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 sorry, wrong thread
SOLD - will close listing at end of transaction       - standard silver RCA jacks - .5m - Bought new from Decware about 3 mo ago - $90 including shipping in the U.S. (+ shipping cost difference to Canada)   http://www.decware.com/newsite/newdsr.htm
The only pic I have right now, but at least it shows it exists, lol.    
  Sorry for the late reply. The LSR310S came and went. Tried to make it work but sold it because it crowded my work space. In terms of audio imo its an excellent+ match for the LSR 305. Was really sad to see it go.  
SOLD - Excellent cond. - bought from Head-Fi member Failed Engineer, who bought it new as first owner - comes with remote and generic power cord. - I haven't set up the remote so cannot vet its functionality, but trusting Failed Engineer, I'd be surprised if there were any issues.   $675 including cost of Priority shipping in the U.S.     P.S. Will post pics tomorrow.
Sorry for that--looks like someone fixed the title for me--thanks!
Here is the Head-fi classified I bought this GS-1 from.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/774517/headamp-gs-1-with-dact-attenuator-silver-dynalo-modules-excellent-condition     This GS-1 is in the same basic condition from when I received it on 18 August 2015. The original Dynalo modules are included, but I cannot vet or take responsibility for them. The GS-1 arrived with the Dynalo+ plus installed and that's how it remained. Consider the old modules as freebies.   My cost...
SOLD   I bought this on 6 July 2015 off eBay. The seller appeared to be an audio dealer, and described the RS-2i as having been opened for a customer to audition. Its in excellent cond.  and by my untrained judgement had seen very, very little use.   The ear pads were fresh and hard enough to where I removed them and washed with Dawn to add some suppleness. The ear pads will come to you washed and fresh. When I received it the box did not include the cable extension...
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele Nevermind - Airta Moreira w/ Herbie Hancock and Stanley Clarke Hitch a Ride - Boston   These were the last songs I'll listen to on my RS-2i and Headamp GS-1+, and I'll miss its glorious sound. They are all going on the block, the RS-2i hopefully today at $300--a bit less than I paid.    I consider this a sacrifice, and the reason is to simplify my desk space, as well as the whole process of listening to music. I'll be going back to the...
  I'll concur the right looks the same as my RS-2i.
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