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^ Cool stunt bike.         Btw our city buses have double racks on the front bumper, with spring loaded front wheel retainers. Have used them with my El Mariachi 29er set up for commuting. Probably wouldn't want to with my best road wheels.
Killer!Btw icenine, your bike was a big inspiration for this build--a retirement gift.
   I'm trying to convince myself into not buying a new Duke 690. 
Got this for city commuting. Maybe adding a Hypermotard or Street Triple R early next year.      
So we're down to posting old pics, lol. Here's where I go for 2min hill sprint repeats--there are several hills in this neighborhood running from 17-20+ percent.       Facing North     South south-east
Hard to fault Lagavulin 16.      [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
   You're a good man.
  Absolutely, the better to weave through at speed, the swollen or sunken (take your pick) pothole patches. :D
I may as well post this one too from the same ride as the last pic, about 0700. That car is moving about 45mph, and there's a fast, wet, gusty descent 300yd on.     This is a NOS C-50, with about 110 mi. Might be getting rid of it due to back injuries limiting flexion. I don't like the riding position with the handlebar high up, as it really screws with power delivery.       
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