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   Thanks, warubozu. This is probably the most expensive knife I've owned, and that I've bought for EDC as well. From a utility POV it might be a little extravagant, but the higher quality standards is imo pretty gratifying. This is a user knife for sure. I'm going to have to make it to the next local knife show.
Been under the weather since the weekend, otherwise I would have carried this small Sebenza already, which came in Monday. Need to remove the lanyard first, which I personally find *very* irritating. The action seems a bit draggy, so I'll hone the washers a bit to smooth it out.   Really love the quality on the small Sebenza, the form factor, blade profile, and sand blasted finish. I'm not justifying the money spent, as I'm pretty ruthless about sending down the road...
  Great testimony on the 765 right there. Perfect size too, like a medium Sebenza. 
  Nice additions. I've always wanted a Benchmade, and have been looking at a Mini-Griptilian.  Despite my negative comments on the Spyderco Military a couple pages back, I just ordered the green Knifeworks sprint in CTS-204P. I should be able to warm up to it...
   With the blade tip practically scraping the inside of the scales, I unfortunately decided to send it back. Not before determining how much I like the form factor, function, and weight.  It was a no-brainer to exchange for, or order the LW Dark Blue S110V version, but I didn't. I get gun shy after going through the return/refund drill which I strongly despise. 
Still experimenting here with a Manix2 Lightweight due in a day or two. :eyeroll:
Bought *another* CRF250L 5 months ago. The plan was to pick up a KTM 690 Duke, been wanting one for a long time, but decided to wait another year to make way for other projects. Now I'm worried they'll move production to India, at which point the 690 will be struck off my list. Second choice will be an EXC350F with SM wheels.   
Nuclear holocaust in the 80's. (think I've posted a couple of these before.)   mushroom at 1:17            
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