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Fancy stuff! let me know if you find a solution, living with VAC for now till I upgrade my DAC.
Get a Creative DAC with the What U Hear device, mine does the stereo mix with -100db in noise level which should be adequate. I can't use it though as my Creative DAC is being used for playback as well 
double post, deleted >_<
For those into DSPs and EQ and stuff like that, here is a TF10 EQ from me. I listen to a wide variety but I use my TF10s usually with treble happy Japanese music so I highly doubt many(if at all) will find this eq offensive. Its tuned towards neutrality with a bright/airy tilt. Happy listening!     Points  (Low shelve,70hz,-5db,3.09oct) (Low shelve,1556.1hz,-4,1.40oct) (Dip,3000hz,-3db,0.51oct) (Low shelve,3597.5hz,...
firev1 reporting for news :( m.o.v.e disbands.   Here are some of the stuff that are released or yet to release that I'm looking forward to listening.   Really digging this song!  I love this pairing, their voices match up very well!   Their last song
Imo best OSTs this year definitely go to Kyoukaisen, very varied genres of music in one album and the songs are very catchy as well. It goes from something very grand to fast paced pop.   Not counting Little Busters! Anime ver as that is a classic in a sense, the best OP probably goes to Nanoha Movie 2nd's OP BRIGHT STREAM, very good vocals and fast catchy song that still awes me every time I listen to it.   If you have not, have a listen to Morgen Nacht by...
There are times where I say heck with the quality! Just enjoy the music :) Suara and Nana Mizuki together are simply brilliant. I heard Suara live before and really, the true skill of a veteran really shows when she sings. I'm also lucky that Aquaplus really cares about the SQ of its music as well which is the reason why her voice on CD(and SACD) is pretty awesome. They did not really do a good job with recording her live concerts though >_> EDIT: My pleasure! I think I...
More music? Sure,    A nice discovery while looking for new music to listen to Kana, as you can see, she is an indie artist, recordings may not be stellar but she has a nice voice.     Recently out by TAM, very engaging to listen to, feels pretty grand lol   A personal favourite where my top 2 favourite singers, Suara and Nana Mizuki perform a duet :D Very very high level stuff there.     Speaking of balls,
For my hobbies, my entire family knows about it, can't really hide it if its all over your room. They object at first but its not like I care. Normal friends always have something to say about it though, they find it somewhat creepy. I couldn't care less though LOL. Eventually if you are with them for long they will just accept who you are. My father came in when I was watching Nanoha Movie 1st transformation scenes on my BDP, you should have seen his reaction,... maybe that will help you understand. Imo it is strange if hot seiyuu ain't getting married after their 30s!
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