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Preferably in excellent cond.
  I'm with you on that after finally doing some reading on the Hifi-M8. 
My bad. Perhaps I might audio-fi my 4s after it retires from cell duty. In the meantime I'm just about to exchange the Nano for a Classic, and the Algorithm Solo has moved to the top of the list. May very well order a DT1350 too.
Francis, may I ask what your portable source would be?
^ Very good. 
HahHa Silent, that's the story of my riding life!
I have a pristine early 2000 ER4s coming in a a few weeks. Any differences to current versions?
[[SPOILER]] Francisk, impressive unit! Are you using it as a portable, transportable, or a home unit? I'm trying to read up on it now. Would you say the DBA 02 MKII is responding primarily to the amplification, the DAC, or both?I'm currently pretty uninformed about portable equipment. Been pretty happy with my (older ver.) UE700 straight through a MacBook Pro, but found it to sound pretty thin out of an ipod Shuffle.P.S. I may stop off on the way home to pick up an ipod...
Mine should arrive at the end of the week. At this point how things develop upstream is beyond me.
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