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  Okay, roger that. Here's hoping other manufacturers will follow along and produce uiem of similar quality.
Thanks.   I've just started reading this thread from last page back, after watching the video. Maybe someone can help me cut to the chase. For several pages already a major theme I'm seeing is the need for silver cables, which are also recommended at Moon Audio. This makes me wonder if the high end presentation of the SE 846 runs towards the polite, to overly polite side? 
I'm thinking seriously about blowing my iMac Retina budget on this, which would give me time to wait for a <27" version to come out possibly this fall.    Are there any demo units running around, or a store that allows returns? How well has resale value been holding?
I'm back. For a short while I hope because if I stay too long I'll end up with a Stax setup. Have bought and sold an HD580, HD600, an early HD650, another HD600, an HD800, and am thinking about *one* more HD600. Actually the HD800 would probably be ideal, but maybe the HD700 might work better with my hearing, that's rolled off in the HF.   Have a want ad listed for an Anedio D2, and maybe I should stick with IEM's and get a higher end model? All this from stopping by...
In excellent condition. Lmk your price. Pending
  Don't know if its true or not, but have always heard hearing damage often hits years later. There could have been an incident that I don't recall.
I worked as a carpenter for 30+ yr, over 20 of those years without hearing protection. Up to a few years ago Ive had "common" levels of tinnitus for the longest time. At that point the tinnitus turned to *raging* levels, its almost unbelievable. It never goes away. Seriously. Sometimes I wonder I don't go mad. Close to the same point in time, I noticed my audio preferences were changing in questionable ways. Went in for a hearing exam and the results showed quite a bit of...
I may or may not get a dac, so are there any options for direct connection to notebook?
  :thumbsup: Your Cervelo is cool!   I'm not completely giving up. The one bike I kept is the rigid Salsa El Mariachi SS mtb. Just converted it to 1X10 with XT components and new XT brakes. The 2.6mi ride from the bike shop was pushing it, but this thing is BA. Won't be riding it much for a while though.
edit: deleted questions I've found answers for.   Okay, posting in a dead or deadish thread, lol.   D2 scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. Unless something else catches my eye, will probably order an IE-800 in two weeks when headphones.com restocks. Grado GR-10 coming in Wed, which will hopefully provide a nice counterpoint to the Senn. Anything else? 
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