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   I'm trying to convince myself into not buying a new Duke 690. 
Got this for city commuting. Maybe adding a Hypermotard or Street Triple R early next year.      
So we're down to posting old pics, lol. Here's where I go for 2min hill sprint repeats--there are several hills in this neighborhood running from 17-20+ percent.       Facing North     South south-east
Hard to fault Lagavulin 16.      [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
   You're a good man.
  Absolutely, the better to weave through at speed, the swollen or sunken (take your pick) pothole patches. :D
I may as well post this one too from the same ride as the last pic, about 0700. That car is moving about 45mph, and there's a fast, wet, gusty descent 300yd on.     This is a NOS C-50, with about 110 mi. Might be getting rid of it due to back injuries limiting flexion. I don't like the riding position with the handlebar high up, as it really screws with power delivery.       
   Looks like it fits really well.
    I have the setup, possibly the same charger. My battery is a protected 3400 mAh Panasonic. I don't like the switch on the PD35 because its too low profile--not the easiest to find in the dark.
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