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   Nice. Interesting they named it the Emissary, and I've just finished watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 
Seriously surprised I'm still looking for another folder. Would like pick up a <3" Benchmade before moving on to other things. 
  That pic resolution is a huge tease. :O)    From this morning's predawn dog walk, not that I plan to continue to carry this big a knife for this use. I've lusted a Chris Reeve for 15 yr, and now I have two. This lg Sebenza had two former owners.   
  My purpose is to find a smoother clip with less tension than the standard Spyderco, which to me is built like a battleship when what I want is more like a Ski Nautique. The other features are extras, although I think the less visible to John Q Public the better. For walking the dog the old Gen 1 Delica will continue to be my favorite. IIRC it weighed out at about 1.7 oz, but could use a resharpening. I'll be *very* happy if a NIP plain edge comes my way. 
This deep-carry clip will be for the Para Military.    http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php/1177897-Deep-carry-low-ride-titanium-clips-for-Spyderco-Delica-PM2-Manix-etc-Run-3
Ordered yesterday a deep-carry ti clip from Casey Lynch. This is the longer version, which should have lighter tension. 
I waffled on choosing the knife arts carbon Sebenza--very cool. The regular version otoh was a more conservative choice for a first, as I can't say for sure I won't end up with a Large as well.Nice blurple. Mine is in queue for regrinding, maybe two weeks out.Thinking real hard on ordering a Goddard Lightweight, the main issue being I might like it better than the Para Military.
   Thanks, warubozu. This is probably the most expensive knife I've owned, and that I've bought for EDC as well. From a utility POV it might be a little extravagant, but the higher quality standards is imo pretty gratifying. This is a user knife for sure. I'm going to have to make it to the next local knife show.
Been under the weather since the weekend, otherwise I would have carried this small Sebenza already, which came in Monday. Need to remove the lanyard first, which I personally find *very* irritating. The action seems a bit draggy, so I'll hone the washers a bit to smooth it out.   Really love the quality on the small Sebenza, the form factor, blade profile, and sand blasted finish. I'm not justifying the money spent, as I'm pretty ruthless about sending down the road...
  Great testimony on the 765 right there. Perfect size too, like a medium Sebenza. 
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