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^ ouch that one hurt.
I just threw my wallet on the table thanks to Moon Audio. Now the thumb twiddling game-- chose the mail option, not sure what kind of mail that is. Maybe I should call up and change to the next service up? Still waiting for my transducers. Lol.
Ahh, shucks. Was just about to cancel my classified as I've just bought from Moon Audio.   Good luck on the sale.   Monte
Just delete or modify if this post breaks any rules--I'm not here often so ...    I of course am very familiar with the D1 using its internal amp, and want one for an incoming Amperior and especially for the DBA 02 MKII. Thoughts on this choice, suggestions? The plan is to buy once and be happy with whatever I have--no more no cycle of buying/selling, just gain an improvement and listen to music. I will use it direct from source (MBP).   Also from my experience a...
Just starting to read this thread. New Egg has/had the blue Amperior for $139., but only in blue. Not my first choice in color, but I got it anyway.      Anyway, I'm trying to find a reasonably priced Anedio D1, or go witha Hifi M8 RSA. Need compatibility with the DBA 02 MKII. Any thoughts, suggestions? 
Longshot, I know. Talk to me before I have to buy new. 
Preferably in excellent cond.
  I'm with you on that after finally doing some reading on the Hifi-M8. 
My bad. Perhaps I might audio-fi my 4s after it retires from cell duty. In the meantime I'm just about to exchange the Nano for a Classic, and the Algorithm Solo has moved to the top of the list. May very well order a DT1350 too.
Francis, may I ask what your portable source would be?
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