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  Always wanted one of those, good on you. I prefer how on the Military, the shape at the back of the handle, provides a better pinkie catch than on the PM2. Roger that on the S110V.
Shipped on Sat., arrived today. QC looks up to standard. The plan was to send it out this week for a regrind, but now I'll take a day or two to reconsider.   http://i.imgur.com/knr001i.jpg   P.S. My Hinderer sold today. Was never completely happy with it. Now with my Para's...:O)
Guess I go through this drill about once a year, ever since my short term memory's taken on challenged status. The release on the Military doesn't work for me. Too bad because for me the Military vs the Para is mostly about getting a stronger positive grip, without bringing the index forward of the scales.   Probably should have waited for the coming production run to save some bucks, but due to arrive next week is a Burple S110V Para 2.   I'll probably sell one of my...
Have been out of it for a while.   Looking for a non-black or non-tactical colored Spyderco Military, and want a shop I can reliably exchange if the blade doesn't lie centered closed. Imo bright colors are best for urban edc.   Any comments on Knife Center, or Bento Box? BB is too pricey, don't need S90V, but I'll take it if I have to. What about Cutlery Shoppe or New Graham, which were among my go to shops in the...
The "ride" was great. The C-40 is superb, the best Colnago imo.
I hear you, but theres the flat bar optimized brake lever/shifter conundrum. Miss my 'nag.    
I really enjoy my El Mariachi set up as a hybrid. Fun on the road!!! Really bummed I didn't go ahead and build up an upgraded hybrid w/:   - Niner carbon frameset (rigid carbon fork) - XT 1x11 groupset with low Q crank - non-tubeless rims   I'll get back to that eventually but the El Mariachi, not currently being ridden much, is set up with XT 1x10. With the power and modulation of wet discs, combined with 50mm tires that transfer greater braking resistance, I really...
  Love my Hinderer.
A couple directions I'm looking at. The Seiko is a blast from the early 70's past. I still remember frustrations with Seiko self-winds falling out of time. The good news is you don't have to call time anymore.   The Nomos well...;) :D   - Nomos Glasshutte Tangente - http://www.ebay.com/itm/252332123008?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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