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Had the GR10e for 4 days, and they are now listed in classified. My issue is HF attenuation due to longterm hearing damage.  I believe I want a U to V shaped FR to help flatten things out with some conservative equalizing. That said the UE700 has served me very well, but its definitely time for a substantial upgrade.   Ordered the ie800 last night, and they should arrive the same day next week as the amp/dac.         If anyone feels up to it, a custom set for the...
Ordered new and received a few days ago ( 6/24). Burned in for 25.5hr, with about 4hr listening time. Like new condition. The GR10e is a bit too mid-centric for my needs, which require a strong high frequency bump to compensate for long term hearing damage.  SOLD
  Great, thanks! 
 Throughout my headphone hobby I've apparently been a strong and stalwart A-T/Senn enthusiast, having had a pretty solid serial collection over time( profile: http://www.head-fi.org/u/210/pigmode).    One headphone I really, really miss was my brother's classic RS1, of which I was custodian for more than half a year. Was very sad to see that one go. Sure wish there was an easily available replacement. 
Looks like Sennheiser has the IE 800 extension cable currently available. 
  I'm moving in that direction for commuting--pedal assist. I'd rather have this one, but will probably get the next model down. http://www.stromerbike.com/en/us/e-bikes/stromer-st2
   I had to research it.  It almost sounds custom at 2.5mm female to 3.5 or 1/4" male. I can see why some are put off by the 40" stock cable.   So far I've found the ALO modded IE800 $1049, which I think can mate to one of their cables ($149) that might be used unbalanced. Apparently the cable only works with the balanced connector on the modded IE800. Not sure if balanced set up works with unbalanced components, but probably too expensive...
Any recommendations for a 3' extension cable for home use? Not sure of budget, but not monoprice.
I'm waiting to order the IE-800 when it comes back in stock, which I was told will be about 2 weeks. Will the Head-fi coupon still be valid then?
I'd like to get a replacement soon, so a small list would be a great starting point. Not sure of compatible price range, so I'll guess $250-450 and $450-1000. Basically I'm looking for a neutral sound quality. Will be for home use connected to an Anedio D2.       Here's what I've found so far, correct me if I'm wrong:   - Apparently the SE846 does not match the HF sound signature of the DBA-02 MK II - The Senn IE800 is a player, but *might* have too much bass and...
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