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   I had to research it.  It almost sounds custom at 2.5mm female to 3.5 or 1/4" male. I can see why some are put off by the 40" stock cable.   So far I've found the ALO modded IE800 $1049, which I think can mate to one of their cables ($149) that might be used unbalanced. Apparently the cable only works with the balanced connector on the modded IE800. Not sure if balanced set up works with unbalanced components, but probably too expensive...
Any recommendations for a 3' extension cable for home use? Not sure of budget, but not monoprice.
I'm waiting to order the IE-800 when it comes back in stock, which I was told will be about 2 weeks. Will the Head-fi coupon still be valid then?
I'd like to get a replacement soon, so a small list would be a great starting point. Not sure of compatible price range, so I'll guess $250-450 and $450-1000. Basically I'm looking for a neutral sound quality. Will be for home use connected to an Anedio D2.       Here's what I've found so far, correct me if I'm wrong:   - Apparently the SE846 does not match the HF sound signature of the DBA-02 MK II - The Senn IE800 is a player, but *might* have too much bass and...
  Okay, roger that. Here's hoping other manufacturers will follow along and produce uiem of similar quality.
Thanks.   I've just started reading this thread from last page back, after watching the video. Maybe someone can help me cut to the chase. For several pages already a major theme I'm seeing is the need for silver cables, which are also recommended at Moon Audio. This makes me wonder if the high end presentation of the SE 846 runs towards the polite, to overly polite side? 
I'm thinking seriously about blowing my iMac Retina budget on this, which would give me time to wait for a <27" version to come out possibly this fall.    Are there any demo units running around, or a store that allows returns? How well has resale value been holding?
I'm back. For a short while I hope because if I stay too long I'll end up with a Stax setup. Have bought and sold an HD580, HD600, an early HD650, another HD600, an HD800, and am thinking about *one* more HD600. Actually the HD800 would probably be ideal, but maybe the HD700 might work better with my hearing, that's rolled off in the HF.   Have a want ad listed for an Anedio D2, and maybe I should stick with IEM's and get a higher end model? All this from stopping by...
In excellent condition. Lmk your price. Pending
  Don't know if its true or not, but have always heard hearing damage often hits years later. There could have been an incident that I don't recall.
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