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Only activated EasyQ and Output sampling which resamples only music with less than 44.1khz which I have only a few(not included in evaluation).
Used to own a Creative Sound Blaster Live! and currently one of my older computers is using a Sound Blaster Play which is used by my uncle, which he says is much better than the old onboard soundcard. For my general listening I use the Creative Labs X-fi premium HD which I have been enjoying for quite a while since I had it. I have been using it to link up my laptop to a home receiver to enjoy movies on my HTS. Other then that, among my first few IEMs was a EP630 which...
Next thing you know Jack Daniels is a Head-fi sponsor.
Okay, turned off room designer, CSC and HRFT. Set speakers to flat and 45 deg, I don't know why but Isone tends to clip, I have no such problems with Redline monitor. Open to suggestions if I did anything wrong. Using media center like you too Lunatique.
Going to try this tomorrow night, will post my evaluations later. If what you say were right then, damn.......   EDIT: Just tried it again because I did not feel like sleeping.
I fully agree with you, I have been using VSTs for a pretty long time before I got on Head-fi due to a friend's advice. I find listening with Isone very fun but eventually the muddiness in bass, clipping and resulting loss in SQ not worth it to use. I eventually settled with Redline monitor a few months back and I'm very happy with it.   But for those still interested, my favourite settings from the time I was playing with it on my friend's computer, is Hifi speakes...
CDJapan, HMV japan. I live in Singapore, prices average around $25- $40 sgd per single I import. Usually for me, if I use fedex the single will arrive at home on the day of release.
Thats the E17 :)
Added to my wishlist :3
X-fi hd fan here, been using it for a fair bit, I just hate the bloated installation process though. Its a swiss army knife as another head-fier says with RCA in/out, optical in/out, turntable support, 6.3" in/out,.pretty portable too. Of course not as portable as the HRT but it has somewhat better specs.
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