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  I think that you should get something around 220-250 bucks and get a fiio E6/E11 amp around amazon. Its usually a good combination at that price because the E6/E11 may be used to drive other headphones you may get in the future like beyer's dt1350 or higher end IEMs. If your using a IDevice you can also get an line out device like the Fiio L9 cable  
Deactivated everything in DSP except TB Isone. Still slightly noticeable clipping in The Players' album and very noticeable in some of my game soundtracks like Have no such problems in Redline monitor. Global gain is 0 db  and my normal settings is just EasyQ and Output Format. I notice also that TB Isone tends to overflow a lot more than Redline monitor even when set to Flat with room designer, HRFT and CSC turned off.   
Only activated EasyQ and Output sampling which resamples only music with less than 44.1khz which I have only a few(not included in evaluation).
Used to own a Creative Sound Blaster Live! and currently one of my older computers is using a Sound Blaster Play which is used by my uncle, which he says is much better than the old onboard soundcard. For my general listening I use the Creative Labs X-fi premium HD which I have been enjoying for quite a while since I had it. I have been using it to link up my laptop to a home receiver to enjoy movies on my HTS. Other then that, among my first few IEMs was a EP630 which...
Next thing you know Jack Daniels is a Head-fi sponsor.
Okay, turned off room designer, CSC and HRFT. Set speakers to flat and 45 deg, I don't know why but Isone tends to clip, I have no such problems with Redline monitor. Open to suggestions if I did anything wrong. Using media center like you too Lunatique.
Going to try this tomorrow night, will post my evaluations later. If what you say were right then, damn.......   EDIT: Just tried it again because I did not feel like sleeping.
I fully agree with you, I have been using VSTs for a pretty long time before I got on Head-fi due to a friend's advice. I find listening with Isone very fun but eventually the muddiness in bass, clipping and resulting loss in SQ not worth it to use. I eventually settled with Redline monitor a few months back and I'm very happy with it.   But for those still interested, my favourite settings from the time I was playing with it on my friend's computer, is Hifi speakes...
CDJapan, HMV japan. I live in Singapore, prices average around $25- $40 sgd per single I import. Usually for me, if I use fedex the single will arrive at home on the day of release.
Thats the E17 :)
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