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JC's The Thing well personifies that "B mainstream sci/horror" genre. There's no doubting the horror there.
Recently upgraded to 3.0 Symphony. Amarra still has a seriously crap gui, plus why have a parametric equalizer and have only 5 bands?
  Thanks for the info. I called, he checked and they were out of the i version. Think I'll wait a couple days for my ie800 to arrive and reassess at that point. Hopefully I don't regret waiting.
If you're not looking for warmth, which it seems many here are, my end setup for the HD800 was the Millet Arete/Volcano. The Arete has a very neutral sound and one of its strengths is clarity.   I've come to prefer a neutral amp, and use its source to refine its voice. In this case it was a Neko D100 MKII DAC, and Wavelength Wavelink HS SPDIF-USB.  
I don't think the HF output on the GS1e will suit my needs (test link in sig). Whats a good price for a new RS1i? The best I've found so far is $595.
Looking for an excellent condition GS-1i or earlier. If possible please indicate owner history.   As an option I have a < week old Grado GR10e for partial trade. 
Had the GR10e for 4 days, and they are now listed in classified. My issue is HF attenuation due to longterm hearing damage.  I believe I want a U to V shaped FR to help flatten things out with some conservative equalizing. That said the UE700 has served me very well, but its definitely time for a substantial upgrade.   Ordered the ie800 last night, and they should arrive the same day next week as the amp/dac.         If anyone feels up to it, a custom set for the...
Ordered new and received a few days ago ( 6/24). Burned in for 25.5hr, with about 4hr listening time. Like new condition. The GR10e is a bit too mid-centric for my needs, which require a strong high frequency bump to compensate for long term hearing damage.  P.S. Willing to negotiate for a GS1i
  Great, thanks! 
 Throughout my headphone hobby I've apparently been a strong and stalwart A-T/Senn enthusiast, having had a pretty solid serial collection over time( profile:    One headphone I really, really miss was my brother's classic RS1, of which I was custodian for more than half a year. Was very sad to see that one go. Sure wish there was an easily available replacement. 
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