, and Wavelength Wavelink HS SPDIF-USB.  
I don't think the HF output on the GS1e will suit my needs (test link in sig). Whats a good price for a new RS1i? The best I've found so far is $595.
Looking for an excellent condition GS-1i or earlier. If possible please indicate owner history.   As an option I have a < week old Grado GR10e for partial trade. 
Had the GR10e for 4 days, and they are now listed in classified. My issue is HF attenuation due to longterm hearing damage.  I believe I want a U to V shaped FR to help flatten things out with some conservative equalizing. That said the UE700 has served me very well, but its definitely time for a substantial upgrade.   Ordered the ie800 last night, and they should arrive the same day next week as the amp/dac.         If anyone feels up to it, a custom set for the...
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