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  Have you received any word yet? I haven't, other than the first email from LP Gear. My CC shows charge pending.
  Not great cinema but great entertainment. Funny-- although the constant reuse of themes he's already used too many times gets boring. Uma Thurman's feet are not sexy. "The Cruel Tutelage of Pai Mei" including the adjunct with Elle Driver was brilliant. Best delivered line - Darryl Hannah: "That's right, I killed your master." Sonny Chiba scene was cool.
   When I had brother's RS-1 Classic with my Headamp GS-1/Anedio D1 system, he also sent along his Grado RA-1. I thought the RA-1 acquitted itself very well. Its probably not worth the going rate at retail (or even some used prices), but I thought it added a bit of richness to the RS-1 sound that I really liked. 
  Thanks kayandjohn. I've enjoyed both your and stacker45's posts--very helpful.         So have I. It said "Only 2 left in stock" when I ordered 1 hr ago, and apparently they don't update automatically. Unexpected purchase, yes. Not surprising though, as I think I've been moving in this direction since 2011.     http://www.head-fi.org/t/530965/grado-fan-club/1050#post_7778062
I agree that with classical the RS-2i is excellent with solo or smaller ensemble pieces. Not that you won't enjoy works with a full orchestra, where it actually does quite well. Otoh from an audiophile perspective there will be a degree of congestion. I listen to a lot of classical and my go to is the Senn ie800.    Am currently listening to Bach Concerto No. 2, Hahn/Kahane, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Most excellent. The RS-2i brings the harpsichord through very...
   There's only one left.  
  Nice! I don't know why these aren't flying off the shelves. I want one *very* badly, but for me making that commitment must also include finding and acquiring a Headamp GS-1 which I believe Kevin Gilmore designed for Grado HP's. Discrete circuitry baby! No opamps. I'm decidedly half-stepping here trying to keep things simple, using the built in amplifier from the Anedio D2. Will have to think about it. All I want is one IE and one HP--one Senn (ie800), and one...
  Someone (possibly you) posted that link earlier. I considered it lightly, but now have to ask if those RS-1 in the link are 100% legit?   Btw the classic semi-vintage RS-1 I had possession of briefly was serial numbered with magic marker. Are the LP Gear RS-1 the same? These are vintage close to 2000+/-. I regarded these very highly with a Headamp GS-1 and Anedio D1.    
  It was a thought--I'm in no rush. In fact I'm at a place where I should probably keep the system static for a while, so I can enjoy the music *unmolested*. Too much fiddling tends to get in the way. At this point the Senn ie800 is first string and will get used 80% of the time. Maybe I'll wait till I can audition an RS-1i in house. :D
  Thanks for the offer--email sent.  I'm using parametric setting, but really need to research and test some of the other settings. Today I'm using this set for the MBP > ie800, the system I think I'll try to set up Amarra for specifically.  f: 14000, 6000, 2000, 800db: 2.4, 2.2, -2, -2Q: 2.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 Now that I'm in the ball park with equalization, I may also be back in the camp where Amarra is almost indispensable. 
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