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SRH840 for cheapy closed can I really like. ER-4S for FR no doubt. HE500 or HD600 for beginning into "reference" cans that spread far and wide.   If I'm just looking at a not wildly popular can, definitely the Paradox. For me, truly high level reference comes in the form of an occassionally ear-stabbing HD800.
Wish purrin can just do a CSD of accudio and Dirac just to see. Really wonder if the Dirac filter is really helping with the time domain as it claims to do. Yuriv, subjectively how do Dirac and Accudio compare? Especially regarding any imaging or time domain related phenomenal?
Apparently the so called slight digital glare of FLAC is more offending than Denon's 7100 to Steve's ears lol. 
He does not like it when someone else points out  that the headphone he just gave a good review is really a crappy one(as heard by others) and when confirmed with measurements, is quick to dismiss them and says, its "all about preferences".
Signed for the very far future
Saw a pair of Alessandro MS-1s on an old guy along my way back home today. Impressed.
I think the reason why no one does EQ during a review is to account for the fact that very few people do it. I personally don't do it for portable use in that case I would prefer to mod to my preferred response. However for home use, dialing an EQ is the way to go for sure. One thing I love about EQ is how it makes response to HRTF dsps so much more convincing.    PS: Anyone has thoughts on resonators? I heard them(ASI sugar cubes) reduce the noise/ringing in the...
Yesterday I talked to someone who did not believe in EQ, saying that "high end does not need eq, headphones as well", he went on to talk about his experiences in high end speaker exhibition while talking about how aiming for a studio response was totally different from the audiophile aim and saying, "I never listened to test tones". While I do see where he is coming from, trying and doing it properly never hurts anyone right?    Disclaimer: He is a awesome guy, but...
Singapore   M50s, M50s everywhere. The Limited edition ones seem to all over the place recently.
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