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Thats the E17 :)
Added to my wishlist :3
X-fi hd fan here, been using it for a fair bit, I just hate the bloated installation process though. Its a swiss army knife as another head-fier says with RCA in/out, optical in/out, turntable support, 6.3" in/out,.pretty portable too. Of course not as portable as the HRT but it has somewhat better specs.
I really don't know whether using a dedicated CD player will really be a better soundstage. I have a Samsung HTS and a NAD 716 receiver that my father and I used to play some tunes, frankly I like my PC setup better because I have more options with VST and convenience of digital. The only difference would be the DAC and the fact that my speakers are in the living room otherwise and I can agree that while standalone players were better than onboard audio, they are not as...
IMHO a lot of the "shortlisted" bests DAP sounds better than an I-Anything stock(except maybe well, some Classics). Otherwise the most expensive yet best DAP option(considering portability too) got to be the Ipod/Iphone+LOD->HP-P1 but that will set you back almost 1k lol.
+1 Youtube uses up to 192 Vorbis encodes for music and for AAC up to 152kbit/s. And as for HD they use constant bitrate encoding instead of variable so even then while its okay, its not as good as if you get a true HD source.
*Beer hearing aids, corrected. It does not improve sound just makes your ears more forgiving to sound like how beer goggles can make a 100 year old hag appear to be that 20 year old supermodel.
The OP of said thread, say this xfeed crossfeeds the high freqs as well so high freq instruments are also moved forward in the soundimage produced unlike other crossfeed implementations which only(according to him) move the mid and lows only.   Crossfeed generally makes tracks with substantial channel separation sound more natural by giving the illusion of using speakers on headphones.    As you want a clean signal for resampling, xfeed goes after resampler I...
I don't really understand how the build quality of Beats phones please you, they look cheap, plasticky with a gimmicky feel. If you are interested in design and build quality with somewhat quality sound(especially if your into bass), I would suggest the v moda crossfades, you can find good deals for the non custom ones on amazon, just search the product catalogue on head fi.   Also like Omnirai said the Audio Technica ESW9/10 are very, very nice pairs of headphones....
Next time they will market alcohol for audiophiles
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