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Sure sounds like a bunch of prats out there, and seriously, DT880 at college? Unless I'm travelling around(like flying) something a pair of TF10s and Ipod does it nicely for me. Nothing that needs amping will be out on the streets for me. 
My favourite Nadeko figurine isn't a figurine ,but it is an awesome resin kit. Sadly I don't have the skill to colour them.   Depends, anywhere from 20usd for Sega ones to 200usd for really well made ones but it really depends on the brand and build quality. The beach queens by Wave are usually pretty cheap though(~40usd)   Fripside(Nanjo Yoshino who voices Akiho Senomiya is a member of Fripside), I have another interview article coming up but I'm still working on it ;) . 
should be okay now :)
Speaking, of my GF is president....    
Long time no see Kiteki =D
A pretty girl on the train with Koss Porta Pros :3 Wanted to snap a photo but it was after work hours and she was tired so I did not ask. (don't think I would either way lol :S)
You guys are too kind, thanks ^_^    @bowei you should check them out, they have a very unique style of music and Sat is a awesome composer :)
Hey guys, if anyone is into fripSide like myself, you may want to take a look at the interview I had with them. Pardon my writing though m(_ _)m
Did an engineer's filter test with the chebychev type 2 filter with order 20 and rejection -120db with my speakers. I don't think my speakers extend very far but I stopped hearing stuff at 18khz and at 17khz its only bells and maybe some "airiness" exist but virtually nothing else. I must say that normal equalisers and even normal parametric eq can't do with Engineers filter can in terms of rejection and slope steepness. Did the test with Adamant Faith by Suara, Violet...
SRH840 for cheapy closed can I really like. ER-4S for FR no doubt. HE500 or HD600 for beginning into "reference" cans that spread far and wide.   If I'm just looking at a not wildly popular can, definitely the Paradox. For me, truly high level reference comes in the form of an occassionally ear-stabbing HD800.
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