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Thanks Jeroen that really helped in answering some questions, thanks Lunatique and chinesekiwi for the help, it feels somewhat weird but I'm enjoying Isone again :3 Solved the problem by reducing output signal by 2db. Thanks Lunatique and chinesewiki for the suggestions too :) 
+1 Rip and dump into NAS also, VBR does not go with some instrumentals. Ripped "The Players" (New-age) into EAC before converting to VBR, I had lots of clipping all over the place with V0 but with 320 cbr it was alot better. But for Pop and other stuff vbr works out nicely usually.
Thanks for the tips guys, will ask around for answers hopefully I can get it working eventually.
Nope, nothing =P  
Have you tried loosening the clamp or changing the pads? It used to hurt last time with the ATH SQ5s but once I hit that sweet spot its over. I also got a different problem with M50s (clamping) but I managed to find a perfect fit. Other than that theres the Beyer's dt770 but it requires a slightly better amp to make it sing whereas the M50s are not so demanding. Check out the dt235 those are pretty comfortable and sound very nice too.
Got a Brainwavz M3 and I really like it. Brainwavz sure has been doing the community a service with great sounding stuff at a low price point. Sure to get one to try out soon!
Yes it does not, for gaming theres EAX and for movies, you can use ffdshow Audio Processor which is a full featured DSP if your using MPC-HC and for music you can use VST plugins with foobar/whatever music player. THX Tru Studio is something I never use cus it does not work with ASIO besides theres better alternatives whether your using foobar/ media players besides Itunes.
  I think that you should get something around 220-250 bucks and get a fiio E6/E11 amp around amazon. Its usually a good combination at that price because the E6/E11 may be used to drive other headphones you may get in the future like beyer's dt1350 or higher end IEMs. If your using a IDevice you can also get an line out device like the Fiio L9 cable  
Deactivated everything in DSP except TB Isone. Still slightly noticeable clipping in The Players' album and very noticeable in some of my game soundtracks like Have no such problems in Redline monitor. Global gain is 0 db  and my normal settings is just EasyQ and Output Format. I notice also that TB Isone tends to overflow a lot more than Redline monitor even when set to Flat with room designer, HRFT and CSC turned off.   
Only activated EasyQ and Output sampling which resamples only music with less than 44.1khz which I have only a few(not included in evaluation).
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