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   Looks like it fits really well.
    I have the setup, possibly the same charger. My battery is a protected 3400 mAh Panasonic. I don't like the switch on the PD35 because its too low profile--not the easiest to find in the dark.
Here's what I have.   2 rubber bands Old style iPhone connector USB cable Charger   Not sure about the cigarette lighter charger        
This is the XL4 model with idevice jack.
This morning, around 6:30am.    
Used 5 times. Charged 3 times. What you see in the picture-- let me know if I missed anything.
I will list mine in classified in a day or two, used 4 times once as a portable. What's a good price for a fast sale?
  What is your budget? I use a Dinotte 300R or a Niteflux Redzone 8. Also had a Dinotte 400R which is more compact than the 300R, but has a bit more power and has an external battery. These lights are pretty effective during day light hours as well. Dinotte is better known for quality, the Redzone has superior side visibility.         
  Lol the Starbuck's card. Nice basic unit. All three co. American made.
 Yeah the Sanction is about the size of my Chrome Bravo -- all great packs. With the same load the Bravo's roll top would be unrolled, and an extension "sleeve" extended like below. The Bravo was workable but the Fitzroy is less unwieldy, and allows you to get at your locking devices more easily. That especially for multiple stops.      
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