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   Same here. Has a era past yet? :)
Picked up an oblique holder recently, still haven't used it. Sailor Kiwa Guro black ink works well enough with the Nikko G and Zebra G. Not optimally the best, but Kiwa Guro dries fairly quickly.
Picked up a Malkoff MD2 forward clicky (single output) w/M61NL as a nightstand light. Will probably order a Surefire Z41 switch for it.  
  Unless you've spent the last couple years of critical listening to a steady stream of audio components, you basically get used to what you're listening to. With the IE800 while it might not exactly pop in certain areas of the audio spectrum, it defiantly has something in the mids and bass. You get used to it.
Apparently me, and now you. Maybe the ball can get rolling again.   Anyway I've since picked up a NIB 3rd iteration Gen 2 Spyderco Endura. I love these old FRN Spyderco--so efficient. Have also found my long lost 80's Al Mar Hawk-Talon (old pic). The Hawk-Talon was a limited edition model that was actually brighter green before fading to OD, then this muddy brown. EDC'd it in my tool belt for over 20 yr.      
Came real close to picking up a Mini-Griptilian locally, priced about $20 more than listed online. Handled real nice, and would have been very happy with that.    Did a quick eBay search one day that brought this up--a NIB Spyderco Delica Clipit, AUS-8 Generation 2 in mint condition w/box. Also pictured is my Gin 1 Generation 1. The wider clip on the Gen 2 is much tighter, the older narrower belt clip having loosened up quite a bit.   These are not in much demand I...
  Headphone Supremus maybe when you hit 15 yr, lol.
Would have jumped on the Citizen posted above already, but there's only date w/o day. I really need the latter.
Starting to look into a classic dive watch. The Seiko I'm looking at is auto-wind, w/o manual winding ability. Anyone using such a watch in rotation? Seems like it might be a major hassle having to get it going and resetting date and time.   Seiko has the "professional" Prospex, but not with the exact look, I think.     There's also the...
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