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I have a pristine early 2000 ER4s coming in a a few weeks. Any differences to current versions?
[[SPOILER]] Francisk, impressive unit! Are you using it as a portable, transportable, or a home unit? I'm trying to read up on it now. Would you say the DBA 02 MKII is responding primarily to the amplification, the DAC, or both?I'm currently pretty uninformed about portable equipment. Been pretty happy with my (older ver.) UE700 straight through a MacBook Pro, but found it to sound pretty thin out of an ipod Shuffle.P.S. I may stop off on the way home to pick up an ipod...
Mine should arrive at the end of the week. At this point how things develop upstream is beyond me.
I'm finally going portable. Will soon be ordering a Mission Workshop Fitzrroy (b-i-i-i-g backpack), so weight/space is a premium (more or less). Price point? Not sure, but want something that matches my IEMs. Will be using Apple lossy files. P.S. Can you direct me to Jude's earlier TV videos where he reviews a portable amp/dac player? An all-in-one unit would seem to be the best solution, but I don't know what's out there so will keep an open mind. Oh, check my profile...
Here's the more informative manufacturers link. although as a dual use light (bicycle, and any other heavy-duty use) its a bit unwieldy in hand, it just might work out. Otherwise I'll be looking at a Jetbeam PA40 or something in its class.    In the meantime I'm now researching a more compact light in the 250-300 lm range.
I was so close to ordering one, but need time off the road to heal a bulged disc at l4-l5. The plan is to make the Wabi my go to roadbike, at least until I start climbing hills again.
My Surefire 6p/Malkoff M61 is missing. I *may* look into something smaller than a 6p, but don't want to loose too much performance or runtime. Recommend a small quality pack light, reasonably priced, 400-500 lm, and hopefully around $60. Where to buy? I already have a Lupine Piko TL MaxMini coming in, which is a pretty badazz 1200 lm dual duty light, so now I need something in between. Check out the specs for the...
No love for Wabi? If I get on roadbikes again it'll be a Wabi Classic, with Campy Pista cranks of course.
  Cool! Thanks.
How are the MKII for using standard non over the ear mount? If not applicable, please recommend an alternative iem?
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