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  What is your budget? I use a Dinotte 300R or a Niteflux Redzone 8. Also had a Dinotte 400R which is more compact than the 300R, but has a bit more power and has an external battery. These lights are pretty effective during day light hours as well. Dinotte is better known for quality, the Redzone has superior side visibility.         
  Lol the Starbuck's card. Nice basic unit. All three co. American made.
 Yeah the Sanction is about the size of my Chrome Bravo -- all great packs. With the same load the Bravo's roll top would be unrolled, and an extension "sleeve" extended like below. The Bravo was workable but the Fitzroy is less unwieldy, and allows you to get at your locking devices more easily. That especially for multiple stops.      
   Little late but here's the Chrome Fitzroy caught in action. Load:15# bag rice28oz granola1 dozen eggs1 loaf bread   
Looking for the same. Missionworkshop has theirs (velcro > zip access). Chrome has two. May order the Chrome flip down.   Black Star Bags has a nice velcro iPhone case.
What is the name of the USB fitting on the M8LX4?
Will try to get a pic. Here's what I've been using on commutes, a Chrome Bravo which is a pretty good size at 22L. Still while carrying a good load, trying to get at the U lock and cables multiple times during a ride is a major hassle. So I'm riding a single speed and loving it. Get the correct gearing for your ride profile as well as your conditioning. Of course with SS setting up for the hills often compromises speed on the flats. I have a 32x18 and find it great for my...
Couple of my friends have cargo bikes. I'd rather not go that route, but carrying groceries tends to alter ones perceptions, desires. Still need to try out my new and bigger backpack, a missionworkshop Fitzroy.
My 4XL is sitting up the road in the delivery truck one block away. Had forgotten all about it for the past few days....
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