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More music? Sure,    A nice discovery while looking for new music to listen to Kana, as you can see, she is an indie artist, recordings may not be stellar but she has a nice voice.     Recently out by TAM, very engaging to listen to, feels pretty grand lol   A personal favourite where my top 2 favourite singers, Suara and Nana Mizuki perform a duet :D Very very high level stuff there.     Speaking of balls,
For my hobbies, my entire family knows about it, can't really hide it if its all over your room. They object at first but its not like I care. Normal friends always have something to say about it though, they find it somewhat creepy. I couldn't care less though LOL. Eventually if you are with them for long they will just accept who you are. My father came in when I was watching Nanoha Movie 1st transformation scenes on my BDP, you should have seen his reaction,... maybe that will help you understand. Imo it is strange if hot seiyuu ain't getting married after their 30s!
I almost forgot to share this with you guys. Itou Shizuka is married. Super awesome.
Those are CD900STs btw not V6s
Right now actually after hearing quite a few amps, including the tube ones. With low impedance phones I still say they still sound like utter crap due to noise and stuff but with high impedance cans they can actually help with produce a more desirable sound while retaining fidelity(due to weakness to actual fidelity being the can itself).    Other then that, tubes are probably the only real way to high voltage fidelity like in electrostatics as of now. Till then...
Looking forward to a review....     Another article written by me :3 Sphere was awesome!   Btw Dissonant, any chance that I may know you lol? The characteristics same country, animu fans and head fiers don't come together very often lol. 
Played around with Accudio recently, it's definition of 'flat' as perceived by the measuring head for 2 of my headphones(TF10 and SRH840) wasn't exactly flat to me but more mid centric which made the 2 headphones unnatural sounding to me. I have equalised 2 pairs of speakers to flat which serves as my reference. I think that Accudio was a good attempt at making EQ easy though, the simulations they gave sounded rather pleasing though comparing it with the real thing is...
Take your time =D not like I can pick up one yet :S
There are a few decent BQs from Wave so damn I thought they were Wave BQs. This year I also saw good banpresto and Sega figurines that went real cheap.   I saw Piko irl once, I thought my eyes were deceiving me LOL. 
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